Dreams About Snakes: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

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Having a snake appear in your dream is more common than you might realize.

Snakes are one of the most searched results for people seeking information about what they’ve seen or experienced while asleep.

Snakes are complex symbols when they appear in a dream.

The appearance of this animal may have positive or negative connotations.

If you experience fear when around a snake, then seeing this animal in a dream can represent that emotion.

The same truth applies to joy if you experience happiness when spending time around snakes.

Several cultures have the snake as a potent symbol.

How your lifestyle, spirituality, or religion sees this animal can have an impact on what your dream could mean.

Have you recently had a dream that involves a snake or several of them?

Then here are some of the interpretations that may apply to your situations.


Why Did Snakes Appear in My Dream?

The context of your dream is essential to a successful interpretation.

How did you feel when you awoke from the experience?

Each potential dream about snakes can have a positive or negative interpretation.

If your dream was a happy experience that included snakes, then you’ll want to consider the positive interpretations listed here.

When fear is the first reaction, then you must look at the negative connotations of the incident.

1. Dreams About Hidden Snakes

Snakes are not always to see.

You often encounter them as a surprise because they hide in the bushes or stay in the trees.

This animal likes to lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

If you come away from this dream with positive emotions, then it indicates that an opportunity will soon come your way.

It might be a promotion at work, a new try at love, or the start of something exciting in your life that represents a change in your routine.

When your experience is negative or fearful, then this dream represents a threat.

There could be someone in your life working against your best interests behind your back.

The individual is waiting for the perfect time to destroy everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

This dream can also have a neutral interpretation.

Some people will dream about hiding snakes after watching TV, a movie, or reading a book about this animal.

If you wake up without experiencing an emotion after an encounter like this, then it is likely your brain trying to categorize the information it received during the day.

2. Dreams About Slithering Snakes

When someone has a dream about snakes slithering along the ground, then it often represents a component of their subconscious existence.

Where you encounter the animal will dictate what the interpretation of this experience could be.

If you see snakes slithering into the water during your dream, then this imagery often represents an emotion you suppress for some reason.

It is usually a negative feeling, like anger toward a loved one.

Some people who refuse to feel happy might also experience this situation, although it is quite rare.

When the snake in your dream slithers into a forest, then this episode represents the desire to find a lost emotion.

Your memories of happiness are driving your existence as you fondly recall when times were better.

That means you feel dissatisfied with your current state of life.

If the snake in your dream slithers into a box, then it reflects a desire to ignore information from your subconscious mind.

You should take this imagery seriously because your brain has a vital piece of data that it wants you to acknowledge.

When multiple snakes slither on the ground in these situations, then that reflects how powerful the emotion is that you attempt to control.

3. Dreams About Aggressive Snakes

Dream interpretations that include aggressive snakes usually involve something harmful or evil in your life.

It could be an individual, a situation, or a business that wants to hurt you in some way.

The snake in this dream will attempt to strike at you.

Some people might experience a painful bite in the context of their vision.

The animal might even try to eat you, causing you to wake up as if you were in a nightmare.

What happens during these events will dictate what the interpretation of your dream will be.

If the snake transforms into a person you know, then this information means that you should avoid that individual at all costs.

When the snake strikes out at specific items in your dream, then you should mistrust the companies who manufacture those goods.

You might want to consider removing them from your home if you already own the products in question.

If the snake attempts to eat you, then this dream indicates that someone wants to use you for their specific purposes.

Many people experience this imagery when they feel trapped in a relationship that they don’t want.

You might have it when working in a dead-end job or experience dissatisfaction about your current state of spirituality.

4. Dreams About Snakes in Bed

Snakes are sometimes viewed as a phallic symbol.

It represents the sexual energy that you have inside. It can be raw, powerful, or taboo.

How you feel when you see a snake in your bed or bedroom will define what the interpretation of your dream will be.

When you see a snake in your bed with fear, then this incident indicates that you feel threatened or overpowered sexually.

You might be in a place where you feel like you must escape from an intimate partner.

Fearful emotions can also represent a fear of intimacy or commitment.

If you are a spiritual person, it can also be an indication that you desire something or someone that falls outside of the guidelines of your faith.

