10 Quality Headphones for Binaural Beats [Updated For 2023]

best headphones for binaural beats and brainwave entrainment
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​If you want to listen to binaural beats and brainwave entrainment tracks for any reason, then a comfortable set of headphones or earbuds can help to maximize the potential of each program.

There are some qualities that you should try to find with the equipment that you use, such as comfort, frequency range, and stereo capabilities.

The best headphones will help you to create a world within your mind that works to maintain your stability and focus.

Outside of looking for a product with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hertz (Hz), these binaural beats headphones are the best ones on the market right now.

Recommendations for the Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

Just because a set of headphones or earbuds is expensive doesn’t mean the product offers the qualities needed for your binaural beats or brainwave entrainment programs.

The following recommendations represent the best choices that are available today.

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Do You Need Headphones for Binaural Beats?

If you don’t like to wear headphones or earbuds when listening to music or ambient sounds, then trying to put them on for your binaural beats program can be challenging.

Although most producers strongly recommend that you wear them while listening, it is not always necessary.

If you have a stereo system with your computer or entertainment center which can split audio to the left and right speaker simultaneously, then you can replicate the effect of the binaural beats in that space.

Position the speakers on each side of your body to take advantage of the Hertz differences.

You can then sit in a comfortable position to take advantage of what the program offers.

If you are listening to binaural beats or brainwave entrainment through computer, laptop, or smartphone speakers, then the positive impact of these programs will not be as robust as it would be if you had headphones on for the experience.

Do Cheap Headphones for Binaural Beats Work?

You will find several recommendations online for the most expensive headphones and earbuds for a straightforward reason: commissions.

When people promote a specific brand or product (like you can find with this content), then the most expensive headphones and earbuds bring the largest paycheck. There’s no denying that fact.

Although some of these premium products, like the headphones from Bose, provide exceptional results for binaural beats and brainwave entrainment, price is not an indicator of quality in this category.

Cheap headphones can provide you with an excellent experience if they are capable of producing a broad range of frequencies to each ear.

When reviewing the best products for this category, there were some in the under $50 price range that outperformed models from premium brands priced above $400!

Always pursue authenticity. In a world where anyone can say anything and make those words seem like they are true, only authentic product reviews from real usage can provide meaningful insights into the performance of a product.

Cheap headphones and earbuds can and do work for binaural beats.

You can take your brainwave entrainment benefits to the next level with a responsible investment.

The reviews below can help you to decide which options can best meet your needs.

Binaural Beat Technology
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Features to Find for the Best Brainwave Entrainment Headphones

If you want to save some cash when purchasing headphones or earbuds for binaural beats, then choose a wired set if possible.

You can save up to 60% off of the final cost if you don’t mind sitting with a tether.

Many of the most expensive features that come on today’s headphones are options you can bypass for your brainwave entrainment needs.

Microphones, biometrics, voice assistants, and noise cancellation are unnecessary for these programs.

What you should consider are products which provide these features instead.

Bone Conduction: This design sits on your cheekbones in front of your ear, bypassing the eardrum to deliver sounds straight to the inner ear instead. Parents find this feature useful because it doesn’t completely drown out the background noise, but it can still provide the binaural beats and tremendous results.
Sound Amplification: If you become distracted by the sounds in your environment, then choose sound amplification over noise cancellation. This technology provides built-in directional microphones that zero in on the frequencies you want to take the edge off of the background noise instead of providing counter-audio to reduce their impact.
Volume Limitation: Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment work best at 85 decibels or below. This feature will ensure that the audio experience never reaches a level that could be damaging to your hearing with long-term exposure.
Moisture Resistance: Did you know that you can listen to binaural beats almost anywhere? Try exercising with a favorite program to see how you feel. If you like the experience, then invest in a set of headphones manufactured from water-resistant materials to keep the sweat away.

Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment work with over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear models, so choose the option which feels the most comfortable.

The One Exception for Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you happen to travel a lot and want to listen to binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment options, then the noise-canceling feature of some headphones can be helpful.

