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how to increase serotonin levels

Below you will find the programs that may help you increase your serotonin levels.
Try them out and see what happens for yourself!


iawake technologies

It is a set of precise frequencies associated with the brainwave patterns and energetic signatures of euphoria, endorphins, serotonin and Chi. It promotes peak performance and high energy states. Here are the targeted brainwave patterns for its 3 tracks:

Track 1 – Phase Synchronous Beta (Associated with Serotonin Release)

Track 2 – Phase Synchronous Alpha and Beta (Associated with Relaxed Focus and Enhanced Intelligence)

Track 3 – Phase Synchronous Gamma (Associated with Endorphins Release)


low serotonin levels


test serotonin levels

HR Meditation – Click here to learn more



raise serotonin levels naturally


Beginner’s Mind – Click here to learn more

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