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how to have vivid dreams

How to Have Vivid Dreams: This Is What Can Help You

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary.  Ashleigh Brilliant Click to Tweet Dreams have been an integral component of human existence throughout our documented history. In this world we create for ourselves, a dream allows us to do anything or go anywhere. Lucid dreaming can be used for problem-solving purposes. Even […]

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How To Lucid Dream On a Nightly Basis

Knowing how to lucid dream is one of the keys to less mental stress and more overall happiness. In lucid dreaming, a person is able to take full control over their circumstances within a dream because their conscious mind has realized that it is a fantasy world they are in, not real life. This process […]

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The Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

The Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

One of the key components to having good physical and mental health is to get a good night of sleep every night. Even though many fall asleep with lights on, the television on, or even just the radio on, those noises can actually hurt more than they can help. The benefits of wearing a sleep […]

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lucid dreaming techniques

Learn Lucid Dreaming Techniques Today

  One of the biggest obstacles to having a very first lucid dream is discovering how your body and mind will best create the conditions to utilize one. For many, lucid dreaming techniques are simply trial and error and it takes time to discover what works the best for them. If you’re just getting started […]

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lucid dreaming tips

7 Lucid Dreaming Tips To Help You Find Success

  Lucid dreaming is one of the most powerful ways for your mind to process difficult information, release stress, and even provide higher levels of enjoyment during your resting time. It isn’t always easy to establish a lucid dream, however, because when we dream, those dreams seem just as real as real life does! These […]

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How To Have a Lucid Dream... Maybe Tonight!

How To Have a Lucid Dream… Maybe Tonight!

Are you wondering how to have a lucid dream? Many people will offer helpful suggestions that can help to lead to the mind state where a lucid dream may occur, but there is one overarching idea to all of the ideas and suggestions that you’ll find on this and any other website: you must really […]

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Ghostlike figures journey in landscape

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? Find Out If It’s Safe For You!

One may not really think twice about the effects of dreaming, but what happens when you attempt to control your dreams? Lucid dreaming is the practice of dreaming while maintaining consciousness so as to control your dreams.  This means you have the freedom to create worlds, do anything you can imagine doing, go where you […]

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