7 Brain Evolution System Levels For Self-Improvement: Review


Transcendence: Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System

transcendence level 1 of the brain evolution system

The idea behind the Transcendence level is to introduce you to the idea of incorporating meditation concepts into your routine. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to develop a new habit and that’s what the audio MP3s or CDs help you do when you make the decision to utilize the

With the Brain Evolution System – you’re literally re-training your brain to do something new.

This brain entrainment process starts at Level 1 and it’s all about realizing that you can find a way to relax and rejuvenate.

Stress Can Have a Negative Impact On the Body

There is this funny idea that we all need to fix ourselves because something must be broken. It might be that internal chatter that never seems to go away, that song that gets stuck in the mind, or those racing thoughts that give out long periods of insomnia.

The body must be broken if these things happen, so most products try to incorporate this idea of brokenness into what they provide. That’s why other forms of brain entrainment fail.

Transcendence is different because it has a different theory: there is nothing wrong with anyone. Each person was created a specific way, with specific talents and gifts, and there is nothing wrong with anyone.

The problem is that stress is more like a disease. Instead of treating the symptoms, which other  programs focus on doing, a cure needs to be instituted. That’s what Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System really is: the cure for stress.

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Just like any series of medication, immediate results aren’t typically seen when you begin to use Transcendence. You can, however, chart specific results and see improvement in your mental acuity, your happiness, and your overall sense of well-being.

This recording by the Brain Evolution System Helps You Tap Into Your Own Healing Powers

The reason why stress builds up and becomes such a negative energy influence in people isn’t because they can’t cope with it. It’s because efforts aren’t made to get rid of it. With the meditative states, better rest, and overall harmony that the Brain Evolution System can bring will encourage people to begin tapping into the body’s own unique healing powers.

Through the use of this first CD from the Brain Evolution System, your mind will begin to unlock itself. The experience is different for everyone:

  • creative, new ideas might begin to bubble to the surface,
  • tension throughout the body might just ebb away,
  • more energy might be felt,
  • a better sense of well-being, happiness, or joy may be experienced, or
  • the ability to handle stressful situations might become easier.

Some people report experiencing all of these happening in just the first month! That’s the advantage of Transcendence, even if you manage to forget to use it on a day here or there.

It begins the journey of unlocking the brain’s potential through natural naturescape sounds that help to “tune” your brain.

That’s the real advantage of Transcendence, the first level of brainwave entrainment from the Brain Evolution System. As a bonus, you can even feel it working!

Lucid Echoes: Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System

Lucid Echoes level 2 brain evolution system

What is unique about the Brain Evolution System is that it helps the brain continually advance in its ability to re-tune itself to a more natural state.

In Lucid Echoes, you begin to advance from the straight-up relaxation and tuning that the brain needs to begin the meditative process towards a more advanced state.

The different layers of audio and frequencies that are in Level 2 make your mind work a little bit harder, but that’s a good thing because it is working on fine-tuning the process that Level 1 started.

There Are Always Distractions Around Us

In any article that you read about how to stay more focused, the first levels of advice are always some form of “eliminate the distractions around you.” From the social networking alerts to e-mails to phone calls and texts, there is a lot that can quickly become a distraction and make someone lose focus.

At work, one distraction might cause you 5 minutes of lost productivity. In the practice of meditation so that stress can actually be cured, one distraction might cause you to begin the entire process anew.

That’s why this level of brain entrainment is so difficult for so many people. Lucid Echoes by the Brain Evolution System really works on training the brain to acknowledge that a distraction is present, adapt to the distraction, and ultimately be able to discard the distraction as something that is unimportant.

For many, the idea of dedicating time to becoming a neutral observer means needing to dismantle that overarching ego that says distractions are important.

Sometimes the ego just doesn’t want to let go. How can you begin the dismantling process using brainwave entrainment?

Lucid Echoes Isn’t About a Pleasant Experience…

To handle an extremely stressful situation appropriately, you need to be able to focus. Some might say they can already do this, but that’s simply the adrenaline talking.

What if your mind could instantly focus on a problem and develop an effective solution?

That’s what Lucid Echoes is really helping your mind to do: find a new level of focus and clarity that may have never been seen before!

Think about the last time you put together a jigsaw puzzle. When you opened up the box, there were a few pieces already put together, right?

A majority of the pieces, however, were scattered all over the place. You had to work, over time, to put together that puzzle so that it made sense as a picture.

