Grounding Shoes For Women & Men [Connecting to the Earth’s Healing Energy]

Have you ever wondered if simply slipping on a pair of shoes could reduce inflammation, improve your sleep, or enhance your athletic performance?

Grounding shoes promise to do just that by connecting your body to the natural healing frequencies of the earth. In this article, we’ll look at how companies creating such shoes design their footwear to facilitate earthing and its touted health perks.

We’ll learn about the conductive technologies inside these special shoes that aim to give you an earthing experience with every step. While scientific studies are still limited, the promising benefits and satisfaction of early adopters are quickly making grounding footwear a rising star.

So read on to learn all about this niche market of shoes that their makers claim can help you tap into the earth’s rejuvenating energy as you walk.

Check out these grounding shoes for women and men offered by Rhizal, Groundz and Earth Runners.

Major Grounding Shoe Companies


Rhizal is a company that specializes in creating grounded, barefoot shoes, also known as earthing shoes.

Their mission is to reconnect individuals with their feet and the Earth, offering a natural alternative to traditional footwear. Rhizal’s shoes feature a thin, flexible sole, a wide toe box, and a pure 100% copper plug through the sole to facilitate grounding.

The shoes are crafted from natural materials like leather, which is biologically native and conductive, and they are designed to be worn without socks.

Rhizal’s shoes are handcrafted by artisans in Turkey using traditional generational methods and they are available in a variety of styles for men and women.

The company offers free size exchanges within the US and free shipping on all US orders. International orders are subject to return shipping costs and import taxes. Rhizal also provides a 60-day return window for unworn shoes.


Groundz is a company that creates all-natural, grounding shoes designed to fit the anatomy of the foot. The company believes that contemporary footwear should fit the foot’s anatomy, not the other way around.

Groundz creates shoes using only natural materials to make them functional, healthy, down-to-earth, cozy, and fashionable. Drawing inspiration from traditional Yemeni footwear and its centuries-old craftsmanship, Groundz has artisans handmake each pair using techniques passed down over generations.

The wide toe box, thin flat sole, and grounding copper plug reflect this artisanal approach. The unique shoe construction allows airflow to keep feet dry and odor-free with or without socks.

Groundz designs its shoes to strengthen feet, improve posture, and alleviate pain from the feet up through the back. The company offers many styles for men and women built to last for years of wear. Their shoes are completely natural and have no synthetic insulating barriers between the foot and the ground. 

Earth Runners

earth runners sandals

Earth Runners, a company creating grounding shoes, focuses on reconnecting people with nature and promoting healthier lifestyles. They offer sandals with a grounded conductive lacing system™, which allows the feet to engage in earthing, or grounding.

Earth Runners’ sandals feature a copper ground plug, which connects the wearer to the earth’s natural negative charge, and a conductive lace system that mimics the primal experience of being barefoot.

The sandals are made of materials such as leather, which can conduct electricity when wet, and Vibram soles.

Earth Runners was founded in 2012 by Mike Dally, an engineer and creative tinkerer, who was inspired by the Tarahumara Natives of the Copper Canyons and their huarache sandals. The company’s mission is to help recover the connection with nature and reestablish healthy physical and biological functions.

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The Science Behind Earth Grounding Shoes

Grounding shoes facilitate the transfer of free electrons from the earth into the body through conductive systems embedded in the shoe. This aims to produce various health and wellness benefits. Let’s look at some of the key scientific principles that make these shoes work:

Electron Conduction

The earth’s surface harbors an abundant supply of free electrons, mainly from solar winds and lightning strikes. Materials like copper and stainless steel are highly conductive and allow electrons to flow through them easily. Grounding shoes use such materials to form a conductive conduit between your feet and the earth.

As you walk, electrons flow from the earth, into the conductive shoe components, and finally into your body. This influx of electrons helps counter inflammation and oxidative stress.

Skin Contact and Coupling

For the earth’s electrons to enter your body, they must come in contact with your skin. Grounding shoes maximize skin contact through conductive laces and linings. The more skin surface area touching conductive material, the better.

This facilitates “conductive coupling” where free electrons can move from the shoe’s conductive elements into your body. The close coupling enables effective electron transfer or earthing.

