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How much time do you spend on your finances each day?

Did you know that the average person spends less than 120 seconds per day managing their household finances?

For most people, the primary time spent thinking about wealth happens when paying their bills. They’ll make payments, see how much of the paycheck remains, and take care of their essential needs.

If anything remains after that, it might go into savings, a retirement account, or investments.

What if you took an extra 5-10 minutes each day to think about money?

When you include positive affirmations for money in your daily routine, it could be a habit that unlocks your full wealth-earning potential!


How Do Positive Affirmations for Money Work?

Are positive affirmations for money a scam?

The answer to that question depends on your perspective. If you expect money to fall into your lap without working for it, this process might feel like a waste of time.

Most people don’t receive millions in an inheritance or receive the money in a trust fund once they reach a specific age. They put in the work and effort to build a career, start a family, and achieve their financial goals.

Repeating a positive affirmation will not generate free cash.

This technique works because it changes your mindset. For many of today’s adults, they grew up in homes where the idea of gathering wealth was seen as “bad” in some way.

It creates a self-defeating money mindset that can make some people give up on the idea of achieving their financial goals.

Do you relate to these three problematic common money mindsets about wealth?


Having or Wanting Money Is Bad

limiting beliefs about money

Some people avoid wealth because they think that getting rich requires hurting others to be successful.

Wanting money is sometimes seen as greed, triggering anxiety, fear, or disgust at the idea of reaching specific financial goals.

Your goal doesn’t need to be rich. If you are financially secure, you can do a lot to make this world a better place.

Not only does it keep you out of a cycle that can take you in and out of poverty, but it also reduces the stress you feel each day.

Financial problems are one of the primary drivers of divorces today.

If you can achieve more wealth independence, you can focus on the other areas of life you want to improve.


Money Is Hard to Find

After millions of people globally lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it felt to many that money was hard to find.

Even with government supports, unemployment insurance, and stimulus cash available, many families find it challenging to make ends meet.

Here’s a hard truth: you are the author of life’s prophecies.

If you expect money to be hard to find, it becomes difficult to increase your overall wealth or reach those financial goals.

The human brain is wired to look for specific opportunities based on the instructions it receives.

That’s why people can remember the same event in different ways, or why one person finds entrepreneurial success while someone else with similar talents and skills fails.

It would help if you changed the perspective, and the affirmations for money can help you achieve that result.


Money Is Not Something I Deserve

eft tapping for money

The people who feel like they don’t deserve money often have high emotional intelligence levels.

They see billions of people living on less per day than they earn in 15 minutes, and that observation creates discomfort.

How am I so deserving of wealth when others are barely living?

Instead of focusing on feelings of guilt or shame, take proactive actions with the money you earn.

After creating a budget that allows for financial independence, start working with charitable groups and nonprofits to increase the standard of living for others.

When people feel like they don’t deserve money, it can lead them to a place where they give too much of it away.

The positive affirmations for money can help you let go of those negative emotions so that you can see how your financial goals can benefit everyone.


What Are the Best Affirmations for Manifesting Money?

Once you are in a quiet, peaceful place where you can focus on each affirmation’s meaning, these examples can help you achieve the correct mindset to begin the journey of achieving your financial goals.

Affirmations achieve their maximum potential when you say them repetitively. Although any time is better than none when using this process, it helps to dedicate at least 5-10 minutes for the one you prefer.

You can say more than one affirmation in a session. If you create a pattern of 3-5 of your favorite ones, it can be a powerful experience!

Here are the best affirmations for money to consider using today.