That’s what the Brain Evolution System helps your mind to do over time. It fills in the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so that you can attain your full potential.

Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System Makes You Pick Out the Sounds in the Background

That one thought, that one great idea, is lurking in the darker recesses of the mind. In order to pick it out, the mind must be able to focus on that area, hear the thought, and bring it to the surface.

That’s what Lucid Echoes replicates: through the sounds of the chilling wind, you’ll hear specific sounds if you listen closely, such as church bells, birds chirping, and someone walking down a gravel road.

At first, a physical strain can sometimes be felt when concentrating on these sounds.

Over time, however, the distractions will cease, the sounds will become clear, and your overall focus will be sharp and clear, like never before. Just think – that’s only the second level of the Brain Evolution System!



Infinity: Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System

infinity level 3 brain evolution system

The ability to focus is what changes a good performance into a great performance. We all strive to give 100% every day so that we can be the very best at what we do, but what if we could enhance that concentration?

What if, through the efforts of meditation, we could grasp a higher level of concentration that lets us each see the fine details that others miss? That’s what Infinity, Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System, is designed to help the listener do.

An Ocean Soundscape Provides the Backdrop For Success 

The Brain Evolution System uses a highly specialized audio process to create sounds that assist in achieving advanced states of meditation. Via brainev.com

As you progress through the Brain Evolution System, you have first taught your mind the importance of being able to meditate, relax, and find more energy in the first month.

In the second month, you taught it to be able to eliminate distractions that may be going on around you. Now you’re ready to enhance your focus and the frequencies that are included with this recording are specifically designed to help your brain enhance its own ability to perceive details it normally would just ignore.

As with Level 2, listeners of Infinity are going to find that a deep state of meditation is going to be difficult to achieve. That’s because Level 3 focuses on a different aspect of meditation so that your mind can enhance its focus.

It’s more like a trance that you’ll experience in this level than a traditional meditative state and this can sometimes be disconcerting.

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Lower Frequencies Create Deeper Concentration Levels 

What you will find, however, is that after a few days of using Infinity, your concentration levels are going to be better.

You’re going to be more creative because your focus isn’t going to be separated between multiple thoughts that are racing through your head.

You can grasp a thought, concentrate on it solely, create a viable outcome from that thought, and then repeat that process for every single thought that you have!

The ultimate goal of Infinity is to help your mind become more lucid in every state it happens to be in at any given moment.

This includes the restorative state of sleeping, as many people report that dreams they have become more vivid and memorable as they progress through Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System.

Because your mind is more lucid, you’ll also remember more, be able to think quickly on your feet, and experience the world in a completely different way.

Are You Tired of Your Mind Drifting? 

With this recording, you’ll be preparing your mind to be able to focus instead of drift. That doesn’t mean you won’t stop daydreaming… it just means that your thoughts during a daydream will have a greater purpose than distracting you from the stresses of a day!

With a greater focus, you can accomplish more, create more, and have a greater ability to cope with stress every single day. That’s why Infinity is such a critical component of the Brain Evolution System!

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Crystal Rain: Level 4 of the Brain Evolution System

crystal rain level 4 brain evolution system

If you had to describe yourself in just a few words, what would that description be? For many people, their descriptions involve specific labels that society throws about on a daily basis.

Words like “conservative” or “liberal” are common descriptors, as are “funny” or “smart” or “hard-working.”

Level 4 of the Brain Evolution System, called Crystal Rain, helps you take a new look at your consciousness, the inner you, so that you can impartially discover just who you really are.

Imagine Finally Being at Peace With Yourself…

Racing thoughts are a common symptom of a war within the mind. From stressors at work to problems at home, the untrained mind is constantly trying to find a creative way to resolve a problem so that it can move onto the next problem.

The problem with that, however, is that these actions are about as useful as putting a Band-Aid on the arm of someone who has cancer. You can’t treat cancer with Band-Aids.

You need a specific treatment that will cure the disease. That’s what Crystal Rain does for your mind that is constantly at war.

The 4th track of the Brain Evolution System is designed to entrain your mind so that it can achieve deeper sessions of internal meditation.

The lower frequencies of this audio track might make you feel a bit sleepy, but that’s ok – that’s proof that it is actually working to restructure your mind! With a deeper level of meditation, you begin to examine what happens at your core.

You get to examine who you really are! That’s why many describe Crystal Rain as the key that unlocks their true happiness.

