Astral Projection Books for Beginners: 12 Sources About OOBEs

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You remember closing your eyes as sleep falls upon you.

Then your consciousness feels like it is snapping free from the bed.

You might feel like you’re drifting upward while your body continues to enjoy the restorative rest it requires.

There might even be a silvery cord keeping you attached as you continue to move upward toward the ceiling or sky.

Some people believe that out-of-body experiences (OOBEs) provide evidence that there is another life waiting for us after the physical shell dies.

It might also provide proof that there is a soul in human beings that do not exist for other creatures.

Experiences like these are a form of astral projection. They can be positive, life-changing opportunities if you know what to expect or when it happens to you.

Some people can even consciously control this process in their lives.

If you have always been fascinated with astral projection and OOBEs, then these resources can help you to learn more about the subject.

Best Books on Astral Projection for Beginners

There are numerous reasons why you might be interested in astral projection and out-of-body experiences.

You might find it empowering to explore the concept of the human soul.

Some enjoy the idea of freeing themselves from the bonds of the physical universe.

There are even some authors who use astral projection as a way to try communicating with alien life in our galaxy.

If you are interested in knowing more about this subject, then these are the first books that you’ll want to start reading.

1. Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences

Written by Robert Bruce, this book provides you with everything you need to know to accomplish your first OOBE.

It helps you to explore the physics of the non-physical world.

The book offers advice on how to leave your body, travel the astral universe, and then how to return with memories of what you were able to experience.

Everything is written in a way that makes the narrative easy to understand, allowing you to take advantage of the 25+ years of experience shared in the book.

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2. Journeys Out of the Body

Robert Monroe was one of the modern experts on astral projection in the world today.

He was the founder of the Monroe Institute, which is a global leader on OOBEs as well.

His experiences with travel and insight while disconnecting from the body have been part of numerous clinical studies.

The narrative keeps a personal tone while providing information about the experiments conducted over the years.

At the end of the book, you are then given the opportunity to try your own experience using the techniques that work best for your situation.

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3. Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel

If you like the idea of exploring new worlds, then this book is an investment worth considering.

This practical guide makes it much easier for beginners to understand what it takes to reach into a parallel reality or begin exploring other areas of the universe.

There are profound truths to discover about life after death.

You may see the soul or past experiences in new ways when using the techniques in this book.

The author helps you to expand your awareness so that you can take an intriguing trip somewhere if you’re willing to keep an open mind.

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4. Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience

If you want to have an out-of-body experience, then you must achieve a delicate balance between the spirit, mind, and body.

This process allows you to break free from your physical restraints.

This guide is a shorter version of the techniques presented by Robert Bruce over the years, and it also includes the methods for personal success developed by Brian Mercer.

It is a 13-week program that provides workbook assignments and daily exercises to take you progressively closer to your astral projection goals.

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5. The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel

The author of this beginner’s guidebook includes many of her personal experiences with astral projection and out-of-body experiences.

She began this process at a young age with little guidance, which gives her some unique insights to share for your future adventures.

Although many of the approaches tend to focus on the adverse elements of OOBEs, there is a lot of information that can provide you with the valuable insights needed.

Negative influences only scare you when you’re away from the physical world.

The author shows how it is your choice to allow them to have that level of control.

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6. The Projection of the Astral Body

This beginner’s guidebook for astral projection was written by John Magnus, another pioneer in the field of out-of-body experiences.

He self-discovered this discipline, helping others to begin understanding the concepts of OOBEs and how they could be used for good.

The narrative gently guides you toward the discoveries that Magnus has had over the years instead of sharing only opinions or research into the subject.

By knowing more about what is possible in this medium, you’ll get a better grasp of what feels like an unknown concept thanks to the information shared in this fantastic book.

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7. Astral Projection: Your Personal Guide to the Astral World

This brief guide provides an incredible amount of information for beginners to consume.

Your reasons for trying astral projection may be unique, but the techniques necessary to achieve results are quite similar.

Whether you want to know what lies beyond death or wish to explore other elements of existence, the author teaches you how to prepare for your first OOBE.

