Detached Mindfulness [How to Practice + Exercises]

detached mindfulness exercises

Feeling overwhelmed by incessant worries and negative thoughts? Trapped in your own mind, analyzing situations from every angle until you spiral into anxiety and stress? If this sounds like you, learning the practice of detached mindfulness could be a game-changer. Unlike traditional mindfulness where you focus on the present moment, detached mindfulness teaches you to … Read more

Choose Optimism in the Face of Uncertainty and Change

choose optimism

Uncertainty is inevitable in life. But we get to choose how we respond to it. Will we be paralyzed by the unknown? Or will we move forward with optimism to shape our future? Two Truths About Uncertainty: Two Questions to Ponder: When unpredictability surrounds you, will you assume the worst and live in fear? Or … Read more

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Anger Management [7 CBT Exercises]

cbt exercises for anger management

How Does CBT For Anger Work? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a technique that is used to alleviate many different mental health issues, life stressors, and problems like anger management. When you apply CBT strategies to anger management issues, you learn to identify the thoughts, situations, or stressors that trigger your anger. Typically, these circumstances … Read more

9 Simple Things That Will Make You Happier Today [Habits For Happiness]

habits for happiness

Are you tired of chasing temporary bursts of happiness that never seem to last? Let’s explore 9 habits that research shows can cultivate deeper, more sustainable happiness in your daily life. Get ready to uplift your mood and thrive! Practicing Gratitude In the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to get caught up in … Read more

Unlock the Hidden Power Within You [John Assaraf/Free eBook]

unlock the hidden power within you john assaraf

The article delves into John Assaraf’s comprehensive guide on mindset and “innercising,” a term coined to describe exercises for the mind. It covers the science-backed techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind, shift from a fixed to a growth mindset, and enhance self-belief. The guide also introduces seven specific innercising techniques aimed at strengthening the Mindset-Action … Read more

Worst Jobs For a Highly Sensitive Person [Careers That May Drain You]

worst jobs for a highly sensitive person

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), choosing the right career path is crucial for your overall well-being and happiness. The workplace can be a minefield of overwhelming stimuli, emotional demands, and high-pressure situations that can leave you feeling drained and unfulfilled. However, by understanding the unique challenges HSPs face, you can make informed decisions that … Read more

Self-Care Menu [Design Your Own Buffet of Restorative Rituals]

self care girl

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and running on empty? Self-care is probably the last thing on your mind when life gets hectic. But what if there was an easy way to make taking care of yourself a priority without it feeling like another chore? Enter the self-care menu – your personal guide to practicing … Read more

How to Stop Being an Empath [A Guide to Protecting Your Energy]

empath protecting your energy

Let’s be real – being an empath can feel like an emotional roller coaster at times. One moment you’re peacefully going about your day, the next you’re bombarded with all the tumultuous vibes and stresses swirling around you. It’s like you’re a sponge absorbing everyone else’s energies whether you want to or not. But here’s … Read more

Essential Oils For Grounding [Embrace Inner Peace]

essential oils for grounding

Do you know that feeling when your to-do list stretches on forever and your brain feels like a hamster on a wheel? Been there, done that! But guess what? There’s a secret weapon hiding in your local health store (or maybe even your grandma’s cabinet) that can help you ditch the scattered feeling and find … Read more

Grounding Herbs [Cultivate Inner Calm & Clarity]

grounding herbs to help you be more grounded

Top Grounding Herbs Discover Nature’s Stress Relievers Lavender One deep inhale of lavender’s sweet and floral fragrance begins working its magic – your shoulders relax, your breath slows, and calm washes over you. Beyond its aromatic gifts, lavender also imparts its mellowing effects when sipped as a soothing tea or added to bathwater. Compounds like … Read more

ABC of Mindfulness [Your Simple Guide to Inner Peace & Focus]

mindfulness meditation

Staying present and composed can feel nearly impossible nowadays. Distractions bombard us 24/7 thanks to nonstop digital demands and data overload. Stress easily spirals as we juggle overflowing to-do lists, pressing deadlines, and packed schedules. Yet being scatterbrained and on-edge often sinks productivity. What if you could take charge of your attention span and resilience, … Read more

Think & Become Rich by John Assaraf [Learn How to Build Wealth At Any Age]

john assaraf free ebook think become rich

The core message of Think and Become Rich is that financial success stems from within. By cultivating a sense of innate self-worth, observing and emulating the daily habits of those who are already prosperous, understanding fundamental economic principles, seeking mentorship, and consciously reshaping limiting money beliefs, anyone can progress towards a so-called “Millionaire Mindset.” Topic … Read more

This is How to Win the Game of Money [Assaraf’s Brain-A-Thon]

unlock your brain for success

If financial freedom is your goal, consider the Winning the Game of Money program by John Assaraf. Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, boost your business, or take your income to new heights, this comprehensive system provides the mindset shifts and proven strategies to set you on the path towards success. What is … Read more

12 Fun Mindfulness Activities For Adults to Be More Present

fun mindfulness activities for adults

Article at a Glance This article provides an overview of fun mindfulness practices beyond formal meditation. From mindful eating to creative activities like drawing and body awareness exercises, there are many ways to explore mindfulness. The key difference between regular activities and mindful ones is the quality of attention we bring – mindful activities call … Read more

How to Become a Certified Mindfulness Coach [8 Tips]

how to become a certified mindfulness coach

Finding inner peace and living more mindfully has become a sought-after goal for many. With increasingly busy and stressful lives, people are turning to mindfulness as an antidote. If you’re captivated by the power of mindfulness yourself and are interested in teaching others, becoming a certified mindfulness meditation teacher allows you to turn your passion … Read more

Dubslabs Bedphones [Wired & Wireless Sleep Headphones]

dubslabs bedphones wireless sleep headphones

Getting quality sleep can be a challenge with the constant noises of the modern world. For some, even silence itself can make falling asleep difficult. DubsLabs offers a potential solution with their Bedphones – headphones built specifically for comfortable sleeping audio. These on-ear headphones let you relax to music or podcasts without disturbing your sleeping … Read more

Grounding Foods for Empaths [Finding Calm & Balance on Your Plate]

grounding foods for empaths

Grounding foods like root vegetables, beans, lentils, oats and broths provide comfort, nourishment and stabilization. Their hearty textures, warm temperatures and rich flavors impart a sense of calm and balance. Eating these soothing, earthy foods regularly helps steady mood, reduce anxiety, increase focus and build emotional resilience over time. Feeling scattered, anxious, or overwhelmed? You’re … Read more

Grounding Shoes For Women & Men [Connecting to the Earth’s Healing Energy]

Check out these grounding shoes for women and men offered by Rhizal, Groundz and Earth Runners.

Have you ever wondered if simply slipping on a pair of shoes could reduce inflammation, improve your sleep, or enhance your athletic performance? Grounding shoes promise to do just that by connecting your body to the natural healing frequencies of the earth. In this article, we’ll look at how companies creating such shoes design their … Read more

Limitless Labs & NLP [Download Free Digital Pills Today]

brain pills download free digital pills from inspire3

Limitless Labs offers audio recordings called “digital pills” designed to reshape your thinking patterns using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These customized recordings by NLP experts were created with the goal of improving different parts of your life, like losing weight or cultivating positive thinking. While inspired by the fictional smart drug NZT-48 from the film “Limitless,” … Read more


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