List of Money Affirmations That Work

1. Wealth is a critical component of my life.

2. I am capable of finding ways around the money detours that try to stop me.

3. Abundance will come, and I accept its rewards.

4. If I need more money, that is okay.

5. I will follow my financial dreams to where they lead.

6. Unexpected money and prosperity will find me.

7. I am discovering new income sources to support my goals.

8. I am open to whatever wealth will come my way.

9. I am getting out of the way of my own thoughts about money.

10. Wealth is a matter of perspective.

11. I have enough money to achieve my goals.

12. I am striving to earn more money because I deserve it.

13. I am changing my thoughts about wealth and prosperity.

14. It is easy for me to be successful.

15. I am achieving a prosperous life.

16. I am filling my life with wealth and health.

17. I am worthy of having a wealthy and fulfilling life.

18. I am an excellent budgeter and money manager.

19. I am spending money on the things that I love.

20. I am willing to give and receive wealth.

21. I am a magnet that draws wealth in my direction.

22. I am attracting wealth to my life right now.

23. I will multiply the wealth that comes back to me each day.

24. When I touch something, it becomes valuable.

25. I am deserving of earning more money each day.

26. The actions I take will create prosperity and wealth in my life.

27. My universe is filled with unlimited wealth resources.

28. I am releasing the negative energy I have about prosperity.

29. I attract chances to create more moneymaking opportunities.

30. I am using money to improve my life and that of others.

31. I am the master of my portfolio.

32. I will be successful in handling large sums of cash.

33. Money offers a positive impact on my life.

34. Having money provides peace and prosperity in my life.

35. I deserve to become more prosperous each day.

36. I am the conductor of a symphony that produces the money I need.

37. I deserve abundance.

38. I am working to achieve freedom by accepting the money in my life.

39. My positive mindset will lead me toward more money.

40. I am rich and deserve to be more prosperous.

41. I am using money to become financially free.

42. I am investing my money to help my life and that of others.

43. I let go of the fears that hold me back from true abundance.

44. I accept that I can be wealthy.

45. I embrace the gratefulness for what prosperity provides me.

46. I am increasing my net worth.

47. I am giving not to receive, but to grow.

48. I am radiating wealth, money, and prosperity.

49. I am creating my best life because of my wealth.

50. I forgive myself for the limiting beliefs I held about money.

51. I will always have everything I need.

52. I live my life in wonderful abundance.

53. I focus on what I see with wealth instead of what I assume.

54. Everything I do provides more abundance to myself and others.

55. I have everything I need to be successful.

56. My success is inevitable.

57. I am always on the correct financial path.

58. I am using money as a tool to help build the life I want to have.

59. I can earn more money because it is an abundant resource.

60. I am using money responsibly to create financial stability for myself and other people.

61. I deserve financial independence.

62. I welcome the moneymaking opportunities that want to come my way.

63. My comfort comes from what financial independence offers.

64. Spirituality and financial responsibility can co-exist in my life.

65. Love and financial goals can be friends.

66. I am the author of constant prosperity.

67. I am chasing my dreams by being financially responsible.

68. I am the owner of my financial destiny.

69. I will create new income avenues to pursue.

70. I am the creator of financial abundance.

71. My soul is ready to embrace more wealth.

72. I will tap into the creative flow that leads to better economic outcomes.

73. I am wealthy.


Are You Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Financial Independence?

The best affirmations for money resonate with you.

When you embrace the concepts provided by your preferred phrase, you’ll be taking the first step toward your financial goals.

If one of these affirmations didn’t speak to you, consider creating your own!

Once you get your mindset about money right, you’re ready to take the next step on your journey.

You must follow up these affirmations with actions. The universe demands consistency when wealth and prosperity are the desires you wish to meet.

Some people believe that they’ll get rich by dancing barefoot, believing in magic, and letting the affirmations for money do all of the work.

In reality, you must work longer, strive harder, and be more dedicated than anyone else to achieve the results you want.

These 32 proven ways to make money fast are one direction to try.

You could pursue a talent, hobby, or skill as a business opportunity, ask for a promotion, or go back to school to finish a degree.

Without ongoing actions, positive affirmations for money will not work as effectively, or will not work at all.

When you plan responsibly today, your financial goals can start getting closer with every tomorrow.

Try using one of these affirmations to see if your mindset will change.

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