Full Moon Meditation Script: 12-minute Guided Meditation

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Full Moon Meditation Script

Welcome to this full
moon meditation… This session can be done at any time you wish, even under the
full moon itself… if the moon is not full, simply imagine it as so…

First, if the moon is
full tonight, find a location where you can see the moon while lying down if
you can. Allowing its moonlight to grace your skin would be even better… The
true period of the full moon is 5 days; the day the moon is at its fullest, the
two days prior and the two days following.

The crisp moonlight is
something that is said to cleanse the skin and detox the earth… see if you
notice this effect from the moon rays whenever you feel them…

Make sure you’re in a
nice comfortable position and you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything
for the duration of this session.

Begin to take a long
slow and deep breath in, breathing out, and relaxing … you may close your eyes…

Know that whatever you
feel during the session is OK for you, so just allow yourself to experience
whatever comes or whatever doesn’t.

When the moon is full,
it is in perfect alignment with the sun, so that is reflecting a filtered light
towards you and the earth below. Many cultures across all times believe that
the full moon each month cleanses all that it touches…

Allow yourself to
become cleansed today, removing any old stuck negative energies… becoming fresh
and renewed for the new month ahead…

Begin to breathe deeply
once more… the slower you inhale, the more fully you can breathe….

The slower you exhale,
the more relaxed you become….

Inhale… cleansing

Exhale… relaxing…

Inhale… feel the full
moon beaming above you…

Exhale… relax…

Inhale… imagine the
moon round and full

Exhale… relaxing…

Inhale… see the moon
shining so brightly that it is almost hard to look at…

Exhale… into deeper

The rays of the moon
are beginning to cleanse you… starting on the surface of your skin…

Feeling how impurities
and toxins are slowly moving, becoming loose and flowing…

The moon is high above
you, but it feels so close…

Your skin is being
cleansed by the moonlight…

Dropping all thoughts
of your personal problems now…

Feel these worries and
concerns melting away under the moonlight …

Each troublesome
thought that arises about your life or your day, give it away to the moonlight…

Feel the moon gladly
taking your troubles away ….

Use this moment of
opportunity under the full moon to let go completely…

Your mind is easily
clearing out old ways of thinking…

This is a magical
evening… enjoy this cleansing process…

Feel your body renewing
in the full moon…. Each tiny cell is in the full process of regeneration…

You can feel the old
cells being shed, opening space for new cells to flourish…

Now, allow yourself to
release any and all obstacles that have stood in your way….

Now is the opportunity
under the full moon to let go of any hindrances that have become trapped in
your own nature…

Feel yourself finally
breaking through anything that has held you back…

All barriers that you
couldn’t see over before are crumbling to the ground…

Imagine the moon
shining so brightly above you …

Allow for it to open
you up on all levels of your awareness…

Feeling any stagnant
energy becoming unstuck…

Now, you are beginning
to clearly see, a new vision is coming through… a vision that was once lost…

This newfound vision is
greater than anything you have ever seen before…

What do you see in your
pure vision?

Do you see yourself
accomplishing great things?

Perhaps you are fully
healthy and vibrant…

Making amazing
advancements in your career…

Having meaningful
connections with people who believe in you…

Let the magic of the
moonlight fill you with new ideas towards a better life…

You deserve to let go
of the old in order to usher in the new…

Now, you may open your
eyes and gaze up at the moonlight… see the moon and it’s giving nature…

You have been blessed
with this cleansing session… The full moon will return for you next month,
ready to take away all that holds you back…

Breathe in deeply one last time, feeling like a new version of you … and open your eyes.


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full moon meditation script

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