People who fly a lot find that this feature helps them to block out the powerful sounds from their environment so that they can hear the audio playback more effectively.

Active noise-canceling features will drown out excessive background audio by offering counter-frequencies within the headphones.

This option is different from a passive design that limits noises by blocking them with foam or other forms of soundproofing.

Passive noise cancellation is helpful for the times when you want to listen to binaural beats at home or work when others are around. It limits the common audio distractions you can hear like traffic or conversation.

Choose active noise cancellation for those times when loud sounds could distract you from your favorite program. 

headphones brainwave entrainment

Headphone Specifications to Consider for Binaural Beats

Human hearing typically has a range that is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but there are some headphones which suggest that a larger frequency response is possible with their product.

It is essential to remember that two different models with the same response specs will not sound the same.

Every brand offers a signature sound that is influenced by several various factors.

If you wish to reach the full potential of your favorite brainwave entrainment programs, then you’ll want to look for these specifications as part of the shopping process.

Stereo Sound

When your headphones have stereo sound, then it consists of two separate channels – one for each ear. This feature is critical to the success of brainwave entrainment because it offers the dimensions in frequency which are necessary for the binaural beats to function. With mono-sound, you hear identical audio in each ear.

Audio Sensitivity​

Although noises above 85 decibels are potentially dangerous to human hearing, you’ll want to invest in a set of headphones that has a high sensitivity level. This measure is expressed in a term called “decibels per milliwatt,” sometimes abbreviated in the product specifications as dB/mW. When your preferred model offers a rating of 100 dB or higher, then you can use a portable listening device for your binaural beats with great effectiveness.


This specification is expressed on ohms, offering a measurement of electrical resistance. It is related to the audio sensitivity of the unit, with some stereo headphones offering up to 600 ohms of impedance. That means a clean, powerful amplifier is necessary to have the audio reach your desired listening levels. When shopping for a product that works with your binaural beats, a set which falls between 16-64 ohms of impedance is usually well-suited for low-powered audio devices.

Closed-Back Designs​

This specification features a solid, isolating earcup which promotes better acoustics for the listener. It is a feature which blocks out many of the external noises in the environment around you to create a private listening experience. You’ll also notice more “color” to the sounds in your favorite brainwave entrainment program.

Can I Use Earbuds to Listen to Binaural Beats?

Earbuds, or in-ear monitors, are a set of headphones that fit snugly inside the ear canal of the listener.

If you look at any category of sports or mobile units, they will fall into this category.

Most manufacturers provide either a rubber or foam tip that allows for a secure fit, ensuring that the item stays put while you go about the business of your day.

Professional-grade models are sometimes molded precisely to your ear so that there is no movement or discomfort during wear.

You may notice less isolation and fidelity when choosing earbuds over headphones for your brainwave entrainment needs.

Some units feature drivers that sit near the outer edge of your ear to supply sounds, so it is not always a comfortable experience for some users.

The overall result is still the same if you have stereo sound with your earbuds. You can experience all of the benefits of binaural beats with this technology.

Cost is the first feature to consider if you look at earbuds over headphones. Premium models are usually priced at the same level as an entry-level set of over-ear or on-ear models.

Wired vs. Wireless Headphones for Binaural Beats

Wired headphones will connect to your preferred device so that you can listen to your favorite binaural beats whenever you want.

The sound quality of this design is almost always excellent because you’re creating a direct connection to the audio.

These models do not require any batteries, which means you don’t need to worry about charging the unit to make sure it doesn’t die in the middle of your program.

Wireless headphones come in a vast array of styles and forms that can help you find a place of comfort during each listening session.

Most models use Bluetooth technologies in some way since it is a highly reliable method of encoding and transmitting audio over a short distance.

Make sure to check on the battery life of headphones in this category since the specifications are highly variable across the different brands.

True wireless headphones come with a separate wireless unit for each ear, like the Apple AirPods.

