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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. – Chinese Proverb

With all the noise and clatter which happens these days, stress and anxiety seem to be ever-present.

Even if you step away into your own world, it feels like the issues of the day continue to press on your soul.

Meditation is useful for stress reduction, helping people to cut their anxiety levels in half. 

For this practice to be helpful, you must be able to meet three critical elements: a comfortable atmosphere, an ability to focus, and a time commitment.

That’s a difficult prospect for someone new to the world of meditation.

If you are seeking out a path toward anxiety reduction and better coping mechanisms for stress, whether you’re new to meditation or a master, binaural beats provide meaningful solutions for today’s challenging situations.

What Are Binaural Beats and How Do They Work?

Binaural beats are created when the ears hear two different frequencies that the brain consolidates into a singular sound.

Although you are physically listening to two different sounds, the brain discerns the frequency difference to “tune” itself toward specific results.

There are five general categories from which to choose.

At 4 Hz or less, your brain produces delta waves, which are associated with deep sleep.

You’re given an opportunity to lose awareness of your body, release anxiety as you seek out rest, and enter into the first stages of slumber.

Between 4 to 7 Hz, your brain creates theta waves. Associated with REM sleep and dreams, this frequency range is the preferred option for deep meditation.

When the frequency gap is between 7 to 13 Hz, your brain wants to create alpha waves.

This stage is when you are at your creative best.

Although it is associated with relaxation and pleasant feelings of tiredness, you will find moments of bliss here while meditating too.

At the 13 to 40 Hz level, your brain produces beta waves.

You will experience powerful concentration moments as your cognitive centers engage.

Because it is associated with arousal and active thinking, these waves can become a source of anxiety too.

Use this option for focus and concentration needs more than meditation.

When you’re above 40 Hz with your binaural beats program, your brain produces gamma waves.​

​These are the moments where your highest mental activities become available to you.

Perception, problem solving, and total consciousness are all resources you can tap into within this stage.

Your job is simple. All you must do is listen to the binaural beats program with the specific frequency range needed to reach a preferred meditation state.

You’ll hear nature sounds, musical rhythms, and different tones which generate physical responses from your body.

Those responses occur because your brain is recognizing the frequency gaps, then tuning itself with the specific brainwaves required to produce the results you want.

Best Binaural Beats Programs for Anxiety and Stress


One of the most effective producers of binaural beats content for stress and anxiety is iAwake Technologies.

They offer 7 excellent programs which provide help when you’re dealing with difficult emotional responses or physical states.

Each program creates different results, so it is essential to use the one binaural beats product which offers the capability of resolving the issues you’ve encountered that day.

Audio Oxygen offers a unique focusing component which allows you to dismiss your stress completely. This program will enable you to initiate meditation, continue working, or start exploring a hiking trail. It promotes improved memory by encouraging strength in your mental functions.

Audio Serenity provides soothing music which encourages the mind to heal. Over 61 minutes, you’ll listen to frequencies which stimulate the brain to produce endorphins that help relieve pain. It takes a couple of minutes for the effect to begin working, helping you find a state of deep relaxation. Think of this program as a mental massage.

Digital Acupuncture provides access to Qi-encoded audio to promote healing and renewal. As you listen to the sounds, your brain naturally releases its stress, producing feelings of invigorated calm. On a stressful day that has you tense, this program provides the relaxation you need to step away from those moments of anxiety which try to come along.

Heartwave Meditation offers access to the powerful frequencies which allow you to access your natural centers of intuition, empathy, and wisdom. It opens the door to your current emotional state, then encourages the brain to feel safe. This process allows you to start understanding how you feel after stressful events occur. Over time, this program may help you recognize anxiety as it begins forming, allowing you to be proactive with your coping mechanisms.

Neurohacks offers four 20-minute audio tracks which help to guide you through the core elements of your day. You can wake up, then recharge when your energy levels become low. There is a program for relaxation, followed by one which helps you achieve a beneficial dream state.

Neuroflow uses a unique holophonic audio track which is infused with binaural beats and other brainwave entrainment technologies to produce results. The focus of this program is to offer an intensely focused, yet deeply relaxing, state of mind. It provides access to your creative centers while pushing you toward a positive, energized attitude.