Why Are So Many People Unhappy Today?

Because so many people judge who they are based off of society’s labels, there can only be a certain level of social acceptance that is achieved.

Labels can only be defined as what each individual determines them to be, so one person’s “conservative,” for example, could be another person’s “liberal” and that difference in definition causes stressors, debates, and arguments.

Crystal Rain eliminates the labels and lets you explore your consciousness as an impartial observer. Instead of judging who you are based on your opinions or thoughts, you look more toward your inner being to see what truly defines you as human.

This could be love, encouraging others, or other positive actions or emotions that have one thing in common: they help others in some way. In turn, this brings about an overall higher level of general happiness.

Are You Ready To Put the Negative Away?

The unique thing about this audio is that with every raindrop you hear, the brain entrainment from the Brain Evolution System is helping to completely wash away the negative components that are stored within you.

To achieve this deeper state of consciousness, you must be able to focus, eliminate distractions, and achieve a general state of relaxed meditation – that’s why Crystal Rain is Level 4.

It will help you discover not a new person, but the potential you’ve always had.



Neptune’s Cave: Level 5 of the Brain Evolution System

neptune's cave level 5 brain evolution system

There are four overall types of meditation. These can help you find more energy, happiness, and help you deal with stress in all-natural ways.

Individually these forms of meditation all have specific methods that, when followed, can help you unleash your full potential. That’s what brain entrainment helps you do – easily achieve your preferred meditative state.

What if you could combine all four of these meditative states together so that you could experience the benefits of all 4 at the same time?

That’s what Neptune’s Cave by the Brain Evolution System, begins to help you do.

Neptune’s Cave Focus On Delta Wave Brain Entrainment

These waves are some of the deepest brainwaves that the mind produces, which means they also have the greatest effect on your restorative state.

Neptune’s Cave begins to entrain these delta waves in a unique way by helping them tune to the specific meditative states your mind need to access in order to find the deepest sense of peace.

Can this level of meditation be achieved without brain entrainment? Certainly! The difference is that in just 5 months, you’re beginning the process of fusing these meditation techniques together so that your mind can access whatever it needs during a meditation session to find true inner peace.

In comparison, those who practice meditation traditionally may not reach this level of skill in 5 years! That’s why brain entrainment (the Brain Evolution System) is such a beneficial tool for so many people.

Are You Ready To Accomplish More In Less Time with the Brain Evolution System?

Think about what you could do by merging the first 4 levels of the Brain Evolution System together. Think about all you could accomplish! With a greater focus, you can get work done faster.

By accessing each thought individually, you can be more creative. By examining your inner consciousness and dismantling your ego, you can find a true level of awareness and peace.

You could just stop at Level 4 and then utilize each audio session based on what your needs are… or you could let your mind have access to everything all at once!

This isn’t a fast process. Your mind must learn how to pick out what it needs, when it needs it, and that’s why Level 5 focuses on the delta waves.

With Neptune’s Cave, even when you are resting, your mind will still be at work, in some level of meditation, creating the foundations of a healthier, happier you.

Track 5 by the Brain Evolution System is the Most Difficult Level of All

Here’s the problem that many people experience with Neptune’s Cave: they don’t notice any difference in their daily sessions of brain entrainment. That’s because this level approaches the reorganization of your mind in a different way.

You’re not experiencing relaxation for the first time or unlocking the potential of your ability to focus. The Brain Evolution System is instead reorganizing the foundations of your mind through brain entrainment to multi-task your ability to meditate every single time.

Neptune’s Cave is the ultimate key that will unlock your full potential. Are you ready to begin?

Let the Brain Evolution System help you achieve that!

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Fusion: Level 6 of the Brain Evolution System

fusion level 6 brain evolution system

Have you ever just stood at the corner of a busy intersection and just listened to the sounds that are around you? There’s an entire cacophony of different noises that your mind picks out when you do this.

Some of the sounds are pleasant, like a distant guitar playing, the sound of meat sizzling, or a group of people laughing. Some are unpleasant, like people yelling at each other, vehicles honking, or the shuffle of humanity passing by with coughs, sneezing, and other bodily sounds you don’t care to think much about.

Fusion, the sixth and final level of the Brain Evolution System, gives listeners an experience that is very similar to what has been described above, but with one difference: you’re listening to elements of each of the previous levels in one balanced track.

What Is the Purpose of Fusion?

