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best music for concentration

Trying to stay focused in the modern world can seem like an impossible task.

You’ve got social media notifications that are demanding attention. Emails pop-up that want a response as quickly as possible. Your phone rings with texts and phone calls.

How can anyone expect to remain productive and focused with all of these distractions happening?

Even people who are extremely self-disciplined and can consciously reduce distractions in their environment can struggle sometimes because of the overwhelming amount of information we’re asked to process.

According to CareerBuilder, 55% of employers cite mobile phones as the “worst office productivity killer” in a Harris Poll they commissioned.

41% of employers listed the internet as a top offender for wasted time, while 37% of employers cited social media.

Even emails (26%) were listed as a bigger waste of time than meetings (24%).

If you are self-employed and work from home or you telecommute, there are also the distractions of family, friends, neighbors, and pets with which to contend.

There isn’t an app in the world that will stop your neighbor from coming over to chat about the latest gossip.

That’s why you’ve got to stay focused and be productive in the moments you have.

One of the best ways to focus your mind “like a boss” is to use the power of music.

Music has many benefits. It can make you feel happier. It can enhance a personal workout session.

It has been linked to depression reduction, positive changes in eating habits, and overall mood elevation.

Music is also linked to higher productivity levels.

Something as simple as listening to classical music on a streaming app can be enough to improve your focus.

Put on some headphones, start your favorite arrangements, and work will flow.

Yet even the power of classical music may not be helpful for everyone.

So, what is the best music for concentration? Every person is a little different, but these 5 options can provide outstanding results.

If you’re ready to get some work done, then give these music programs a look and take advantage of the free trials that may be offered.

#1. The Spark

spark iawake technologies

Classical music helps to improve personal focus by using different chord harmonics and scale progressions to engage the brain.

The different tempos and melodies eliminate the need for distraction so you keep going on the task at-hand.

The Spark is a program that takes a different approach. It uses the harmonious functioning of classical music, but incorporates it into fractal sound technologies instead.

This musical option keeps you focused by utilizing a textured sonootropic composition.

The soundscapes grab your attention, promote lower levels of stress, and create a mixture of alertness and stillness that allow for higher levels of productivity.

The constant stimulation from the fractured movements and sounds helps to stimulate the mind.

You stay focused and relaxed, but ready to get stuff done.

Infrasonic tones, soniphication, and colored noise help to create sound layers that can feel intense the first time that you hear them.

You’ll also find that staying focused and productive is much easier to do.

What makes this musical option such a unique experience is that it provides an anchor for your focus.

The sound of The Spark is very familiar, similar to the sound of oil frying in a pan or water that is at a rolling boil.

If you become distracted, but have this program playing while you are working or studying, then you can come back to what you were doing without much wasted time.

The full program package for this music option includes 62 minutes of entrainment-encoded audio over 3 different tracks.

You can purchase an optional CD if you wish as well.

The download files come in MP3, M4A, and WAV formats.

There is a 5-minute audio sample available for The Spark that requires no email signup or personal information.

Just play the audio track from the website or go to iAwake Technologies’ SoundCloud page to listen.

#2. NeuroCharger 3.0

neurocharger iawake

This program is also from iAwake Technologies.

It provides another audio option for staying focused and productive. It offers sonic sweeps, gated frequencies, and subliminal harmonics to create entrainment layers that keep the mind active and on-task.

The experience of listening to NeuroCharger 3.0 is similar to the sounds that you would hear during a strong windstorm.

It is like you are inside, listening to the wind howl outside through the trees.

At the same time, there are background tones and continuous harmonics that keep the brain intrigued so you can keep your conscious mind working, studying, or staying productive in whatever it is you are doing.

Rhythmic panning and monaural signals are included on this 60-minute track as well.

Use this musical option for clearer thinking, a quieter mind, and consistent relaxation.

It can be used while studying or working. It is also an effective workout tool and can help to provide a focused environment for deep meditation sessions.

This program works because of the incorporation of integrated neural entrainment technologies that are a proprietary component of iAwake Technologies programs.

When this audio is played at a regular volume as background noise, it will support an effortless focus.

Waveform geometry and triple-pulse signals combine with rapidly gated frequencies to create a unique platform for productivity.

As with The Spark, there is a 5-minute audio sample of NeuroCharger 3.0 available so you can see if this program could be the best music for concentration enhancement and focus for your current needs.

#3. NeuroFlow

neuroflow iawake

It is another product offered by iAwake Technologies that is designed to provide a balanced listening experience.

Instead of fractured sounds or swirling windscapes, NeuroFlow uses holophonic nature soundtracks as the basis of their composition.

You’ll hear crashing ocean waves, infused with bio-field and advanced brainwave entrainment technologies, to help you maintain high levels of calmness, joy, and focus.

Like the other programs by iAwake Technologies on this list, listening to the audio from this program helps to enhance working or studying experiences.

It is not an energetic track, so it is more suited to prayer, meditation, or relaxation instead of exercise when you’re not trying to get stuff done.

Although the track itself is naturally relaxing, there is a certain creative energy that comes from listening to it.

The audio works best when listening to it through stereo headphones, but even playing it from your computer or mobile device can have a profound effect.