The benefit of choosing this technology option is that there are no wire tangles to manage when you’re ready to listen to your favorite binaural beats program.

Most feature a low-profile design that either fits inside the ear canal or wraps around the back of the ear to stay secure.

The best option to choose in this category depends on your expected use.

If you plan on using brainwave entrainment products at home most of the time, then an over-the-ear model is a great option to choose.

If you don’t mind the pressure of an on-ear design, then a wired option with this design can help you to avoid the sweat that can develop with the upping nature of the over-ear choice.

Earbuds and in-ear models work best for traveling since they take up less space and can be worn almost anywhere.

Battery Types for Binaural Beats Headphones

There are several wireless models available right now which feature rechargeable batteries.

Many of these headphones will not work if they run out of a charge.

Look for an option which features a detachable audio cable to give you a maximum amount of flexibility so that you can always listen to your favorite brainwave entrainment programs.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the most common power source for wireless headphones.

They feature a USB connection and charging block of some type to ensure that you can connect the unit to a computer, outlet, or powerbank to give it the juice it needs.

It usually takes 1-2 hours for a full charge, but some models can give you enough energy for a 60-minute binaural beats program with only ten minutes of charging.

You can still find a few headphones online or at your favorite stores that are powered with alkaline batteries.

If you choose a model that uses this power resource, then invest in rechargeable batteries of the correct size to limit your long-term costs.

Most wired binaural beats headphones do not require a power source at all to operate.

Prices of the Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

If you don’t mind being connected to your computer or mobile device, then there are some excellent headphones for binaural beats available right now for less than $20.

This price point includes some of today’s best brand names, such as Sony, so that you can have confidence in the quality of the product.

When you prefer a wireless set of headphones for your brainwave entrainment, then prices start at $30 for most reliable models.

This option includes over-the-head and around-the-neck models.

Earbuds are typically priced the same way based on whether they are wired or equipped with Bluetooth technologies.

Most people can find an excellent set of headphones or earbuds at a price between $50 to $100 that offers better materials and construction than their cheaper counterparts.

Premium models are usually above $300.

Reviews of the Best Headphones for Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

OneOdio Adapter-Free Stereo Monitor Headphones

Choose this set of headphones if you want to receive superior sound quality with every binaural beats program you use.

It provides Hi-Fi stereo audio with a powerful base and defined high tones so that you receive the perfect balance of sound.

The ear cushions help to provide a maximum level of comfort while delivering some noise isolation benefits at the same time.

This corded model gives you eight feet of space with which to work, offering a 6.3mm and a 3.5mm plug for maximum versatility.

It works with iOS and Android devices, most computers, and are backed by a two-year warranty.

Audio Technical ATH-M20X

These professional studio monitor headphones provide you with an exceptional build quality that will maximize the benefits of your brainwave entrainment choices.

The design features 40mm drivers with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils and rare-earth magnets to provide a superior sound experience.

You can tune this product to enhance the lowest frequencies as well. It features an over-ear design that fits comfortably for most people, offering some sound isolation benefits if you’re in a noising environment.

If you wear glasses, then choose this option to prevent the ear fatigue that can happen with other models.

Sony MDR7506

This set of headphones provides you with a 9.8-foot cord with a gold-plated plug to ensure that you have maximum comfort and movement while listening to your binaural beats program.

It folds up for secure storage, offers a rugged construction, and the closed-ear design is effective at providing a full spectrum of audio to ensure.

The rated frequency response on this set is between 10 to 20,000 Hz, so you can enjoy almost any brainwave entrainment track when wearing this set.

This model tends to cup the ears very firmly, so it can get a little warm with extended wear, but it does deliver consistent results without over-emphasizing a specific range.

You’ll get excellent lows and solid mids without the highs being too tinny.

Edifier H840

This set of headphones is one of the cheapest on the market today with a 40mm driver.

The quality of the sound is equal, if not superior, to what premium professional models offer today.

It features leather headrests for better durability, while the steel headband gives enough flexibility to be useful without being too tight or lose. 

