Binaural Beats for Sleep [Tracks That Will Help You Fall Asleep Easier & Other Ideas]

binaural beats for sleep

Binaural Beat Technology
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The best bridge between d​espair and hope is a good night’s sleep.  E. Joseph Cossman

Binaural beats combine two different audio frequencies at the same time. One is provided to each ear.

The brain then perceives the sound like a single tone, which is the differences between the two frequencies.

When this single tone is perceived, the brain essentially “tunes” to this new frequency.

Different frequencies are then able to produce specific results, based on the reason why you’re struggling to rest.

Sound makes a tremendous difference in the quality of sleep you receive.

Relaxing music, familiar programs, or comforting nature sounds are all popular methods used to quiet the mind.

Binaural beats are a technology-based sound option which seeks to harness the sensitive nature of the brain.

As it engages with the playing audio frequencies, you’re able to move into a deeper state of relaxation.

These tracks will also take your mind off the stressors from the day to relieve anxious feelings. When these elements come together through a binaural beats program, you can receive the help needed to sleep better.

Best Binaural Beats Tracks for Sleeping

For best results, you should listen to binaural beats through headphones or earbuds as you prepare for sleep.

Stereo headphones tend to produce the best results because the frequency is accurately delivered into each ear.

As you begin to relax, your brain shifts from the production of beta to alpha brainwaves. Beta brainwaves produce high levels of arousal and alertness.

When you must focus on something, these are the ones you want. They are fast because of their high frequencies.

That also means beta waves connect directly with higher levels of anxiety.

When your brain produces alpha waves, you’re still alert. Your feelings will have added calmness because your body is relaxed.

When you need to be creative, these are the brainwaves that are produced.

Both of these stages interfere with sleep.

Binaural beats tracks will take you from them into the theta and delta brainwave patterns.

When your brain produces theta waves, then it is in a light stage of sleep where rapid-eye movements do not occur.

If you achieve a deep state of meditation, your brain may produce these waves while you’re still awake.

With delta waves, your brain provides evidence that it has reached the deepest stages of sleep.

These are the binaural beats tracks which are the most effective at creating the transition from wakefulness to sleep each night for you.

1. iAwake: Sound Asleep


Created by hypnotherapist Joseph Kao, this unique track encourages you to fall asleep quickly thanks to its guided meditation and binaural beats combination.

You’ll experience ocean waves, advanced entrainment techniques, and light background music incorporated into the track as well.

The voice incorporated on the track is deep and tonal, which could be a little bothersome to some listeners.

If you find yourself struggling with the guided meditation track, you can opt for the sound entrainment track only to discover the rest you need.

You can choose a digital download option alone or decide to add a CD to it for additional listening options.

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​Power Nap


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2. Inspire3: Sleep Salon


If you find yourself staring at the ceiling each night, then these powerful binaural beats might provide you with a sleep solution.

It is useful even if you struggle with chronic injuries or caffeine stimulation that prevents you from thoroughly relaxing.

Instead of receiving a single track with this program, you’ll receive 12 full MP3 sessions that will help you get to sleep quickly under a variety of conditions.

The best way to incorporate this program into your bedtime routine is to start playing it about 50 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

As you lay in bed, allow your mind to wander off to the sounds which are being produced.

If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep after 30 minutes, then get out of bed and do something productive for a little while.

Then restart your sleep routine by listening to this program from the very beginning again.

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3. Ennora: Sleep Pack


You will discover three powerful meditations to help induce sleep with this unique binaural beats track package.

Each one is designed to help you get to sleep faster, then stay asleep longer.

Perfect Sleep is the program designed to help with acute insomnia issues.

If your mind is overactive, or if you have worries that keep you up, then this option will promote a transition to delta brainwave production. Deep Dreams is ideal for people who tend to be light sleepers.

If your deep-wave sleep cycle is short, you might sleep for a full 7 to 9 hours without feeling like you got any rest.

It is helpful for those who experience frequent periods of waking during the night as well.

Stress Release is an option that helps you release the tension in your body after an exhausting day.

If you are not in a relaxed state when it is time for bed, then it can be challenging to obtain restful sleep throughout the entire evening.

Listening to the layers of soothing music incorporated on this track will help you let go of those problematic issues.Each program is designed to be used up to an hour before your regular bedtime.

You can choose to use them when you lie down too.

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4. Binaural Beats Meditation


If you feel that a full program isn’t required to reach your ideal sleep state, then consider these “program shots” offered.

Three proven programs are available to help you find the exact stage of rest you require.

Deep Sleep utilizes delta waves with warm pads and a soothing ambiance to create a natural desire for rest after a few minutes of listening to the sounds.

It provides calming support any time an overactive mind interferes with the sleep process.

Blissful Sleep features soft swirling sounds and calm water droplets with the delta waves, which is perfect for those who enjoy listening to sounds of weather as a way to relax.

Power Nap is an excellent option for those who need to get back on their feet right away.

You won’t be taken into the deepest stages of sleep with this program.

It is designed for those times when a 30-minute nap could do you a lot of good.

