What are Delta Brain Waves?

Why are delta brain waves so important?

What are delta brain waves

Some studies have shown that people are getting less sleep than they have ever gotten before.

From distractions like the television or the internet to an indulgence of caffeine, the reasons for insomnia can range from stress to having sleep being less of a priority.

The issue with this lack of sleep, however, is that our brains are having less of a chance to experience delta waves.

The good news here is this: you don’t necessarily need to be asleep to allow your brain the chance to recharge through the production of delta waves.

There are other ways for you to achieve this state and obtain the relaxing, deep rest that can help you recharge.


Meditation Can Help To Generate Delta Waves

Delta brain waves in meditation are the slowest of all. Everyone experiences delta waves in deep sleep, but delta brain waves in meditation are said to help experienced practitioners access the unconscious mind. Their existence may also be part of the reason that newly learned skills may be best integrated if one “sleeps on them,” since they are associated with people’s ability to integrate newly learned tasks.
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Delta Waves Help To Access the Unconscious Mind

Delta brain waves have long been linked to stages 3 and 4 of sleep. The delta brainwave range is considered “the lowest brainwave frequency. A decreased sense of awareness, increased empathy, and access to the “unconscious mind” are common. It is extremely rare to have conscious awareness of delta brainwaves. Only certain highly spiritual individuals, gurus, yogis, monks, and avid meditators usually are able to consciously access this brainwave range.  Via 4mind4life.com

How Important Is the Unconscious Mind?

Researchers are discovering that the unconscious mind is one of the key components to good health.

From problem solving to stress reduction, the generation of delta waves allows your brain to focus on issues, resolve them, and it’s all done in a restful, peaceful state.

The low frequencies that are generated are thought to be reflective of your subconscious, so without delta wave generation, your subconscious remains locked up, trapped in the stresses and problems that you face.

That’s why meditation can be an important aspect of your life – especially if you routinely don’t get enough sleep!

Even just 30 minutes of meditation can help you access your subconscious mind, generate delta waves, and begin the healing process that your brain may need.

Why Focus On Delta Waves?

Delta brainwaves are often related to and indicate:

–          the lowest brain frequencies, possibly indicating subconscious thoughts and information

–          extremely deep meditation and hyper-relaxed mind states

–          deep and refreshing sleep that allows the body and brain to rest and repair.

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Are You Ready To Generate Delta Waves Today?

Even if you’ve never attempted meditation before, it is possible for you to achieve the right mental stage to begin the production of delta waves today.

Find a quiet place, relax your mind, push away your conscious thoughts, and begin to simply exist.

As your subconscious begins to rise to the surface, so will those delta waves that your brain may be begging you to generate!

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