Profound Meditation Program 3.0 is the flagship binaural beats program from iAwake Technologies which encourages anxiety and stress reduction. Download these MP3s to experience an interactive state where you strengthen the desire to meditate daily. Use it during your spiritual studies, to improve your focus, or evolve your current practices to reach the next level of understanding with 430 total minutes of binaural beats tracks to use.

Each program offers access to a unique meditative state. Once it begins playing, your brain will start to do the rest of the work for you.

That makes your job easy. Make the time to meditate with binaural beats, and you’ll have a useful tool to use which limits the impact of anxiety and stress on your life.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology
Profound Meditation Program [Full Spectrum]

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Additional Binaural Beats Programs for Anxiety and Stress

There are several more binaural beats programs which are available right now that offer access to the help you may want or need with personal stress or anxiety issues. These are the 4 best programs outside of iAwake Technologies that are worth trying today.

1. Inspire3: Brain Evolution System

brain evolution system binaural beats

This program uses an exclusive process which is called the 3P DEAP (3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process).

It offers you a six-level program with low pulses over natural sound environments to produce a relaxing effect.

Then your brain is stimulated to produce the brainwaves required to cope with anxiety or stressful feelings in meaningful, healthy ways.

Brain Evolution System: Huge Discount

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2. Ennora: Stress Release


This option will take you toward the delta wave zone as you settle in for rest with its binaural beats by helping the brain to produce theta waves.

It is useful for winding down into a state of comfort for sleep. 

When you encounter the mental calm that is possible, you begin constructing an inner sanctuary which encourages you to embrace peace.

3. Binaural Beats Meditation: Peace Pack


There are six audio tracks included with this program, giving you opportunities to encourage brainwave production in the specific category you require.

Find your Zen, awaken your spirit, or use the alpha program to release your anxiety during a situation that triggers your nervousness.

With the available choices, you will discover 30-minute and 60-minute meditation sessions with the capability of producing robust results.

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You can use one program, a combination of options, or all of them together if you wish. 

Binaural beats continue to be a useful tool to help everyone find new ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

With the money-back guarantees offered by most programs, you can try many of these audio tools without much risk.

How to Use Binaural Beats

Using a program or audio track which features binaural beats is one of the easiest ways to initiate your coping mechanisms.

Here are the steps you’ll want to follow to begin using these tools.

Step #1: Download your preferred program or audio track with binaural beats from a reputable provider.

Step #2: Reduce your activity levels to allow your brain to focus on the frequency gaps created by the programming.

Step #3: Use stereo headphones or sound systems (based on the program producer’s best practices) to ensure each ear hears the specific frequencies required to produce the desired effect.

Step #4: Ensure your space is quiet and relaxing while you listen to the programming. Distractions may reduce the effectiveness of your preferred program option.

Step #5: Allow for enough time to finish your preferred binaural beats product. If you start listening to a 30-minute session, then you should not stop it halfway through. When time is a precious commodity for you, choose a program with a 10- to 15-minute audio track for best results.

Step #6: Turn this routine into a daily habit. When you look forward to the use of binaural beats products, the effects may be more noticeable.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey to End Stress and Anxiety?

brainwave entrainment programs

There are many coping strategies available today to stop stress and anxiety from having a negative impact on your life.

Simple options, such as deep breathing or distraction techniques, often provide temporary relief during acute attacks.

If you do not adequately cope with these feelings or issues, acute anxiety or stress quickly becomes a chronic issue.

One of the most effective ways to stop these negative feelings is through the use of binaural beats products and programs.

By encouraging the brain to produce, or “tune,” to specific brainwaves, you can see positive results begin forming as quickly as your first session.

Try the sample audio tracks available for each program to see if it creates a helpful effect.

Then create new habits which encourage you to meditate with binaural beats every day for at least 10 minutes.

You will begin to see that anxiety and stress don’t have power over your life with the continued use of coping tools and strategies.

You’re the one who holds all the power.

Choose your preferred binaural beats program, download the MP3s or tracks today, then enjoy the peace which awaits.

Binaural Beat Technology
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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