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The world has become a stressful place for many people today.

That has led to a cornucopia of coping products, mechanisms, and ideas being marketed from every corner of the Internet.

One of those concepts involves listening to sounds that help you relax, focus, and reduce difficult feelings.

Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment music are more than a marketing gimmick or a scam to take your hard-earned money.

They are scientifically-proven concepts which your brain uses as a tool to meet its specific needs.

Here are links to some of the research involving these auditory tools.

  • This study looks at auditory beat stimulation and its effects on cognition and mood states. (Study Link)
  • This research looks at the effect of binaural beats on pain perception and analgesic medication use for patients who are dealing with chronic pain. (Research Link)
  • ​This study looks at the effect of binaural beats of visuospatial working memory. (Study Link)
  • ​This study looks at how binaural beats affect vigilance performance and mood. (Study Link)
  • ​This study looks at how binaural beat technologies induce different states of consciousness. (Study Link)
  • ​And this study reviews how using binaural beats can enhance attention. (Study Link)

If you are looking for new ways to stay focused, cope with stress, or restore your energy, the best binaural beats programs and products may provide the solutions you seek.


Brainwave entrainment music is a useable, affordable way to achieve specific results within a short time.

Company name: iAwake Technologies
Price range: $37-$230
Popular tracks:​Profound Meditation Program 3.0

Deeply Theta

Sound Asleep

Heartwave Meditation

Strong Medicine

Stealing Flow

Vision Quest


Company name: Inspire3
Price range: $18-$300
Popular tracks: 


Brainwave Shots

Brain Evolution System

Brain Salon


Sleep Salon

Company name: Binaural Beats Meditation
Price range: $10-$15
Popular tracks: 

Chakra Healing

Deep Sleep

Abundance Meditation

Zen Focus

Earth Vibration

Motivation Meditation

Deep Meditation

Anxiety Release

Astral Projection

Spiritual Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

Blissful Sleep

Company name: Learning Strategies
Price range: $30
Popular tracks: 

New History Generator

New Behavior Generator


Deep Relaxation


Ideal Weight 

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

best binaural beats

Binaural beats work with both ears.

Using simultaneous sounds, usually heard through a set of stereo headphones, the brain processes the frequencies provided.

Binaural beats are created when there is a difference between the frequency in one ear compared to the other. Let’s say that you’re listening to a binaural beats track right now.

On your left ear, the audio frequency provided is at 200Hz, while on your right year, you hear 205Hz.

That creates resulting difference of 5Hz, which the brain perceives as a new frequency.

That causes the entrainment process to start.

The brain responds to the frequency difference by producing brainwaves which correspond to that frequency.

The process is called the “frequency-following response.”

Your brain processes the differences in frequency by creating a “beat” that you hear.

Sometimes the audio sounds like a pulsating track.

To some, the sound is reminiscent of what you’d hear when two instruments play the same note, but one is more out of tune than the other.

If you were to remove one side of your headphones, the “wobble” would disappear.

That occurs because you hear one tone instead of two. Replace the headphones and the beats return.

That is how you know you’re having a brainwave response to the binaural beats you’re hearing.


The 5 States of Brainwave Response to Binaural Beats

There are five sets of frequency responses which are possible, each corresponding to a different brainwave state.

Delta waves are created when the frequency difference is 4Hz or below. Associated with this response are deep sleep activities, relief from pain, cortisol reduction, and increases in DHEA production.

Theta waves are produced between 4Hz and 8Hz. This brainwave state induces REM sleep or wakefulness states involving deep relaxation. You might use a binaural beats program to inspire creativity or set the foundation for a deep meditation session in this range.

Alpha waves are generated between 8-14Hz. These brainwaves create positive thinking patterns, an improved focus for information retention, and reduce stress. When your brain produces these waves, it feels like you can multitask with greater effectiveness.

Beta waves occur between 14Hz to 30Hz. This brainwave state encourages high-level cognition events. Your problem-solving and logical thinking improve as your brain stimulates the energy creation centers of the body.

Gamma waves create high-level data processing opportunities. Occurring between 30Hz to 100Hz, you are at the peak state of awareness with these brainwaves. ​Numerous spiritual and religious practices, along with transcendental states, associate with this frequency

Choose the program with the correct frequency difference for the brainwave state you want.

Then listen to the program for the entire length of the track, which varies from 10 minutes to 60 minutes for most brainwave entrainment and binaural beats producers.

As you listen to the sounds, pay attention to how you think, react, and feel.

That is the best indicator of how successful a specific track will be when meeting your needs.