You’ll go through the best astral projection techniques and what to expect in this realm.

There is even practical advice on how to protect yourself and whom you can trust.

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8. Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space with OOBEs

Have you experienced dreams where it felt like you had an out-of-body experience?

The author of this astral projection book will help you to transition that element of your life into the waking world.

Instead of waiting to leave your body until you’re asleep, you can learn how to depart from your body to start exploring at any time.

The first OOBE is the most challenging, and it is imperative to remember that no single method works for everyone.

You’ll see a graded, step-by-step evaluation with the options, including 15 time-tested methods, that can get you to your first conscious result.

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9. Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook to Astral Projection and the OOBE

This astral projection book provides you with an easy-to-follow guide that helps you to leave the body for the first time.

Although it may not work for every beginner, this book can also provide the must-have technique that produces consistent OOBEs for others.

You will see how the author achieves an out-of-body state for the first time, and then discover the various predicaments that can happen when projecting yourself.

There is also practical advice on how to manage the emotions of temporary physical paralysis.

You may find the perspective on ectoplasmic fog and the overall vibrational state fascinating as well.

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10. Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect

Spiritual experiences have always been a part of human cultures.

​The scientific study of the various approaches that are possible when embracing this part of life is only now starting to reach the mainstream culture.

People remember their spontaneous OOBEs more often than ever before, including ones from their early childhood.

This comprehensive guide will take beginners through the astral projection experience from start-to-finish, with step-by-step lessons available to help anyone access what lies beyond this existence.

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11. Astral Projection: A Non-Religious Travel Guide for Beginner

Even though astral projection has had religious overtones in the past, you don’t need to associate yourself with a specific label to see results.

This guide is perfect for beginners who want to embrace the practical side of OOBEs without worrying about the denominational implications of such a practice.

The context might be secular, but the advice is still powerful and efficient.

You’ll receive an overview of what to expect, along with some of the personal experiences from the author.

It covers everything from lucid dreaming to meditation as ways to trigger your first projection.

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12. Astral Projection: The Complete Guide for Beginners on Astral Projection

If you are looking for the best book on astral projection that offers a practice guide to OOBEs, then you’ll want to consider this guide.

It gives readers access to the ten most effective methods for projecting, analyzes the benefits of the practice, and helps you to recognize the signs of an out-of-body experience before it happens.

The author shares some excellent advice about how to prepare mentally and physically for the journey as well.

It packs a lot of information into only a handful of pages.

You’ll have the basics down in about three hours with this short book.

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Best Audio Program for Astral Projection

If reading books doesn’t sound appealing, then an audio program that guides you toward your first OOBE might be a better option.

The Out-of-Body Techniques 6-CD audio set by William Buhlman is easily the best option available right now.

You will learn techniques for astral projection based on the author’s 40+ years of experience in this field.

Everyone responds differently to the various induction methods that make an OOBE possible, so each CD provides a separate approach.

The audio combines with Hemi-Sync frequencies to create 45-minute tracks that are exceptionally useful.

Although the instructions are somewhat abbreviated compared to the best books on astral projection, the audio-based learning opportunities can help some excel when they otherwise would not.

Listen to the audio with comfortable stereo headphones for the best results.

If you live in a noisy environment, then you might consider investing in noise cancellation technologies so that you can focus on your first OOBE.

There are some additional audio programs you might consider trying if you’re going to achieve your first astral projection experience while reading the best astral projection books.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Astral Projection Journey?

Although it is possible to have an out-of-body experience on your first attempt, the journey of astral projection is closer to a skill that you develop over time.

When you embrace this world and its concepts, then every attempt you make will take you one step closer to a successful result.

You must keep the enthusiasm you have today for astral projection even when an expected experience doesn’t happen.

There are times when you can do everything right and still not achieve predictable results.

These out-of-body experience books are excellent resources that can help you to plan your journey.

Follow the astral projection steps and techniques shared by each author to see what might become possible in your life over time.

It could be one of the most rewarding investments you ever make for yourself!

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