Mindfulness Meditation Script [Walking the Mindful Path]

Let’s take some time to nourish our well-being through mindfulness meditation.

I invite you to get comfortable and relaxed.

Find a posture that feels stable yet soft. You can close your eyes or keep them slightly open with a softened gaze towards the ground. Please focus inward and make this time just for you.

Let’s take a deep belly breath to begin. Inhale fully through the nose and feel your abdomen and chest expand. Exhale slowly out the mouth. Settle in and breathe comfortably at your own pace.

Bring a spirit of curiosity and care to our practice. Your experience will likely shift moment to moment, which is perfectly natural. The present is always fresh if we train ourselves to notice it.

As we progress, my words are simple suggestions. Please listen to what your body and mind need. Feel free to stay longer with parts that resonate or modify anything to honor your comfort. We’re here to nurture ourselves with compassionate awareness.

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Now gently guide your awareness to the sensations of breathing. Feel the air move in and out of your nostrils. The temperature changes from cool inhales to warmer exhales.

What happens in your lower belly with each breath? Place a hand here if you like.

Perhaps there is gentle expansion as air fills on the inhale and softening back on the exhale. The movement might be subtle or strong.

As best you can, follow the full experience of each breath cycle. The entire journey of each inhalation and exhalation. Pay close attention without trying to control the breathing.

I’ll be quiet for a minute while you feel the sensations of a few natural breath cycles. Really tune into and savor the breathing.


Did you observe your breath moving fluidly or get distracted away from the sensations? Both experiences are totally normal.

When you notice your mind wandering off into thoughts, planning or daydreaming, gently acknowledge that has happened. Then deliberately guide your attention back to breathing by focusing on a specific sensation like the air at the nostrils or expansion and contraction of your lower belly.

Let’s try that return of awareness together now after this next breath. Inhale down into the belly and exhale out softly. Inhale again gently through the nose. And exhale slowly out the mouth.

(Short pause)

As you continue breathing at your own natural pace, reunite your attention with any detail of the breath – like the movements in your belly, the air passing the nostrils, or the changing temperature from inhalation to exhalation.

Tune back into your direct experience by focusing intently on each breath cycle once more. Follow the full journey of the in-breath and out-breath with care and curiosity.

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We’ll transition now into methodically scanning through the body with our focus.

Start by bringing gentle attention to the crown of your head. Notice any sensations without needing to label them as good or bad – simply acknowledge what’s present.

Slowly shift your focus down to your forehead and scalp. Relax any tension across this area as you scan downward to your eyes, relaxing the small muscles around them as well.

Travel slowly down through your whole face – your cheeks, your mouth, your jaw. Release any clenching and let your jaw hang loose.

Imagine your breath can flow directly into any regions that feel tight or painful as you scan downward into your neck…down into your shoulders. Do they feel heavy right now? Can your inhales reach into that space to create lightness?

We’ll keep moving gradually through each body region together in this caring way through to the toes. I’ll pause after scanning a few areas to give time to breathe into tension.

Keep following along at the pace we set together while focusing intently on sensations.

If your mind gets distracted, gently return back to systematic scanning through the regions and relaxing what calls for release.

Every sensation reveals truths about this moment. Receive the wisdom with curiosity and care.

We honor all feelings that emerge by holding them with compassion. Pain does not define who you are, so cradle it when it appears and let your inhales soothe any difficult spaces. Keep breathing fully.

There is peace to be found in simply observing ourselves with patience and courage through discomfort. Let’s continue scanning downward through the body together.

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As we move this meditation forward, expand your attention wider now to sounds.

Allow sounds near and far to fully enter your awareness – whether loud or faint. Perhaps noises from inside the room, outside the window, or ambient hums of appliances in the background.

Simply listen openly without needing to label sounds or figure out their source. Receive all sounds into the space of mindfulness we’re cultivating.

As you continue resting awareness with sound, notice how they naturally rise and fall in prominence then fade away. Sounds emerge, register in our consciousness, and dissolve on their own.

Like ocean waves rolling in then retreating back into the sea. The space of our awareness is the ocean which holds it all. Anchor yourself here as you listen openly.

When thoughts inevitably carry attention away, avoid getting tangled up in thinking about the sounds you hear. Just gently return focus to sound itself.