Gamma Brain Waves mp3

What About the Lambda and Epsilon Brainwaves?

Outside of the five standard brainwave states almost everyone enjoys each day, there are also two rare frequencies the brain can also achieve.

Called lambda and epsilon, these two brainwaves are challenging to measure. Lambda operates on a very fast frequency, going beyond the highest stages of gamma waves, between 100 to 200 Hz.

Epsilon waves are on the other side of the spectrum.

They are below the deepest delta waves, at 0.5 Hz and below. The waves at this ultra-low frequency are so slow that it may take up to 10 seconds for the production of a new wave.

When the brain produces lambda waves, it reaches a state of deep meditation.

The feeling is different for everyone, but it does share an “out of body” experience for those who do produce these waves.

You feel a distinct separation of your mind from the physical body to explore the universe surrounding you.

With the epsilon waves, a feeling of being whole emerges.

You feel as if the universe is part of you, and then you with it. They come when you reach a deep or advanced state of meditation as well.

If you’re seeking high-level creative or inspiration energies, these are the two brainwaves to pursue.

It does take time to reach these advanced states, so don’t expect an overnight epiphany, even when using the best binaural beats programs available to stimulate this brainwave activity.

What Are the Benefits of Binaural Beats?

binaural beats benefits

There are several ways that brainwave entrainment products and binaural beats offer personal benefits.

It all depends on the type of program you use, the frequencies differences provided, and the activities you want to accomplish.

From an overall perspective, there are six specific benefits associated with most programs offered for download or shipping.

Benefit #1: Improved Focus

Listening to binaural beats which produce gamma brainwaves provides you with better attention to specific details. You may experience an improved attention span during the program, vigilance in performing specific tasks, and reduced hyperactivity levels that inspire physical responses.


Benefit #2: Improved Mood

Listening to a 30-minute binaural beats program decreases feelings of stress, tension, and confusion. It may reduce feelings of fatigue in some, while other tracks may encourage deeper or longer sleep. Programs in the beta frequency range may increase feelings of positivity or reduce sadness, loneliness, or other emotions associated with isolation.

*Profound Renewal

Benefit #3: Mediation Assistance

When you listen to a binaural beats track which produces alpha or theta waves, it may become easier to find a focus point during meditation. It creates an environment suitable for prayer, contemplation, and similar activities as well because distraction reduction occurs due to the frequency-following effect.

*Profound Meditation Program 3.0

Benefit #4: Pain Reduction

People who listen to binaural beats on a daily basis reduce the discomfort of chronic pain while increasing their overall tolerance levels.

*Deeply Theta

Benefit #5: Creativity Enhancement

Using a brainwave entrainment product that produces alpha waves improves divergent thinking in people who need a creative output. The increase in alpha waves creates multiple solutions for presented problems, encourages activities associated with creativity (writing, painting, scrapbooking, etc.), and may encourage an increase in the quality of work produced.

*Stealing Flow

Benefit #6: Memory Improvement

Binaural beats improve the working memory capacity of those who use programs in the alpha brainwave range. Long-term memory improvements occur when using tracks in the beta range. Theta programs may improve short-term verbal memory.

*Mind Master Pack

You may also experience additional benefits through your meditation or relaxation activities.

Listeners experience a greater resilience of the mind, a slowing of the aging process, and access to subconscious memory storage.

binaural beats benefits

Best Companies Which Produce Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Because the tones only require specific frequency differences, many entrepreneurs have stepped into the binaural beats market.

Anyone with a computer and sound-recording software can produce tracks that may yield results.

That is why you must proceed with caution when using binaural beats products.

Although the science is real, the quality of the recording and its associated sounds impact the available results.

These are the current companies which produce reliable, effective binaural beats and brainwave entrainment tracks, programs, or packages.

iAwake Technologies

iawake technologies

As one of the leaders in the binaural beats industry, you’ll find innovative audio tools through this producer which focus on personal growth.

Whether you seek a stronger mind-body balance or you’re exploring the spiritual side of life, the goal of each program offered is to transform and optimize your existence.

You’ll find these options available through iAwake Technologies. These are some of their most popular programs. 

With Strong Medicine, you’ll receive an in-depth meditation program which offers strong attunement toward theta brainwaves. The design of the binaural beats works to put the listener into a hypnagogic state, create a feeling of both rest and renewal.

Strong Medicine works best when you lie down in a comfortable position with a pillow supporting your head. ​Then allow the deep reverb to start deconstructing your emotional or creative blocks with its robust presence.
Stealing Flow allows the listener to find stronger creativity while studying or working. You’re given a set of dynamic tools which promote results that feel effortless. Some might call the state this program offers as “being in the zone.”