The final ten minutes of this program entrain your brain to return to an alpha stage of wakefulness.

Each of these programs is offered in a 30-minute or a 60-minute version, depending on what your needs happen to be.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology
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5. Unexplainable Store: Sleep

unexplainable store binaural beats

With this option, you’ll be able to find sleep quickly with low delta frequencies that your brain works to match.

Options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, depending upon the severity of your rest disruption, are available for use at varying pricing levels.

You can also choose options that include isochronic tones if you prefer.

The goal of these tracks is to take you down slowly into a state where rest is encouraged.

You’re guided through the natural sleep process which smooths each brainwave transition that occurs.

This option even offers choices that help you to return to sleep after you wake up at night.

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Supplemental Products to Help You Sleep

Using binaural beats tracks to help you sleep will reduce racing thoughts.

You’ll be able to relax, get comfortable, and embrace the dreams which want to come easier than perhaps ever before.

Some people, however, only partially make it down the journey toward sleep when using binaural beats.

If you find yourself in that situation, then here are some useful products to consider using as part of your bedtime routine.

Option #1: Melatonin

Your body produces melatonin through the pineal gland. When available at proper levels, it plays a role in regulating your rhythm of sleep and your overall body clock.

Although this supplement is often recommended to help with issues like jet lag or acute insomnia, the effects of long-term use have not been adequately studied as of yet. It may not improve your long-term sleep quality, but melatonin can help you find rest on nights when you are struggling to get to sleep.

Option #2: Chamomile Tea

If you find that a mild sleep aid is necessary, then some warm chamomile tea could help you find the rest you need.

It is available through most grocery stores, supermarkets, and health food retailers.

For those who don’t like tea, chamomile products are also sold in topical ointments, essential oils, and as an extract.​

Option #3: Valerian Root

Many people have used valerian as a natural sleep aid over the centuries.

If you decide to take a 100% valerian supplement, make sure you perform due diligence on the manufacturer and the ingredients they use.

There can be inconsistencies with the preparation of this sleep aid from product to product.

If you already take other supplements, your doctor may not recommend this option.

The Connection Between Lucid Dreaming and Sleep

Several medical and psychiatric conditions may cause chronic insomnia.

Medications can make sleep difficult as one of their side effects, especially if you suffer from depression, asthma, migraines, heart disease, allergies, or high blood pressure.

Sleep difficulties may occur because there is a distaste for not being awake.

Some people can get to a state where they hate sleep.

When this issue occurs, it is essential that you break the negative emotional connection to sleep.

One way to create that separation is to encourage a state of lucid dreaming.

A lucid dream occurs when a person recognizes they are in a state of sleep.

Specific thought triggers or dreaming elements happen which allows you to take control over what happens in the dream.

You might see time shifts which are unnatural.

You could meet someone to have a conversation, even though they are nowhere near where you live.

Some people have a lucid dream triggered because they see an unusual item, catch a reflection of themselves in a mirror, and for many other reasons too.

With a lucid dream, the experience of sleep becomes fun once again because you can do anything in that state.

The world your brain creates for you feels real.

You can choose to fly, travel to outer space, or even become a character on your favorite television program.

Products like Claridream Pro work in conjunction with binaural beats to encourage this type of dream.

You can also use a program like the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track to learn recognition and control techniques.


Are There Any Risks to Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is a safe experience for anyone who is mentally healthy.

There are potential risks; however, that one must account for before trying to achieve this event for the first time.

Here are the common issues which may occur when pursuing a lucid dream.

Several people who experienced lucid dreams will also discover sleep paralysis.

Your body shuts down to prevent you from acting out your dreams in a physical manner.

When you reach a state between dreaming and waking, it is possible to be conscious while your body remains asleep.

Lucid dreams create emotional reactions too.

Many feelings are euphoric, but a dream state can cause nightmares also.

Don’t believe the urban myth that if you die in a dream, you’ll die in real life.

Most people tend to wake up before an event like that even occurs.

Dream claustrophobia is an issue as well.

It occurs when you recognize a state of lucid dreaming, but you cannot manipulate the dream in any way.

What Else Could Be My Sleep Problem?

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, or you find yourself waking up repetitively at night, then you could be dealing with an underlying medical issue.

A lack of restful sleep is a common symptom when your body is dealing with an underlying illness.

Always consult with your doctor if you’re struggling with long-term sleeplessness.

These binaural beats tracks, and supplemental products, are designed to address acute issues with sleep only.

Certain people should not use binaural beats for sleep-related issues.

If you have been diagnosed with Epilepsy or a seizure condition, then do not use the products listed here without speaking with your doctor first.

You should not use any of these sleep-related binaural beats products when operating dangerous machinery or while driving.

If you do use binaural beats for sleep and are still struggling to fall asleep after 7 days of use, consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor to ensure there aren’t any underlying medical issues to treat.

Binaural beats tracks can help to quiet the mind.

They encourage your brain to tune to specific frequencies that promote sleep.

They may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have different dream states to enjoy.

Choose your favorite tracks, then add other items you feel may be helpful, to get started today.

Binaural Beat Technology
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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binaural beats for sleep

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