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Brainwave Shots
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Did you ever try to capture fireflies as a child?

Many families go outside in the summer, jars in hand, in the hopes of capturing a firefly.

They’re not trying to harm it, of course. The goal is to observe the creature.

That is because fireflies are quite unique.

When twilight turns to dusk, these flying beetles use bioluminescence to create an attraction.

It is a cold light, that does not have any ultraviolent or infrared frequencies.

Fireflies can also produce different colors, depending upon the wavelength of light that is being produced.

Many appear as yellow light, but red and green fireflies are possible as well.

In total, there are more than 2,000 different firefly species that are currently documented.

And that leads us to the next logical question: why talk about fireflies when the goal is to discuss Brainwave Shots by Inspire3?

How Does Brainwave Shots Work?

brainwave shots brainwave entrainment

If you watch a swarm of fireflies for just a brief moment, their bioluminescence seems random.

Almost scattered. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for how they behave.

Now let’s say you have the time to observe the fireflies for a longer period.

As you watch, you begin to realize that there isn’t a randomness to their light display.

It begins to seem like a form of communication, with the light patterns growing in-sync with one another.

The same principle applies to the brain.

Neurons in the brain seem to fire randomly. Brainwaves may seem like they appear for no real reason at all.

If viewed for only a short time, one might wonder how the brain could ever accomplish anything.

Yet, with longer observation, you can begin to see patterns in the brainwaves and firing neurons.

Just like the fireflies, it is a system of communication with purpose.

Imagine what you might be able to achieve if you could harness the power of this internal communication.

What could you do if you could “tune” your brain toward a specific goal?

That is how Brainwave Shots works.

It is a system of brainwave entrainment downloads that are designed to begin the tuning process.

Each program works to “program” the brain toward a specific result by using audio frequencies to bring the brain toward the specific brainwave patterns that are desired.

How Do We Know This Is a Proven Method of Improvement?

The first research into brainwave entrainment is credited to a physicist named Christiaan Huygens.

In the 17th century, he conducted an experiment on entrainment.

Within his laboratory, he set two clocks in motion. Both operated on a pendulum.

Huygens insured that his clocks were not in-sync with each other before leaving for the day.

When he returned in the morning to observe the clocks, he found them to be swinging back-and-forth in harmony.

The clocks had tuned themselves to each other without any outside interference.

What Huygens discovered on that day was a form of mechanical entrainment.

When you look at the fireflies communicating with one another, you’re watching a form of organic entrainment.

Now let’s take these two ideas and go to the next level.

Have you ever been in a room with a ticking clock? You can hear the seconds click by. Tick tick tick.

What happens when you leave the room where the clock happens to be?

You may not be able to physically hear the clock, but your brain still has the rhythm of the seconds embedded in memory.

Some people may even feel that they can still hear the clock in their mind.

Some might even be able to keep track of time while away from the clock and correctly state the exact time hours later, without looking at another clock.

That is the power of entrainment.

It works from a biological perspective as well.

When you watch the fireflies, your brain begins to sync the patterns being observed into its own patterns.

Then, just like how the fireflies may all light up once they’ve completely synced with one another, your brain can do the same thing when brainwave entrainment is used.

Entrainment is real. It is proven. A program like Brainwave Shots can help you to take advantage of this phenomenon.

What Is Brainwave Entrainment? Is It Just a Scam?

brainwave shots work

Brainwave entrainment is a method of changing your brain-state through the use of an external stimulus.

Although the concept of entrainment was discovered by Huygens in the 17th century, it wouldn’t be until the 20th century when the modern concepts of brainwave entrainment would begin to develop.

The first human-based electroencephalograph measurements were recorded in 1924, which would lead Hans Berger to discover alpha brainwaves in 1929.

Based off of Berger’s research, just 5 years later, it was discovered that pulsating lights could help to stimulate alpha brainwaves.

In time, researchers would also discover that different emotional states could be triggered by using light stimulation to generate different types of brainwaves.

Then, in the 1960s, the idea of brainwave entrainment began to be researched for medicinal purposes.

One of the first major papers published on the subject came in 1973 and was published by Scientific American.

Called “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” the author, Dr. Gerald Oster, proposed that two pure tones of different frequencies, when combined with a rhythmic beat, could deliver similar results.

That discovery ushered in the modern concept of monaural beats to brainwave entrainment.

Since then, over the last 40+ years, programs have continued to evolve so that this effect can be applied in numerous personal ways.

How Does Brainwave Shots Work to Create the Entrainment Effect?

brainwave shots scam

Brainwave Shots by Inspire3 uses various “chapters” for the different program “shots” that are available.

Within the current library, there are 7 programs that are available:

  • Brain
  • Relaxation
  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Mediation
  • State

Each program then has five separate chapters, or “shots,” that can be used on their own or in a sequential manner.

Let’s take the Brain program as an example here with its 5 shots.

  • Brain Power Shot
  • Learning Shot
  • Exam Time Shot
  • Focus Shot
  • Creativity Shot

The brainwave entrainment effect is used within these shots to bring you toward the brainwaves that allow you to stay focused and sharp for extended periods.

Specific sounds and frequencies are used to guide the brain towards a state of being in-sync.

You just sit back and listen to the program.

The various frequencies then work to stimulate the latent potential of the brain.

In return, you will feel like you can solve problems, embrace your creativity, or be prepared to take on a challenging test.

Each audio shot lasts for about 15 minutes.

The effect from using the program can last all day for some people.

Results should last for a minimum of 4 hours.

When you purchase a specific shot, there are extended versions that become available to you as well.