Out of all the programs on the list, those employed in creative industries will likely find this music to be the best option.

Creative energies begin to flow from almost the very beginning of the audio.

You can focus on the expressions you’re attempting to communicate through your work while connecting to your personal experiences for an authentic outcome.

At the same time, the intensity of the focus that can be achieved is balanced with a de-stressing experience that removes barriers to new ideas and innovative thoughts.

It is also one of the few programs that works extremely well when played behind other brainwave entrainment audio tracks.

It can also be extremely powerful when played behind classical music compositions.

NeuroFlow focuses on multiple brainwave patterns throughout the various tracks.

This allows the audio to closely match the natural frequencies of the brain while still allowing for a personalized experience.

Unique sinewave proportions eliminate feelings of distraction.

Even if you need to shift your focus, you can do so without as much downtime between tasks.

There is a 7-minute audio sample from this program available on the iAwake website or through SoundCloud.

#4. Deep Concentration by Ennora

deep concentration ennora

Sometimes, what you need to stay focused is a lengthy audio track that can continue playing while you go through long sessions of work.

Looping two 60-minute audio tracks can take you from the start of your workday to lunch quite effectively.

Then there are times when what you need is a quick shot of creative energy.

You need short-term productivity help instead of long-term assistance.

That’s why Deep Concentration is such a great musical option for focusing the mind.

It provides 28-minute boost to your focus so that any task or situation can receive the attention it deserves.

The audio is filled with unfiltered nature sounds: water flowing, birds chirping, and a slight breeze in the air.

One pictures walking along a forest trail in the middle of summer, breathing in the freshness, without worrying about what has happened before or what may occur in the future.

​Background harmonies and orchestration combine with unique tones and sounds to promote an alpha brainwave state.

This program is particularly helpful in removing the urge to check on those digital distractions that are always calling for attention.

Mental chatter decreases when the audio is present. Choose the task which you want to work on, start the music, and then let the deep concentration aspects of the audio allow you to embrace your creative energy.

Even after the program has completed, your sensitivity to external distractions is minimized.

You keep an unwavering focus on what it is that you want to do.

Although this track does promote aspects of relaxation, it is the type of feeling that one receives when they feel like they are “in the zone.”

If you want to be focused like a boss, the simplicity of this program is perfect.

You can play a 2-minute sample of the program directly from Ennora’s website.

For a longer 10-minute sample of one of their audio tracks, an email address is required.

#5. Profound Meditation Program 3.0

profound meditation program 3.0 iawake

The first four programs on this list for focus and productivity are designed to help you stay focused while you are working or studying.

This program is designed to help your mind be focused without the need for music or other assistive devices or compositions at the moment you are working.

It is a tool that is designed to gradually improve and increase your overall cognitive functioning instead.

It is the flagship program that is offered by iAwake Technologies, using the same integrated neural entrainment technologies found in many of their programs.

You’ll receive three different meditation tiers with this program, which comes on 6 CDS or 19 download tracks to provide 430 total minutes of music.

What you can do with the Profound Meditation Program 3.0 is up to you.

Some people use it to establish a daily routine of productivity.

It can be used to improve your focus on a daily basis.

Some use it to deal with anxiety, stress, or other mental health issues.

It can be used for prayer and spirituality. It can be used to deepen personal connections because you can look at your emotional responses in a comprehensive way.

If used at night, it may even promote a deeper or more restful sleep experience.

At first, the audio from this program seems to be basic – almost simplistic.

Some tracks seem like all you’re listening to at that moment is a combination of white noise and rain.

Infused into this technology are the brainwave entrainment technologies that can invoke the desired response of focus on an individualized level.

What is wonderful about this particular program is that the music isn’t jarring or in your face.

It provides a gentle, but still powerful, centering experience.

You feel like you would if you were sitting on your front porch at night, listening to the rain and talking with family or friends.It is more than a chance to encourage future productivity. It is an opportunity to get back in touch with your true self and rediscover the path that you were meant to walk.

Take advantage of the 20-minute program sample that is available on the iAwake website to see if it can help you stay focused right now.

Are You Ready to Focus Like a Boss?

If you’re tired of being distracted all the time, then now is the time to do something about it.

By taking action today, you will be able to enhance your focus and productivity so that you can get stuff done.

There may be times when your lack of focus is due to fatigue.

These musical compositions and brainwave entrainment options can restore your energy so you can keep going.

There may be days when you feel overwhelmed.

These programs [The Spark, NeuroCharger 3.0, NeuroFlow, Deep Concentration, Profound Meditation Program 3.0] can help you get in touch with your creative energy to formulate a plan of action that gets your work done.

There may even be days when you feel like nothing is going right. That you can’t get anything done.

Instead of giving up, find the best music for concentration that works for you.

Play it through your headphones or start a track on your computer. See what happens.

Maybe nothing will happen. Or maybe you’ll have a life-changing moment where you discover a new tool that can help you embrace your focus.

Some people begin to experience the focusing effects of this programs in just minutes.

It may take a day or two for some people to notice changes.

It may even take 2-3 weeks to change a routine of distraction into a routine of focus.

What matters most is that you take the first step.

Take it today and choose the music that will help you study and work effectively.

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Image Source: Pixabay


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