Level 6 of the Brain Evolution System is the final preparation of brain entrainment that your mind needs to tune into meditation whenever it needs it. For many people, meditation is a scheduled time during the day that they use to decompress from the stresses of the world around them.

As your mind becomes entrained to accept the various levels of meditation, you’ll begin to find that meditation can happen anywhere, at any time, as long as you have just a few moments of free time.

As you listen to this track, your mind will automatically begin to pick out the tones and frequencies that it needs at any given moment to achieve the levels of peace, happiness, and contentment that you’re consciously or unconsciously striving to attain.

Sometimes the sounds may seem jumbled, but that’s because your mind is simply working itself out of an unbalanced state.

With Fusion, you are achieving your full potential.

Level 6 of the Brain Evolution System is the final outcome of the previous 5 months of dedicated time you’ve spent. You’ll find that the time investment has been well worth it once you reach this level.

Fusion by the Brain Evolution System helps to unlock the last bits of trapped creativity.

As you further your meditation routine with this level, what you’ll find is that the last hidden recesses of your mind will finally be unlocked and ready for examination. You’ll feel the multiple levels of energy that are flowing through your body at any given moment and be able to consciously access them if you need them.

Forget drinking a triple espresso in the morning… just five minutes of meditation, using this last level of the Brain Evolution System program, can give you better energy levels!

Why does this work so effectively? It is because your brain is able to tune into the specific frequencies that the Brain Evolution System provides when it needs them because you have done the work to make that happen.

The brain is often described as the greatest supercomputer every created, and just like a computer, it needs specific inputs to help it function its very best. It needs to be programmed.

That’s what Fusion is: the final stage of the installation process!

The results of daily meditation are proven. The results of brain entrainment are proven. The only remaining question is this: are you willing to invest in yourself so that you can entrain your brain, unlock your potential, and experience a true sense of peace?

That’s what Level 6 can provide on a permanent basis… but the choice must be made to use it, practice it, and make it part of your life for any success to be found.

Evolution: Level 7 of the Brain Evolution System

evolution level 7 brain evolution system

Are you ready to evolve your meditation practices to the next level? Do you want to discover what is beyond your deconstructed ego?

That’s the concept behind Level 7 of the Brain Evolution System, a brainwave entrainment program that is so complex that it is issued by invitation only and is beneficial to listeners who have completed the previous 6 entrainment programs.

If you want one of the most powerful experiences of your life, then prepare yourself for Evolution… because your mind will truly evolve.

Imagine Being In a Place of Suspended Animation 

The core concept of meditation is that you work toward becoming an independent observer of who you are and the events that are surrounding you.

With Evolution, your mind becomes tuned toward the final stages of meditation that would normally take some practitioners a lot of time to achieve: the final disassembly of the last vestiges of the ego.

You get a chance to explore the universe, through what feels like a form of mental suspended animation, to discover the hidden truths of life that define each person.

Imagine being able to go deeper and deeper into your subconscious with each listening session. Thanks to over 24 months of development, Evolution is specifically designed to help you achieve this feat.

It is by invitation only for those who have already ordered the initial BrainEv System, but achieving Level 7 is well worth the cost. You won’t discover a whole new person. Instead, you’ll end up discovering who you currently are and who you could be!

You Amplify the Successes You’ve Had In the First 6 Levels! 

Evolution is one of the most powerful brainwave entrainment tools in existence today for one simple reason: it amplifies all of the successes you’ve achieved over the first 6 months of using the Brain Evolution System.

It can be used during any part of the day so that you can center yourself and create the foundation for great success!

  • Use it at the start of your day to prepare for the difficult journey ahead.
  • Use it during a lunch break to balance yourself in preparation of a long afternoon.
  • Use it at the end of your day to reflect, restore, and refresh your mind as you prepare to rest.

When you’ve got a lot of questions that need to be answered, your mind creates a stack of racing thoughts that attempt to answer these questions.

By completing the inner journey every day that Evolution allows you to complete, you’ll be able to effectively answer these conscious and subconscious questions that can create stress and disharmony.

This audio track even works with questions that have a specific intent!

Are You Ready To See Your Peak Potential? 

When used in combination with the first six levels of the Brain Evolution System, Evolution will change your life!

Prepare for Level 7 today by progressing through the first six levels of the BrainEv system, discover the person you were meant to be, and focus on your inner self like never before.

Embrace your mental evolution today!

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