how to stop obsessive thoughts

How To Stop Negative (Obsessive) Thoughts: 7 Steps to Success

Knowing how to stop obsessive thoughts is a skill that can be beneficial in a number of situations. The human mind generates upwards of 20,000 thoughts per day, although many tend to be repetitive. Being able to screen those thoughts to let the positive ones through while eliminating the negative ones can help to stop […]

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real ghost stories

Real Ghost Stories: Unexplainable and Scary

Do ghosts exist? There are many ghostly apparitions that have been captured on camera and film over the years. These figures seem to float, hover, or even open doors. Sometimes these apparitions have a scientific explanation, such as a double exposure to the film that was unintended. Then there are the ghost stories, the real […]

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how to meditate properly

How To Meditate Properly: 15 Tips

Meditation might be the practice of focusing your attention on one specific component of life, but how can you do that properly? Is there a “perfect” way to meditate that will help to unlock the mysteries of the universe? If you don’t know how to meditate properly, is it still possible to reduce stress, anxiety, […]

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raise serotonin levels

How To Increase Serotonin Levels Naturally: 15 Proven Methods

Serotonin levels are important to good health. When they are too low, then it can be difficult to get the right amount of rest every night. Over time, the fatigue begins to build up and affect a person’s overall health. It can also create instability within a person’s mental processes and increase the chances of […]

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