Stealing Flow supports singular focus while engaged with a process, reducing the urge to check on distractions that rob you of time. Support for light meditation comes with this program too. It closes down the mental perception of space to help you find the insights required for results.
When using Vision Quest, the listener goes on a journey of self-discovery. This program includes music infused with brainwave entrainment and biofield technologies, along with three written Shamanic meditations.

Where you go on the journey is up to you. Ancient vision quests offered participants access to new personal truths. It was a way to heal, set goals for the future, and allow the conscious and subconscious mind unification. Those steps are now offered in a modern format for your use.
Then there is Infinity. This binaural beats program propels you toward the Lambda state, helping you find stillness and insight as you evaluate your total consciousness. Use this option if your goal is to gain new insights into your authentic nature. 

With Infinity, you’re opening the mind to wisdom, guidance, and your intuition to create a powerful combination of success. It is more than a spiritual awakening to lead you toward a deeper, more profound meditative state.



Incorporated in June 2008, this brainwave entrainment producer creates powerful tracks which are designed to help you meet specific goals. 

From meditation to productivity and everything in-between, you can begin changing how you feel in just 15 minutes with some of their available tracks.

The programs offered by Inspire3 include the following.

With the Brainwave Shots by Inspire3, you can instantly change how you feel with an entire library of audio tracks. You’ll discover different categories of sounds available that promote relaxation, improve mood, stimulate energy, or help you to mediate.

Some of the binaural beats programs seek ways to enhance your focus. Others help to restore your confidence, whether you’re at work or in the bedroom. Brainwave Shots has one overall goal: to provide you with the exact program needed to improve your life at any given time.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of the benefits offered by these “shots.” You can download the individual programs, which include a 15-minute and 30-minute version of each shot, purchase all five sessions in each category, or download the entire library to maximize your access to these potential benefits.
Brain Salon offers you multiple solutions based on your current needs. You can switch your mind to begin focusing on tasks to complete, improve your happiness, or boost your energy.

The program can encourage higher levels of creativity. With the binaural beats included, you can relax and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep each night. It’s like you’re given a switch to flip that allows your brain to find new ways toward your maximum potential.

You’ll receive six audio sessions when choosing Brain Salon, each allowing you to achieve a specific state of mind.


Binaural Beats Meditation


You’ll find soothing soundscapes mixing with binaural beats technologies to create one-of-a-kind tracks that provide focus to your meditation or prayer sessions.

You can download programs which feature the sounds you enjoy or shop for specific outcomes based on the frequency-following response range wanted.

Some of the most popular options available through this provider include these programs.

Learning Strategies

best paraliminals

For over 30 years, the programs created by this company have helped people pursue their goals or life vision.

Using books, video, and audio programs over their history, the extensive knowledge of this technology is abundantly clear with their available choices.

Each program is simple to use and can put you on a path toward your maximum potential.

What is unique about the programs offered by Learning Strategies are their paraliminals.

These tracks provide you with two voices that offer distinct messages in each ear. That “discussion” shifts the conscious mind as it attempts to stay engaged, allowing you to access the power found in other mental states.

You can set the stage for results before listening to your preferred program by setting clear intentions about what you want to do.

The messages encourage change, guiding you toward the desired outcome by taking advantage of your specialized talents and skills.

Look for these bestsellers through Learning Strategies and their individual paraliminals.

​If you struggle with ongoing anxiety, then the Anxiety-Free paraliminal provides you with an opportunity to address those feelings safely. You can identify areas in your life where emotional bondage holds you back, then free yourself from that situation over time.

Everyone has fears which bother them at some level. It could be a fear of flying, anxiety about being rejected by someone, or you might even be scared of success. This program teaches you to begin controlling the doubt instead of letting it control you.
Belief takes you on a journey through yourself. These ideas, thoughts, or standards are not meant to be permanent and unchanging. Belief systems are intended to evolve.

This program will take you through the various possibilities which exist for you. Belief shows you that change does exist if you’re willing to pursue new opportunities. You can find old beliefs, clear them away, and then replace them with new ones.
The Deep Relaxation paraliminal doesn’t ask you to deny the stress in your life. It seeks to confront it instead. If you feel tired all the time, with racing thoughts or forgotten items on your to-do list, then stress has created a chaotic mind for you. This program works to eliminate that chaos.

