DubsLabs Bedphones [Best Sleep Headphones Updated For 2023]


The sounds of the world can keep you awake at night.

Some people are bothered by the silence that is in their bedroom.

Bedphones from DubsLabs provide a useful solution that won’t disturb your partner, roommates, or kids.

You can fall asleep to your favorite songs, listen to podcasts, or play your comfort shows or movies to get the rest you need.

You can use Bedphones sleep headphones for a variety of other lifestyle needs and activities.

They’re useful for meditation, may help to relieve tinnitus, and let you answer phone calls.

Could the innovative design of these headphones be what your sleep is missing, or is it another product that offers lofty promises without providing results?

Here is the information you need to know to make an informed decision.


How Bedphones Are Built for Support

Comfort is a critical consideration when trying to fall asleep at night.

When you wear a traditional set of headphones, then you run the risk of waking up because of the pressure the equipment places on your ears.

You could use earbuds to reduce the weight on your head, but their design causes them to fall out at night or press uncomfortably into your ear.

There is always the option to run a TV show or movie from a tablet, but then the blue-spectrum light could interfere with your sleep patterns.

That’s why the design of the Bedphones from DubsLabs is worth taking a closer look.

This product is built to provide comfort while you’re trying to rest. Even if you toss and turn at night, these headphones stay put.

DubsLabs claims that their design is the smallest on-ear headphones that you can purchase in the marketplace.

Although that may or may not be true, you’ll find the wired or wireless option is lightweight, durable, and portable.

Each set of Bedphones is less than 0.25 inches thick.

DubsLabs covers them in soft foam to prevent the discomfort that can happen when your pillow compresses the product against your ear.

If you choose the wired design, then it comes with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Both models offer an inline microphone to encourage hands-free use.

The Bedphones come with flexible wire ear hooks that keep the product in place without being uncomfortable.

This product is made of PVC and given a rubber coating to maximize these benefits.

Comfort and quality are determined individually, which means you will want to try a pair to decide if you like them.

This product might not be for everyone, but DubsLabs has created headphones that are versatile, lightweight, and built to last.

What Is the Sound Quality of DubsLabs Bedphones?

Bedphones have a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz.

That allows you to hear most sounds that are part of standard human hearing.

It’s a comfortable way to enjoy all of the elements of your favorite songs without missing a beat.

DubsLabs also incorporated overloading support into the design of these headphones.

That means they’ll take up some extra power if you choose the wireless option, but it supports high-quality sound reception.

You’ll notice a lack of noise-cancellation available with the design of Bedphones.

This issue isn’t an oversight by the manufacturer.

The size and weight of the product make the incorporation of this technology impossible.

That means you won’t necessarily tune out someone snoring next to you when you’re wearing this product.

Even DubsLabs says that listening “to your music helps mask the sounds of snoring.”

If you want headphones that provide you with an all-encompassing stereo experience, then this product isn’t the best option from which to choose.

Bedphones are intended for those who require noise support at night to help them fall asleep.

Here are the specs to consider.

  • Bluetooth-enabled product.
  • 13-hour battery life included.
  • 23mm full-range drivers.
  • Dimensions are 12.5” H x 1.5” L x 0.5” W.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • PVC cable offers 51 inches of length to support comfortable wear.

How Comfortable Are Bedphones to Wear?

Everyone has a different ear size to consider.

Because Bedphones offer limited adjustment opportunities with its design, individuals with larger heads or above-average ears may find this product to be a little uncomfortable.

DubsLabs has created a product that is well-suited for most ear sizes and shapes.

When you put them on for the first time, the headphones feel soft and supportive.

If you’re not used to having a hook around your ear for stability, then it can take a little time to get used to the feel of the Bedphones.

Once you have both earpieces placed where you want them, the design allows you to adjust the fitment cable behind your neck so that it stays put throughout the night.

It can take some time to have the headphones feel like they’re in the correct position when you first start using them.

If you don’t place them properly, then it seems like you’re always fighting to stop them from falling off of your head.The slider on the cable that tightens the product to your head must be snug without being firm for the best result.

Then you can choose whatever sleeping position works best for your needs each night.

Bedphones will stay put.

If you do a lot of tossing and turning while you rest, then the wireless model is the best choice.

Using the one with the wired 3.5mm jack can result in wire twisting issues.

How to Wear Bedphones Correctly

When you first receive your DubsLabs Bedphones, you will need to adjust the memory wire to fit the contour of your ear.

It comes with a rubber coating for support so that you can shape it to wrap over the front of the lobe.

You must make sure that the bend in the memory wire is smooth for a comfortable experience.

If there are sharp turns in it, then the product could pinch you in problematic ways.

Any kinks in the memory wire could result in uncomfortable pressure points behind your ear that could make it more challenging to get to sleep.

Then position the foam side of the speaker assembly against your ear firmly.

It works best when this piece goes directly over your ear canal so that you receive the comfort and sound quality you want.

Then continue to readjust the product until you reach the optimal fit.

It helps to angle the speaker outward so that it lies flat against the angle of your ear when resting.

Then use the cable slide to tighten it to your head so that the Bedphones stay put when sleeping.


What You Get in the Box with Bedphones

If you choose the wireless Bedphones model, then you’ll receive two sets of replacement foams, a sleep mask, and an mUSB charging cord in the box.