Measuring Electron Flow

The flow of electrons from the earth can be measured in millivolts (mV). Higher negative mV levels indicate stronger electron influx and better grounding effect. Good grounding shoes will provide -200mV to -300mV while walking.

Specialized grounding meters placed at various body points are used to quantify electron flow from shoe to body. Higher negative mV readings confirm the grounding shoe is facilitating electron conduction as intended.

Inflammation Reduction

One of the most researched benefits of grounding is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. But how exactly does connecting to the earth’s electrons help diminish harmful inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is linked to a multitude of modern diseases and results when there is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules missing an electron that steal electrons from healthy cells, causing cascading damage.

Walking barefoot outside allows electrons from the earth to enter our bodies and neutralize these harmful free radicals. But insulated shoes block this natural anti-inflammatory process. Grounding shoes recreate it through conductive systems.

Here’s how it works – the free electrons absorbed into the body from the earth have antioxidant effects. They help stabilize free radicals by donating electrons. This prevents the electron-stealing damage to cells that causes inflammation.

Studies show grounding can rapidly reduce key inflammation markers like C-reactive protein, interleukin-6 and more. This helps reduce pain, accelerate healing, improve sleep quality, and support overall wellness.

By mimicking the way bare feet connect us to the earth’s ample supply of free electrons, grounding shoes help restore the body’s natural electrical state. This state is anti-inflammatory and optimizes vital physiological functions.

Grounding shoes deliver the inflammation-fighting antioxidant effects of the earth’s electrons into our modern, disconnected bodies. The resulting reduction of chronic inflammation underpins many of the touted health benefits.

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Using Grounding Shoes Safely

Grounding shoes offer intriguing health benefits, but there are some precautions to take for optimal results and safety.

Follow Company Guidelines

Reputable grounding shoe providers offer usage guidelines. Follow their break-in periods and transition advice to allow your body to adapt without overdoing it. Build up wearing times gradually. Consider starting with indoor use only.

Heed Weather Advisories

Avoid using conductive grounding shoes in stormy weather. The conductive materials can potentially transmit electric discharges from lightning strikes. Take them off until conditions are safe.

Monitor with Your Doctor

Discuss using grounding shoes with your physician, especially if you have medical devices, blood thinners or medications that address inflammation and antioxidants. Adjustments in prescriptions may be required.

Avoid Damaged Soles

Inspect the conductive rubber or composites in the soles periodically. Discontinue use if the grounding material seems cracked or damaged as this can impact safety and earthing performance.

Proper Storage

Follow manufacturer instructions on drying and storing grounding shoes to prevent build up of odor-causing bacteria and maintain conductivity of the soles.

Take smart precautions and follow usage guidelines for maximum safety and health benefits when using grounding shoes. Being informed allows you to harness their potential while staying risk-aware.

Wearing grounding shoes daily is not necessary, but the decision depends on your individual circumstances and expectations. Consider trying them on, researching different brands, and ultimately weighing the potential benefits against comfort, cost, and your own experience.

earthing shoes

Final Thoughts

Grounding shoes offer a unique way to harness the benefits of earthing in our modern, insulated lives. The science showing reduced inflammation, normalized circadian rhythms, and other advantages from grounding is compelling. While more research is still needed, early findings merit consideration.

The fundamental premise behind grounding footwear is sound – reconnecting our bodies electrically to the earth as nature intended. The conductive systems integrated into the soles aim to recreate going barefoot outdoors. Measurable differences seen in tests and user experiences suggest grounding shoes effectively facilitate electron flow from the earth.

Major brands have approached grounded shoe design through different materials like conductive rubber, copper plugs, and conductive laces. Each seeks to maximize skin contact and transfer of the earth’s abundant free electrons into the body. Performance also depends on making use of leather’s natural conductivity.

Make sure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines on slowly transitioning into regular use. Be aware of weather conditions and avoid damaged soles. Consider trying earthing shoes to potentially reduce inflammation and fatigue, normalize sleep, and support overall wellness. While not a panacea, grounding shoes provide a convenient way to get back to our roots.

