The Ear Chakra: Awakening Your Highest Hearing Potential

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Most of us are familiar with the 7 major chakras.

From root to crown, these 7 major energy centers are single points that line up alongside the spine.

Though each grants us unique gifts and powers, they are not a complete representation of our energetic system and potential.

Like the foot chakra and the hand chakra, the ear chakra is a lesser-known energy center within us.

However, despite its unfamiliarity, it holds a strong place in another chakra system that is common amongst energy healers.

Perhaps second to the most common 7-chakra system, many energy workers consider there to be an 8 major chakras.

This 8-chakra framework includes the ear chakra, pointing towards the great importance of this area of the body.

Though there are two points for this chakra (one next to each ear), it functions as one chakra, so is commonly referred to as the singular ‘ear chakra’.

This powerful energy center offers subtle, unique gifts that open us up to a more expansive connection with the universe.

We will explore its potential here, as well as ways in which you might awaken the power it holds.

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What Is the Ear Chakra?

The ear chakra is our 6th chakra in the 8-chakra system.

Located next to and slightly above each ear, this energy center holds powers of clairaudience, communication, and divine connection.

As mentioned, the ear chakra is considered to be a single chakra despite being present in two locations.

This energy center is responsible for our ability to hear beyond the material world, in addition to our capacity to hear deeper truths in words spoken in this realm.

It impacts our ability to read between the lines, to hear messages in words unspoken, and to absorb divine or spiritual messages from the universe.

Like every other chakra in the human body, its gifts are limited or expanded according to the amount of flow through this region.

We will explore that further as we touch on the qualities that this chakra can embody.

Qualities of the Ear Chakra

The ear chakra, located between the third eye and the throat chakra, contains some of the same characteristics and gifts of those next to it.

However, directly associated with the ears, it has distinct properties that make it stand out from the rest.

Ear chakra location: Beside and slightly above each ear

Ear chakra color: Maroon or red-violent

Ear chakra crystals: Selenite, labradorite, celestite

Themes and gifts: Clairaudience, spiritual hearing, divine inspiration, communication, authentic expression

Messages: Search for deeper meanings in words spoken and unspoken; Open yourself up to divine guidance; Surrender the mind to hear your intuition speak; Explore deeper layers of truth; Express your authentic self

Affirmations: I am open to receiving divine guidance; I listen to my intuition; I hear deeper levels of truth; I hear messages from my spirit guides; I listen with compassion and courage; I express myself authentically

When balanced, the ear chakra helps us to read between the lines, hearing things that go unspoken.

We begin to see deeper levels of truth in both ourselves and others, tapping into spiritual insights of a higher power.

Communication is empowered when the ears are balanced; we listen and speak with compassion, confidence, and grace.

When awakened to its fullest potential, we may receive insights and messages from spirit guides or realms, deepening our connection to something greater than ourselves.

An ear chakra blockage can manifest physically as ear infections, vertigo, or difficulty hearing.

Mentally and emotionally, a deficiency of energy in this chakra can lead us to misinterpret the words of others, talk negatively towards ourselves, or become consumed by excessive mental chatter.

Without a healthy flow of energy here, we might struggle to communicate and self-express both confidently and compassionately.

If there is an overflow of energy in our ear chakra, we might experience a lack of stability, a disconnect from the material world, an oversensitivity to worldly sounds, dizziness or confusion, and various other emotional or mental struggles.

Ensuring that we are both open to the gifts of this chakra and grounded in the world will help us to find balance in ear chakra awakening.

If we are already experiencing an overflow in this chakra, we might benefit from grounding ourselves through the root chakra.

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Ear Chakra Associations

If you had been wondering which chakra is connected to ears, the answer may not be as clear cut as you’d have hoped.

As mentioned, the ear chakra is located between the third eye and the throat chakra, both of which are linked to the ears as well.

The reason that making these links is important is because when it comes to awakening or balancing the ears, consideration should also be given to the chakras just above and below.

The throat chakra, for instance, has to do with our self-expression.

An imbalance in this chakra can also lead to ailments in the ears, such as chronic ear infections.

By exploring the themes and concerns of this chakra, we help to balance both our physical ears and the energetic points beside them.

On the upper side of the ear chakra, the third eye is associated with intuition, clear sightedness, and clairaudience.

Because of these gifts and its location, it is also frequently associated with our ears and our hearing (both literal and psychic).

So, if we are looking to heal, clear, or awaken challenges in our ears or our hearing, it is a good idea to explore the subtle differences between each of these three points – throat, ear, and third eye.

By balancing one, we help to balance those next to it. By investigating all three, our untapped potential blossoms.

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Ear Chakra Awakening

Connected with our sense of hearing, sound and words play a large role in ear chakra awakening.

If you are looking to tap into the potential of this chakra, consider the following modalities to help you explore what rests untapped here.

Sound therapy: Sound or music therapy is a wonderful modality to help open the ears to the subtleties of sound. As many of us have experienced, music has a powerful impact on mind, heart, and body. Listening to soothing music can help to quiet the mind, tuning us into our intuition and deeper levels of truth.

Chanting and singing: Sound comes not only from beyond us; we can make our own beautiful noise through chanting and singing. Both chanting and singing help to open the throat chakra, positively impacting self-expression and communication. Chants and mantras send out various healing vibrations that we take in through both our energetic body and through our ears. Overtime, these can help to balance the energetic body and heighten our hearing abilities.