The ergonomic fit comes over the ear for most users, but it is also light enough that you can wear them all day if needed to listen to your favorite tracks.

The calibration between the bass and treble is helpful as well, making them an excellent choice if you’re looking for cheap headphones that work with binaural beats.

Just be careful of the thin wiring to avoid a potential accident with this set.

Bose SoundLink

This around-the-ear design from one of today’s premium headphone manufacturers will take your brainwave entrainment to the next level.

This model provides one of the deepest, most immersive audio options that you can find on the market today.

It comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth technologies as well, providing you with easy connectivity and seamless audio syncing.

It even gives you the option to switch between two different devices wirelessly so that you can multitask while using your binaural beats if needed.

You’ll receive up to 15 hours of play time in a single session with one of the best-sounding headphones that can be found right now.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

beats studio3 wireless headphones

Although there are noise-canceling features equipped to this set of headphones, it is one of the few models that doesn’t interfere with the binaural beats or brainwave entrainment audio that you hear.

That outcome happens because of the real-time audio calibration which comes as a standard feature with this model.

It provides a premium listening experience with up to 22 hours of battery life on a full charge.

If you only have 10 minutes to charge this set, then you can still get three hours of playback for your favorite track when the battery is low.

The clarity, range, and frequencies work with a comfortable fit to provide you with one of the best listening experiences that are on the market today.

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds

Using a high-resolution decoder and AAC/SBC audio coding technologies, you will discover that these earbuds deliver an extraordinary sound experience with low latency.

Although you’ll receive voice assistant and hands-free call features with this product, the price is still ultra-competitive with the other cheap binaural beats headphones or earbuds that are available right now.

You’ll receive about four hours of working time on a full charge, which accommodates most of today’s best brainwave entrainment programs.

You will receive different tip sizes in the box to ensure that you receive a comfortable fit when wearing this product.

A 12-month hassle-free warranty also backs your purchase.

PowerLocus Wireless Stereo Headphones

This set of headphones provides an excellent resource for those who listen to their binaural beats through an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

The deeper bass tones and dynamic sounds offer a superior level of quality that works with almost all volume levels.

Pairing is simple thanks to a sliding switch on the side of the device, and there is some noise-cancellation benefits due to the over-ear design and included foam-leather earmuffs.

Receive about 9 hours of playtime on a single charge, but there is a wired mode you can use as well.

The look and feel of these headphones suggest that you paid a lot more than you will if you choose this option for your brainwave entrainment needs today.

Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones

If you want to receive a plug-and-play experience straight from the box, then this set of headphones deserves a closer look.

You can connect this product to the manufacturer’s Oasis Plus hub to create connections to a soundbar and your headphones simultaneously.

You can also choose from a Bluetooth or wired mode to get the best sound quality possible.

If you purchase the transmitter (which is separate) to work with this product, then the signal can reach more than 160 feet.

With excellent synchronization, high-quality audio, and dual-link technologies that can help you to share brainwave entrainment with a friend, this option offers you a unique listening experience.

Boean Bluetooth Headphones

This set of wireless earbuds connects over the ear to provide security without compromising the quality of the sound.

A small wire wraps around the back of your head to connect the devices, but your program will play through a Bluetooth connection.

Battery life for this model is about 7-8 hours for most users. It fits comfortably in the ear canal, reduces the distractions of background noises, and is one of the most affordable products on this list right now.

It even comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating so that you can work out with your binaural beats if you want.

Which Are the Best Binaural Beats Headphones for You?

Cheap headphones for binaural beats can help you to maximize the impact of this audio experience without a significant expense.

You can find earbuds, in-ear, and over-ear choices today that all provide the correct frequency range to maximize your brainwave entrainment sessions.

You can still enjoy your favorite tracks and programs without headphones, but the results are typically better when you use a stereo pair for each listening session.

Choose the model that provides the most value, and then enjoy all of the benefits that are possible with binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. 

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