Memento Vivere [Remember to Live; Your Time is Limited]

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Memento Vivere simply means “Remember to Live.” Such a simple phrase, but such an important one. How many of us actually stop to take breaks and sleep properly and eat until we’re full? When was the last time you really just went out with your loved ones for fun or took a day for yourself, away from everything else?

There are so many things you have to do, or that you think you have to do, and it can make life awfully noisy. Doctor’s appointments, workdays, schoolwork, social obligations. It can be rough and there are times when we feel, unfortunately, as though we’re not the ones in control of our own lives. Yet we are in control, and it’s so very important to remember that.

You don’t have to stick to a path that isn’t taking you toward happiness. There are ways to make scheduling more bearable, more enjoyable, and more convenient. When someone asks for your help and you’re already stretched thin, you are very much allowed to say no.

All of these little things you’re allowed to do are so much more important than most people ever realize. We’re afraid of giving up, of changing paths, of saying no. But that is how we make time for ourselves, by acknowledging that we have done enough for others. Remember to live.

From a young age, you’ve probably been trained to only think about what you need to do next. Let me ask you this: Will you take a break after that next thing, or does it just lead to another thing? Do you need a break? We act like vacations are only a temporary reprieve from our busy lives, but never forget that those reprieves are your life.

Your life isn’t the cubicle you’ve been assigned to. You were meant to spend the majority of your time playing and socializing. The lives we lead as children are so much more reflective of the way humans are truly meant to be in their natural state. You are alive but you won’t be forever. So make sure you choose happiness every chance you get.

Of course, we can’t just stop showing up at work without any prior notice or planning. However, we can approach everything in our lives just a little bit differently. Allow yourself to make friends at work. Stop for brunch in between errands. Sing and dance while you clean the house. Even just the attitude with which you approach the world can drastically change the overall atmosphere around you.

There will always be obstacles. Sometimes the people in our lives make themselves obstacles, as well, and that can make things complicated fast. Don’t allow them to. Remind anyone that stands in the way of your happiness that you don’t owe them anything. Your time is yours. Your life is yours. It was never meant to belong to anyone or anything other than you.

Make time for hobbies, here and there. You could draw or paint or collect model trains. Maybe you’ll find new career paths as you explore new hobbies, realizing that there’s a demand for skills that you like to exercise. Be proud of every tiny thing you’re capable of. Show off the things you love and find people to share them with.

It all starts with looking at your busy schedule, taking a deep breath, and realizing that some of those important looking things weren’t as important as you thought they were. Make a priorities list. Which tasks are getting you closer to peace of mind and which ones aren’t?

If you find yourself with some savings, consider using it to travel or to take some needed time off. Yes, time is money, but sometimes a little bit of time for yourself is worth paying the price for. Getting a few days away from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life may be just the breath of fresh air you need to approach life’s problems from a more laid-back perspective.

Engage your senses and make unnecessary observations everywhere you go. Did you pass an interesting looking shop on the way to work every day without even realizing it? Where will that music you hear in the distance take you if you follow it? Don’t be afraid to explore the world the way a child does, with your eyes and ears open and seeking adventure in between moments.

That is, after all, what you’re going to remember most of all. As more and more time passes, there will be a series of moments that stand out in your mind. The hallmark moments. The key moments. Search for those moments, those precious memories that are waiting to be made. There is nothing worse than reaching old age and having nothing to remember.

	Life is best lived in the moments
	where love and peace can intertwine.
	It’s in between the rough days
	when life truly finds its time to shine.

	It hits its stride when you are willing
	to lean back and take a breath.
	Always remember: Memento Vivere.
	You only have so much time left.

You don’t need to change your whole personality over night to get more out of life. Even little things like investing in a new pillow for your work chair or getting a faster computer could make a significant difference in your quality of life. An emergency fund is nice and all, but don’t devote every cent you have to anxiety about the future.

Go to an event you wouldn’t normally make time for and make some new friends. Learn about topics that you only have a passing interest in to see if they get more interesting when you know more about them. Replay a game that you remember fondly from your childhood to see if it still holds up to your nostalgia. Try a new restaurant without looking up the menu and acquire new tastes by ordering things you normally wouldn’t.

Just being a little more whimsical once or twice a week is good enough. Choosing to be happy for the sake of being happy is so much more important than the fame or success you might have thought you wanted. Don’t ever forget that the only reason you ever wanted money in the first place was to spend it on things that make you happy.

Remember: You don’t need anyone else’s permission to enjoy your life. It’s yours and only yours. Go have fun. Bring back some new stories to tell.

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