You’re encouraged to relax while listening to Deep Relaxation. As the tension slowly ebbs from your body, more energy appears. The fatigue you feel could begin dissipating. 
With Ideal Weight, you begin to listen to the signals from your body better. You know when you should eat, stop eating, and what the best foods are to have each day. When those signals break down, it can result in weight gain.

This paraliminal asks you to listen to the program each day for the first eight days you own the program. Then listen to both sessions just once per week until you reach your ideal size. It works with diets and weight-loss programs to potentially enhance the possible results you can achieve. 

If you're struggling with losing weight, you can also try this.
The New Behavior Generator focuses on the choices we each make because of our feelings. There are no behaviors if there are no feelings first. This program takes you into that sequence to help you neutralize potentially harmful choices before they manifest themselves in your life.

Think about your goals. Be honest about what you want in life and how you pursue things. Then lie back, relax, and let this program take you on a journey that promotes greater consistency.
With the New History Generator, you get the opportunity to press the reset button in life. We often define ourselves by the mistakes of our past instead of our many successes. This perspective creates a consuming feeling of failure, guilt, and shame which produce devastating physical and mental health results over time.

This program teaches you to keep the past where it belongs – in history. No matter what issues trouble you today, from past relationships to addiction, you’ll find this tool can help you begin shifting your perspectives about who you are and what you can do.

Binaural Beats Headphones

How Much Do Binaural Beats Products Cost?

There are two schools of thought on the cost of binaural beats products.

Do you want access to a program which is produced professionally?

Or do you want to try out these technologies first to see if they work for you?

If you are a Spotify member, then a simple search for “Binaural Beats Tracks” will help you locate digital albums, tracks, and playlists which may produce results for you.

You can do the same thing if you search for brainwave entrainment options on YouTube.

Although these audio programs are free, there is a catch.

You may have your session interrupted by advertising, disrupting the benefits you’re experiencing.

For best results, look for an uninterrupted track or video of at least 30 minutes to try binaural beats technology.

When you download a digital track from a producer of binaural beats programming, you’ll find a price range of $10 per track to $300+ for an entire program.

The benefit of purchasing the tracks and programs goes beyond the quality of the audio and a lack of advertising.

When you own the file, you can download it to any compatible mobile device to take it along with you.

Instead of dealing with buffering delays and interruptions which ruin the listening experience, your files can play perfectly wherever you happen to be.

At work, at home, or even out taking the dog for a walk, the uninterrupted audio produces better results.

How Long Should I Listen to Binaural Beats Programming?

Most tracks offered by producers of binaural beats programming are 30 minutes in length.

You’ll find some programs are 15 minutes or less, while others are two hours long (and sometimes even longer than that).

Some tracks on YouTube are over 10 hours long.

There is not a specific rule to follow when determining the optimum length of listening time.

If you have 15 minutes to meditate or focus, then use a program which fits into that time.

The brain does seem to adjust to the effects of brainwave entrainment with repetitive listening, so varying the programs used throughout the week may be helpful.

If you do listen to the same program daily, try taking a day off each week to possibly reduce this effect if you’re experiencing it.

Do Binaural Beats Work for Everyone?

do binaural beats work

Some people are more sensitive than others to the effect of sound frequencies.

If there is a hearing loss in one ear, even if it is mild, the impact may be profound when trying to use these programs.

There are also individuals who have not experienced hearing loss, but still have minimal improvements when using this product.

If you’ve tried binaural beats in the past and they didn’t work (or you just tried some samples and didn’t feel anything), then there are two additional brainwave entrainment options you can try.

Monaural beats use two tones of different frequencies that occur outside the ear to produce results.

When you listen to binaural beats outside of stereo headphones, this is what they become.

It creates the same entrainment impact by engaging the wave-generation effect of the brain differently.
Isochronic tones are another option to consider.

They offer on/off impulses which create a beat-like effect using a single auditory tone. You’ll hear sharp sound impulses with varying volume to stimulate production.

Many of the companies which produce binaural beats products also create these alternative brainwave entrainment tracks.

One Final Thought About Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

When considering a product like this, it is easy to make up your mind before you even try the program or track.

If you have decided that binaural beats don’t work, then that is what will happen. Our choices create self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you have decided that binaural beats will work, then you might find yourself feeling disappointed because the results achieved are not as profound as you hoped they would be.

Every person is unique. The results each program provides will be individualized based on your decisions, desired outcomes, and the activities you’re doing when listening to these programs.

Keep an open mind about the possibilities of this technology.

It will help you unlock the success that binaural beats offer to each listener, every day.

brain ev free demo

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