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Astral Projection Books for Beginners: 13 Sources About OOBEs

You remember closing your eyes as sleep falls upon you. Then your consciousness feels like it is snapping free from the bed. You might feel like you’re drifting upward while your body continues to enjoy the restorative rest it requires. There might even be a silvery cord keeping you attached as you continue to move upward toward the […]

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Astral Projection Guide for Beginners: Tips and Techniques [2019]

​Everything is a state of mind. Astral travel is the ability to wander through different states of mind and develop psychic perceptions. – Frederick Lenz Click to Tweet ​Table of Contents What Is Astral Projection?Scientific Support for Astral ProjectionIs Astral Projection Safe?The U.S. Army and the Consciousness Energy GridWhat Are the Possibilities of Astral Projection?Can […]

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Is Astral Projection Real

Is Astral Projection Real or Just Fantasy?

Is astral projection real? That’s a question that is on the minds of many these days because of the desire to explore more of the hidden world. We all live and breathe together, but part of the human condition is to ask if there is more to this life. The promise of astral projection is […]

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How to Astral Project?

Do you want to learn how to astral project? Have you always thought of yourself as more of a physical being? Have you always wondered what life is like outside of the physical realm? If so, then you’ve already taken the first step toward the benefits of astral projection. When learning how to astral project, […]

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