Check out the grounding shoes from these manufacturers: Rhizal, Groundz, Earth Runners

Frequently Asked Questions

What are grounding shoes?

Grounding shoes are specialty footwear designed with conductive systems to facilitate the transfer of free electrons from the earth into your body. This aims to recreate the benefits of earthing, or going barefoot on the ground. The conductive materials like copper plugs and stainless steel laces provide a path for electrons to flow from the earth through the shoes and into your body.

How do grounding shoes work?

Grounding shoes work by leveraging conductive systems to transfer electrons from the earth into your body. The shoes feature copper, carbon plugs, or stainless steel laces that enable a conduit between your skin and the earth. This conduit allows electrons to travel from the abundant electron storehouse in the ground into your body through bare skin contact with the conductive shoe components. The influx of electrons provides antioxidant effects and helps thin the blood.

What are the benefits of using grounding shoes?

Research shows grounding shoes can provide several potential benefits including reducing inflammation, normalizing circadian rhythms, improving sleep quality, boosting energy levels, speeding recovery after exercise, enhancing blood flow, and supporting heart health. The influx of the earth's free electrons has an antioxidant effect that neutralizes inflammation and provides other systemic perks.

How do I know if I need grounding shoes?

You may benefit from grounding shoes if you spend a lot of time indoors disconnected from the earth, suffer from chronic inflammation or pain, have sleep issues, or want to experience the advantages of earthing more consistently. Grounding shoes offer a convenient way to stay electrically grounded to the earth's natural rhythms and electrons throughout your day.

What should I look for when buying grounding shoes?

Look for grounding shoes from reputable brands that use high quality conductive materials like copper or stainless steel. The soles should have ample contact points to transfer electrons efficiently. Seek soft, flexible, and minimalist styles that won't restrict natural foot motion. Breathable natural materials are ideal. Check conductive components regularly for wear and tear.

How often should I wear grounding shoes?

There aren't strict rules on how much to wear grounding shoes. Many people report benefits wearing them just during work hours. Athletes use them for recovery after training. Feel free to experiment based on your lifestyle needs. Keep usage gradual at first to let your body adjust. Combine grounding shoes with other earthing practices like barefoot time outdoors for optimal effects.

Can I wear grounding shoes indoors?

It depends. Grounding shoes can only ground you when you wear them on a natural surface that allows the Earth’s energy to flow to your feet. Examples of such surfaces are grass, dirt, sand, rock, brick, unpainted concrete, or stone. If you are indoors, you will not be grounded unless you have a special mat or device that connects to the Earth’s energy. 

You can also wear socks that are compatible with grounding shoes for extra comfort and conductivity. However, if you are indoors on a surface that blocks the Earth’s energy, such as carpet, wood, tile, or painted concrete, wearing grounding shoes will not help you. Therefore, you should wear grounding shoes indoors only if you have a way to access the Earth’s energy. Otherwise, you can keep them for outdoor use.

Do I need to wear socks with grounding shoes?

Some grounding shoes work better with direct skin contact, while others can work with socks as well. However, the socks should be compatible with the grounding shoes, meaning they should not block the Earth’s energy from reaching your feet. Some brands offer grounding socks that are specially designed to enhance the grounding effects of the shoes. You can also wear regular socks with grounding shoes, but they may reduce the conductivity and the benefits of grounding. 

What are the different types of grounding shoes?

There are many types of grounding shoes available, depending on your preference, style, and activity. Some of the common types are:

Sandals: These are open-toed shoes that have conductive straps or soles. They are ideal for warm weather and casual wear.
Sneakers: These are closed-toed shoes that have conductive elements in the outsoles or insoles. They are suitable for walking, running, or exercising.
Boots: These are ankle-high or higher shoes that have conductive elements in the soles or footbeds. They are good for cold weather and outdoor activities.
Flats: These are low-heeled shoes that have conductive elements in the soles or footbeds. They are comfortable and stylish for everyday wear.
Loafers: These are slip-on shoes that have conductive elements in the soles or footbeds. They are elegant and versatile for formal or casual occasions.

All of these types of grounding shoes can transfer the Earth’s energy to your feet and the ground, as long as you wear them on a natural surface that is conductive.

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