Crystal therapy: Crystals such as selenite, labradorite, and celestite are associated with the ear chakra. To use these crystals for healing, put on some soft meditation music, bring yourself to a lying down position, and place one of these crystals on your third eye. Spend some time here in meditation.

Reiki: Another wonderful modality to help balance the energetic body is reiki. To explore this in the most powerful way, you might consider consulting with a reiki practitioner who can help to balance your entire energetic body. Quite often, an imbalance in one chakra is caused or worsened by an imbalance in another one. A professional practitioner can help you to explore your unique energetic makeup.

Positive affirmations: Words spoken internally are heard just as clearly as those that come from outside of us. Positive affirmations can help us to transform any negative inner dialogue we carry, tuning us into deeper levels of truth. As we speak positive affirmations, we transform any subconscious beliefs that keep us feeling small and limited. This empowers us to connect with spiritual truths and insights.

Journaling: Since some of the ear chakra imbalances are connected with those of the throat chakra, self-expression through journaling is a tool that can awaken our latent potential. To explore this, pay attention to the subtleties of the worlds around and within you, writing down whatever you witness in the earth, body, mind, or heart. This deeper level of self-inquiry opens us up to deeper levels of connection to spirit.

Ear chakra meditation: Lastly, an ear chakra meditation is a soothing way of opening ourselves to higher possibilities. You might pair this type of meditation with sound, crystal, or reiki therapy, depending on what suits you. An example of an ear chakra meditation is detailed below.

Ear Chakra Meditation

ear chakra meditation

Like many chakra meditations, an ear chakra meditation is most grounding when we begin our journey at the root.

Once we are grounded and secure, we can ascend to higher energy points within, balancing and awakening those points naturally.

Feel free to spend anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds at each chakra.

If you feel called to spend longer in any particular area, feel free to follow your intuition on that.

Read through this script before practicing. Do not worry about memorizing it; simply absorb what you can and let your intuition guide you through the rest.

To begin this meditation, bring yourself to a comfortable lying down or seated position.

If you would like to use a crystal for this meditation, rest comfortably on your back and place your desired crystal on your third eye. You may also play soft meditation music as you explore this practice.

Once you are settled, you can begin:

1.Take a few deep breaths right where you are, allowing the belly to soften and expand with each in-breath and the entire body to relax with each out-breath. If the mind is busy, invite any rising thoughts into the heart for release.

2.Begin by drawing your attention to your root chakra, located at the very base of your spine. Spend some time here as you sense this chakra rooting you deeply into the earth.

3.When you feel grounded, shift your attention to the pelvic region – the space between your hipbones. Allow this area to soften if it feels safe and comfortable to do so, inviting the breath all the way into this region.

4.Once you are ready, shift your attention to the solar plexus, or the navel, and spend some time following your breath as it flows into and out of your core.

5.After 20 to 60 seconds, move your awareness to your heart space. As you hold your attention here, allow your heart to open on each inhalation and soften on each exhalation.

6.When you are ready, shift your attention to your throat. Notice any sensations that are present here; and then, for the next few breath cycles, let each exhalation leave your body through your mouth. Pay attention to the sound of your breath as it leaves you.

7.After 20 to 60 seconds (or as long as feels necessary for you), return to natural nostril breathing and then guide your awareness to your ears. If it is difficult to hold your attention on these two points simultaneously, you may focus your attention on your third eye.

8.Spend about 20 to 30 seconds with your attention on your ears or your third eye, letting any rising thoughts be released through each exhalation. Notice if there is any tension in the muscles around your eyes or forehead, softly releasing this as well.

9.Then, invite a white light to enter your crown, filling the space behind your eyes. Let your breath deepen, exhaling with a sigh if that feels natural. Witness this white light for 20 to 30 seconds, welcoming it to help balance and awaken any blockages in this area.

10.Gently let go of your concentration as you mindfully witness whatever flows through your mind or body. Notice any internal dialogue that arises, creating a comfortable distance between them and yourself. As you start to separate yourself from your thoughts, you begin to see things from a broader perspective. This will guide you towards deeper spiritual insights.

11.Spend some time observing external sounds as well, letting them flow into and out of your being without labelling or judging them in any way. And then, to open yourself to any messages that might come through from the universe, feel free to ask a question or say a prayer for deeper insights.

12.Spend a minute or two just watching what comes to you. Be patient and unjudgmental towards whatever does or doesn’t arise.

13.Before closing the meditation, repeat one of the ear chakra affirmations three times. Before practicing this meditation, make sure you have chosen the affirmation that resonates most closely with your currents needs.

14.Gently let all affirmations, thoughts, and ideas dissipate as you draw your attention to your physical body. Notice each point of your body that is in contact with the earth, and then tune into the breath for 20 to 30 seconds.

15. Take some time to reflect upon whatever arose, perhaps writing it down in a journal. The benefits of this meditation will grow overtime as you deepen your awareness of the words and sounds that surround you.

Explore the gifts, concerns, and potential of the ear chakra in any way that resonates most deeply with you.

Whether you are interested in spiritual gifts such as clairaudience or earthly ones such as communication and self-expression, let these practices and insights empower your search for truth.

Keep your eyes and ears open as you continue to grow, evolve, and awaken.

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