Everything comes with a carrying pouch that you can use for storage.

The wired model comes with a carrying case, the sleep mask, and two sets of replacement foams.

Although the pouch is useful, the carrying case is the best option to consider if you travel a lot and use headphones for sleep support.

The design offers an extra layer of protection for your investment.

Both options provide the same sound quality, even with Bluetooth compared to a wired connection.

You’ll receive a 30-day guarantee with purchase to ensure that you like them.

If you don’t like Bedphones for any reason, then you can send the product back to DubsLabs for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Bedphones have a 1-year warranty protecting the quality and craftsmanship of the item.

If the product stops working for a reason outside of user damage, then it may qualify for a replacement free of charge.

When you purchase Bedphones from DubsLabs, then you’ll receive free shipping on your transaction in the United States.

International customers need to add $10 to the order.

Most orders get fulfilled within 2-5 business days in the United States.

dubslabs bedphones wireless

Is It Safe to Wear Headphones While Sleeping?

If you wear earbuds or headphones at night while sleeping, then there are specific risks that come with that decision.

1. Skin Necrosis

If your earbuds don’t fit well inside of your ear canal, then the pressure on the skin can eventually lead to cell death. This issue occurs because the speakers place pressure points that restrict blood flow to the area. It’s a small risk, but necrosis is still an issue to consider.

2. Wax Buildup

If earwax cannot escape through the canal, then it builds up inside of the ear.

Then it can harden under certain conditions, forcing you to take a trip to the doctor to get the gunk sucked out.

3. Safety Concerns

If you wear headphones or earbuds at night while sleeping, then there are environmental safety concerns to consider.

What happens if the smoke alarm or the carbon monoxide detector sounds in the middle of the night?

If you’re listening to sounds that help you to sleep, then you might not hear the warning.

4. Asphyxiation

If you used wired headphones or earbuds, then there is a small risk of wrapping the product around your neck when you toss and turn at night.

5. Hearing Loss

If you listen to relaxing music through earbuds or headphones at 85 decibels or higher, then you are raising the risk of hearing loss.

Since the average sound level for a personal audio device is 94 decibels, you’ll need to take care when using any method for sleep support to ensure it isn’t too loud.

It can also feel like an impossible task to get comfortable when wearing headphones or earbuds if you’re a side sleeper.

Bedphones from DubsLabs solve all of these problems, including the volume issue, since the product doesn’t go directly into your ear canal.

The one-piece design of the hook allows you to wrap the end around your ear in the most comfortable manner possible.

Then the product sits lightly on your ear without creating the problem of pressure.Even if you roll over to sleep on top of this product, the foam protection and lightweight nature of Bedphones allows for uninterrupted sleep.

Wax buildup doesn’t occur in unnatural ways with Bedphones because there isn’t a blockage of your ear canal.

You may need to change one foam pad more often if you tend to sleep on one side consistently due to earwax exposure, but that is a minimal area of concern.

If you use the wireless Bedphones, then the cord wraps behind your head to a tightness level that you set.

That means the wires won’t come anywhere near your neck.

As for the concerns of environmental management, the lack of a noise-canceling feature is a benefit from a safety viewpoint.

You’re more likely to hear an alarm sound when wearing this product when compared to the designs from other manufacturers.

Benefits of Falling Asleep to Music

relaxing sleep music

Listening to relaxing music as you fall asleep can provide a number of positive physical benefits.

You may notice a lower heart rate, less muscle tension, and a reduction of stress and anxiety.

Relaxing music can also lower blood pressure numbers and quiet your nervous system.

When you listen to music that helps you to relax as you’re falling asleep, then you’re tuning your body to transition from wakefulness to rest.

That can result in better sleep quality for adults and children.

Listening to music before bed is such a compelling habit that it can improve the sleep quality for adults who have chronic insomnia.

It improves your sleep efficiency so that you spend more time in bed resting than being awake.

The therapeutic effects of music also get stronger as time passes.

That means the more that you use this option to get the rest you need, then the better your sleep quality becomes.

Bedphones support this process because of the comfortable way the product provides soothing music.

It doesn’t put pressure on your ears, even with the on-ear design, so that means you don’t receive wakefulness stimuli.

The best music for sleep has a slow rhythm, with a maximum of 80 beats per minute.

If a song takes one second per beat, then you’ve got a robust selection to play through your DubsLabs Bedphones that night.

Verdict on the DubsLabs Bedphones

dubslabs bedphones wireless sleep headphones

The latest Bedphones model from DubsLabs is lighter and thinner than past generations of the product.

That means it is more comfortable than ever to wear these headphones, especially if you want to listen to music or entertainment at night with others in the room.

You may also notice that the sound quality available through this product doesn’t match the earbuds or headphones that you currently use.

The primary benefit to consider with Bedphones is their innovative design.

With its small, compact size, you will experience less pressure around your ears when sleeping at night with this product.

You can also alter the ear hooks to create a comfortable resting position.

Some people may experience discomfort with the hooks because of how the product sits on their ears in any configuration.

If you have sensitive skin, then this design might not work out as well for your needs.

Although the product seems like it would be flimsy, DubsLabs created a durable design with its Bedphones.

It may be priced higher than similar products, but the benefits of better sleep could make it a valuable asset in the bedroom.



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