How to Clean a Cork Yoga Mat [2 Easy to Use Methods]

Cork yoga mats are a great choice if you’re looking for a durable mat that doesn’t require much maintenance is eco-friendly and is more hygienic than other mats. 

There are many benefits to cork yoga mats.

These mats, compared to the synthetic mats, are fairly easy to clean and maintain. They’re antimicrobial so they fight bacteria. It’s possible because cork contains a substance called suberin. This substance repels dust, small particles and mold making a cork mat hypoallergenic.

Cork yoga mats don’t retain the smell of sweat so it’s not necessary to thoroughly clean them as often as regular mats, however it’s always a good idea to wipe them down quickly after a tough yoga session especially if you tend to sweat profusely.  

There are at least two ways of cleaning your cork yoga mat. I’m going to write about two of them.  


Quick Cleaning

All you need is cold water and a sponge or washcloth. Make sure that whatever tool you use (sponge/cloth) it is soft, otherwise you may scratch the surface of your mat.

Follow the steps:

1. Clean your mat from dirt and dust.
2. Wet your sponge/washcloth. Make sure it’s not soaking wet so wring it out.
3. Start wiping down the mat gently. Make sure you don’t scrub it too hard otherwise you will damage it.
4. Hang your mat to air dry before you roll it up or use it

And that’s it. That’s how you clean your cork yoga mat in a safe and easy way using just water and a cloth. You can do it everyday after your yoga practice because it takes very little time.

Thorough Cleaning

In order to clean your mat more thoroughly, use the following cleaning method. All you have to do is create a simple mixture consisting of water, white vinegar & essential oil.   

 Here’s what you need to do step by step.

1. First brush off any dirt/dust from the surface of your cork yoga mat
2. Get a spray bottle. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can use a bowl
3. Take a sponge or washcloth – make sure they are soft
4. Fill you spray bottle with water (3/4)
5. Add white vinegar (1/4)

Next rock the bottle lightly to mix everything together. Spray the cleansing mixture onto the mat so it’s really wet – pools may get formed in some places.

Then, using a moist sponge or cloth rub the mixture into the surface of your mat. Wring out the mixture from a cloth or sponge into the bowl. (You can always use a paper towel to dry up the excess liquid and if there are areas on the mat that are dirtier you can use a brush, but use it gently.)

Once you rinse away the mixture entirely dry the mat outside in the fresh air. It may take a few hours to dry completely.   

Cork yoga mats may be more expensive than other mats but if you feel that the material they are made of helps you in your yoga practice and you feel comfortable practicing on such mats then it’s definitely worth paying extra.

Besides it’s easier to take care of a yoga mat that is made of high quality materials than a cheap one.

The frequency of cleaning your mat depends on how often you use it. But you should clean it at least once per week. Especially if you notice that it collected dirt, dust and stains.  

If you’re going to use a cork yoga mat regularly while maintaining it appropriately, then it should serve you at least 2 years or more.

Cork yoga mats are built to last, they are durable and flexible.  Don’t you think it’s better to buy a robust mat once in a few years than to buy a new one every year or even every few months?

And remember that cork yoga mats are not only great for practicing yoga, but they’re also great for the environment. 

cork yoga mats

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