Let’s try that together for our last minute with sound. Fully return your attention to listening.

If carried away in thought, come back to any sound arising right now. We anchor in sound itself.

We shift our anchor now to observe the nature of thoughts themselves.

Allow thoughts to freely bubble up and take notice when they do. Don’t engage further with them no matter how strong the pull. Simply witness thoughts appearing.

Perhaps put a small mental label like “thinking, thinking” when you notice yourself getting caught in a storyline.

This helps strengthen self-awareness of when the mind wanders.

Thoughts often hook our attention and pull it down random trails into memories, judgments or constant planning. See if you can resist the magnetic urge to unconsciously follow when this happens.

Instead, gently acknowledge “I’m thinking again” to yourself and return focus to watching thoughts simply emerge and dissolve in the space of conscious awareness you really are.

Thoughts are fleeting – they suddenly pop up and often disappear just as quickly if we don’t grab on. Anchor yourself as the witness here instead.

Let’s observe this together for the next minute. Gently notice thoughts arise. If hooked into a story, label “thinking” and come back to impartial watching.

Allow thoughts to come and go of their own accord.

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We’ll conclude our meditation journey by turning attention inwards to explore the realm of emotions.

Scan through your body for anywhere you might be holding emotional energy right now.

Common hotspots include the chest, stomach or throat regions. Perhaps your shoulders or jaw feel especially tight which can signal suppressed feelings.

Take a few deeper breaths and imagine you can direct them right into emotional tension spots as you scan.

Breathe warmth and space into any “stuck” feelings begging for flow and release.

Once you locate a charged area, breathe deeply into it while asking “What do you need?” Emotions often arise to signal some unmet need within us that requires attention and understanding.

Listen closely as you hold painful areas with compassion. Visualize tension dissolving as inhales send oxygen down into tissues clutching distress. Exhales relax their grip further.

If judgment arises, remind yourself emotions inherently aren’t good or bad. They provide self-insight when received with care and curiosity. We heal by learning to attend to them wisely through mindful embodiment.

Let’s  commit together now to deeply exhaling out any leftover tension or heaviness from what we uncovered.

And then breathing in qualities that emotions ask us to nurture – patience with ourselves and our progress… understanding of our common humanity… self-acceptance exactly where we’re at right now.

Let’s fill our lungs completely with the air that gives all life, representing the renewal available in each new moment when we breathe consciously.

Then exhale out any resistance, exhale out fear, exhale out judgment of our experience.

Inhale again patience, acceptance, compassion. Feel these qualities infuse into your whole being with each breath. They wait so near, so available if we pause to consciously breathe them in.


To help the fruits of our practice move from head into heart as we close, return once more to your breath.

Place both hands softly on your belly and feel it expand gently on your next few inhale. Then relax back down deeper into your seat as you exhale out completely.

Now, set the clear intention to make mindfulness a new pillar in your life. Say to yourself either aloud or silently:

My commitment is to meet life with mindfulness.

I choose openness rather than reaction.

I treat myself with care and compassion.

I treat others with care and compassion.

Let’s repeat these intention statements together in a fluid way, either aloud or silently. Feel them sink deeper into memory and motivation with repetition.

My commitment is to meet life with mindfulness.

I choose openness rather than reaction.

I treat myself with care and compassion.

I treat others with care and compassion.

I’ll pause now for you to repeat the statements multiple times at your own pace. Really listen to the words, believe their possibility. See yourself living them out.

(Longer pause)

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If those words resonate, repeat that intention statement together with me once more from the beginning. If other words come to you instead, feel free to use your own language. Either way, let this be the active seed you sow from our time together.

(Pause for internally repeating intention)

To help motivation take root even deeper, picture yourself responding in upcoming challenges with mindful patience rather than habitual frustration.

See yourself taking calming belly breaths when that friend calls who triggers you. Watch yourself speak assertively to ask for help rather than anxiously stewing alone.

What images arise for you about mindfully facing difficulties with courage? Let images solidify your intentions.

I’ll pause for you to visualize meeting challenges in healthier adaptive ways through mindfulness. See your best self showing up.

(Longer pause for visualization)

Know that with commitment and compassion, the mindful life you wish to lead can continually unfold one breath at a time. We simply must keep choosing it, practice it, anchor to it – together.

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