Negative feelings without fear can represent sexual nervousness or inexperience.

You may have encountered someone that inspired an intense attraction recently.

This dream represents your desire to meet that individual again to explore relationship possibilities.

A positive emotion with dreams about snakes in bed represents the need to pursue a relationship.

You should give in to whatever temptations that you’ve recently experienced unless they are illegal or ethically wrong.

5. Dreams About Snakes Shedding Their Skin

One of the unique attributes of a snake is that it sheds its entire skin through a process called ecdysis.

The purpose of this action is to make room for future growth while removing potential parasites from the body.

When you see a snake shedding its skin in a dream, then consider the emotions you experienced at that moment or upon waking.

A positive emotion with this dream speaks of transformation.

You are in a place where you’re ready to experience self-renewal.

There may be moments of growth waiting for you soon where knowledge and wisdom want to come your way.

If you begin to look for moments of change after experiencing this dream, then you will have chances to create new opportunities for yourself.

When you experience fear or disgust during a dream where a snake sheds its skin, then there are changes in your life about to happen that you don’t want.

The negative connotation of this dream might indicate that you must take a job you don’t want.

You might encounter someone from your past, like a previous significant other, that you’d prefer to avoid.

Preparing for these changes after your dream can help the transition go smoothly.

You can look for moments of happiness even during circumstances you’d prefer to avoid so that a positive outcome is possible.

If you only see the skin and not the snake, then this dream can indicate that you missed an opportunity for change.

How you feel about that circumstance will determine whether you want to pursue what you missed.

Instead of fear, the negative emotion associated with seeing a snakeskin by itself is usually grief or shame.


6. Dreams About Riding on Snakes

Some people report having dreams where they are riding on top of a giant snake.

There could be multiple serpents in this imagery working together.

The individual is moving forward, often at a rapid speed, and the emotional reaction is enthralling and scary all at once.

The individuals who report having dreams like this often compare it to the feeling of being on a rollercoaster for the first time.

This dream is a callback to our ancestors and their experiences.

Human cultures in the past often viewed snakes as a positive sight because their presence keeps natural ecosystems healthy.

Snakes act as a form of pest control.

Their work allowed farms to operate and gardens to grow.

As long as you could avoid the poisonous ones, then you could keep rodent populations under control safely.

Several bird species also feed on snakes to keep their numbers in check.

Their presence speaks of balance.

When you experience a dream where you’re riding on a snake, then you’re pushing forward into a new phase in your life.

This imagery is an indication that you are ready to commit to whatever is coming your way.

You might be on the verge of purchasing a home for the first time.

Some people have this dream when they’re close to becoming first-time parents.

Any significant change in your life that you feel good about can be a trigger for these visualizations.

7. Dreams About Snakes in a Mirror

Have you ever had a dream about snakes where you saw this animal in a mirror’s reflection?

One of the psychological concepts proposed by Carl Jung was that each person has a “shadow” self.

This component of your personality or existence is what you refuse to acknowledge or reject outright.

When you see a snake reflect in a mirror, then the repressed components of your personality are demanding attention.

It doesn’t need to be a negative experience.

This imagery is a reflection that you are creating a split in your existence purposely.

You can see a reflection of a snake on other surfaces, like in a window, and still have this dream interpretation apply.

It is not unusual for someone to turn around in their dream only to discover that the animal isn’t there.

This dream tends to repeat itself when you refuse to embrace the other side of your personality.

If you look in a mirror and see yourself as a snake, then this imagery can represent guilt or shame over past actions.

Take a look at recent decisions to see if there is something that haunts you.

Then take the necessary steps to correct that situation to stop having these dreams.

What to Do About Having Dreams with Snakes

Have you had one dream about snakes and wondered what it could be, or do you have similar experience every night when you go to bed?

Many of the dreams about snakes involve change. It might cause excitement or fear.

What you must decide to do is move forward.

If you try to repress your emotions or ignore what is going on in your life, then the dreams can become more intense.

You might see even more snakes start to appear.

You’ll want to take the symbolism of snakes in your dream seriously.

If you can get past an initial fearful feeling, you may find that the interpretation of the imagery you see can provide a lot of information about your future.

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