These extended versions are 30 minutes in length and are intended to further enhance the results which can be achieved.

Each shot also comes with brainwave-only audios.

That makes it possible to listen to the actual frequencies that generate results without the ambient sounds.

You can even mix the brainwave-only audio with your own music if you prefer.

Each program is guaranteed for 12 months and is backed by a full money-back promise.

You can purchase the individual Brainwave Shots that you prefer for $17.95.

You can also purchase all 5 sessions within a category for just $37.95.

How Do I Use Brainwave Shots?

brainwave shots buy

To obtain the potential benefits of each shot that is offered, all you need to do is listen to your preferred audio program.

One of the best ways to listen is to use a set of stereo headphones, but anything that offers audio will work.

You can just download the tracks to your computer, play the files directly, and listen through the built-in speakers.

That is how easy it is to use Brainwave Shots.

By the end of the program, the goal is for you to be within your desired state of mind.

In total, there are 35 different audio sessions offered in the complete library of Brainwave shots.

This library covers every major state that is possible, which means your job is easy.

Choose the state you want to work toward and then begin to listen.

You can download the audio to your smartphone if you prefer.

You are permitted to burn your own CDs if that is how you prefer to listen.

You can even listen with your eyes open if you wish, although Inspire3 recommends that users close their eyes to achieve the best possible results.

For that reason, if you need to remain awake and aware of your surroundings, it is not a good idea to listen to a shot at that time.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with epilepsy should avoid this product as well.

How Many Times Can I Use Brainwave Shots?

In theory, you could use Brainwave Shots as many times as you want.

You can listen to the programs multiple times as a way to extend your desired brain state or enhance the effects that are being experienced.

One of the most fascinating aspects about the brain, however, is that it learns and adapts to changing circumstances all the time.

If you were to listen to the same shot repeatedly, day after day, there is a strong possibility that you could become desensitized to the effects that are possible.

For that reason, some shots carry a recommendation to be used just once per day.

Why does this occur? It may be due to the fact that repetition normalizes our choices and behaviors.

At the same time, those choices or behaviors become so familiar that they become a habit that we no longer recognize.

In one recent study, participants were told to tell a partner how many pennies were in a jar in another room.

When there was a perceived benefit to lying, the participants were more inclined to be dishonest.

Those lies began to escalate over time, which caused the amygdala response to decrease.

Researchers found that there was a direct correlation between the decline in the amygdala response and the audacity of the next lie that was about to be told.

The more we do something or use something, then the less likely it is to provide a beneficial outcome.

That is why, unless otherwise recommended (and there are shots that are recommended for repetitive, frequent use), it is a good idea to limit each program to 6 listens per week, in my opinion.

What to Expect When Using Brainwave Shots


Brainwave Shots will provide unique results to each individual.

Just like with hypnosis, some people seem to be more susceptible to the effects of this programming than others.

Many people have reviewed Brainwave Shots and offered glowing, positive results.

There is also the possibility that certain shots may be useful, and others may not provide the desired effect.

For a small minority of people, they might not experience the intended results of the program.

Each result is normal.

You know your body. You know what makes you feel better.

Take that knowledge and apply it to the various shots that are offered by Inspire3.

There is little to risk and much to gain.

Many skeptics have been turned into people who love using Brainwave Shots every day.

The only way to find out is to try out one of your favorite programs today.

​Brainwave Shots Short Review

When the brain experiences stress, it becomes distracted. These low-level noises do more than disrupt concentration.

They can aggravate health issues, interfere with memory, and reduce creativity.

That is why Brainwave Shots is such a unique experience.

This short review covers the basics of what you need to know to get started.

  • Each session is available in a 15-minute or a 30-minute option.
  • Brainwave entrainment only tracks are available for download.
  • The results of each session can last for 4-12 hours for most people.

There are 3 different elements of the audio that are immediately noticeable.

  • The background track has a rapid “beating” sensation, similar to a sound that is like a car that is getting started on a cold morning.
  • There is the sound of a gentle stream that is prominent.
  • Various nature sounds, such as bird song, are included as well.

Each Brainwave Shot can be used with or without headphones. The choice is up to the listener.

​There is a total of 7 categories from which to choose.

  • Brain
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Meditation
  • Mood
  • Relaxation
  • State

Each category offers 5 different Brainwave Shots with a specific point of emphasis.

Under the Mood category, for example, one could choose Happiness, Motivation, Euphoria, Chilled, or Spiritual.

Listeners can then choose to listen with their eyes open or their eyes closed.

Several programs are designed to allow you to work while listening to the audio program.

There is also a specific goal for each Brainwave Shot to review, so each person can use the correct program for their current needs.

I’ll use the Brain category as an example here.

  • Brain Power Shot: Increase your intelligence to genius levels.
  • Learning Shot: Soak up information to learn more.
  • Exam Time Shot: Ace any exam and take tests in stride.
  • Focus Shot: Tackle any task with laser-sharp focus.
  • Creativity Shot: Boost inspiration to allow your creativity to explode.

The mindset of the listener is critically important to the success of each Brainwave Shot.

There is nothing wrong with being skeptical.

A certain level of open-mindedness is necessary for each program to provide its intended benefits.

You can choose to play each track on repeat.

The effects do seem to lessen with multiple sessions, so rotating the Brainwave Shots can be a powerful experience.

Certain people should consult with their doctor before use.

This includes individuals who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, have a history of seizures, or are under direct care for a mental health condition.

Brainwave Shots should not be used while driving or operating heavy equipment or machinery.

I would highly recommend finding a Brainwave Shot that intrigues you to see what benefits you may experience.

Brainwave Shots
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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