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HeartWave Meditation by iAwake Technologies

  The heart is more than just the physical organ that pulses with life dozens of times per minute every day of our lives. It is also the foundation for our spiritual being. We often discuss what it means to have a “kind heart” or an “open mind,” but how do we develop these things […]

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brainwave entrainment for sleep

Brainwave Entrainment Programs For Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation

Brainwave entrainment programs are an effective tool to use when stress is dominating your day. Meditation and relaxation are easy to achieve thanks to the soothing tones that are provided. Specific programs can even help sleep come faster and help people sleep better. If you’ve never tried a brainwave entrainment program before, then what you’ll […]

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how to improve dream recall

How To Remember Dreams: 10 Tips on How To Improve Dream Recall

Knowing how to improve dream recall on a nightly basis can add another layer of fulfillment to the experiences of life. Our minds create wondrous lands of creativity and fantasy when we sleep every night that are tangible and real. The laws of physics are erased so that we can literally see or do anything. […]

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6 Phase Meditation

How to Meditate: Why 6 Phase Meditation Can Transform Your Life

Meditation is a proven practice that can melt away stress, inspire creativity, and help to locate the perfection present in every moment. There are different ways to meditate, but each method has something in common: 6 phases of progression. By understanding how each phase works and what the desired outcome of the phase happens to […]

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what is loving kindness

What Is Loving Kindness Meditation and Why You Should Start the Practice

By practicing meditation we establish love, compassion, sympathetic joy & equanimity as our home. ― Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness   What we know as loving kindness meditation was originally known as metta bhavana. This name literally translates to “love cultivation.” This form of meditation is more than just something to practice. […]

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should i start meditating

Should I Start Meditating? The Pros and Cons of Meditation

Meditation has slowly become an accepted part of culture around the world. Virtually everyone has either heard of it, know someone who is regularly practicing it, or is doing it themself. It isn’t reserved for the creative careers either, such as the writer or the artist, as senior executives, teachers, and even soldiers make time […]

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