15 Headphones for Meditation & Sleeping [Updated For 2023]

best headphones for sleeping and meditation
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If you struggle to fall asleep in a quiet environment, then listening to music could help you to find a place where rest is possible.

The kind of music that you choose matters, but it is the quality of your headphones or earbuds that will encourage your body to drift off toward the land of dreams.

Music is so powerful that it can help people with schizophrenia find a place of peace to reach a sleep state.

If you listen to a relaxing composition, often Classical music, for up to 45 minutes before going to bed, then it sets the stage for sleep in the near future.

You can also listen to music as you settle into bed as a way to enhance your relaxation.

If your goal is to improve your time in meditation through the use of music, guidance, or ambient noise, then the same principles apply as if you were trying to fall asleep faster or stay sleeping longer.

best headphones for sleeping 13.01.2023

Best Chart for Sleeping and Meditation Headphones

The best headphones for sleeping and meditation come in a variety of styles and prices.

These products are the ones which provide the most consistent experience for people from every walk of life.

These models provide specific potential benefits for sleeping and meditation that are worth considering because of their price, quality of manufacturing, and feature availability.

​ ProductPrice
Noise Canceling Headphones For Sleeping
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​Noise Canceling Earbuds For Sleeping

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​Headphones For Meditation
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​Headphones For Bed & Resting
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​Best Sleep Earphones to Use
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Best Earbuds For Sleeping
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Is It Safe to Wear Headphones While Sleeping?

Headphones, earbuds, and earphones are safe to use if you wear them appropriately while sleeping.

There are several factors to consider when looking at this issue, including your preferred resting position, the volume playing in your ears, and the amount of pressure that the device places on your head.

If you listen to music at too loud of a volume, then you can damage your hearing while you are sleeping.

Placing extra pressure on the ears can sometimes cause disruptions of blood flow, creating potential health issues over time that may be concerning as well.

For people who primarily sleep on their back, any set of comfortable headphones at an appropriate volume level can help them to fall asleep faster.

It may help some people to stay asleep longer as well.

If you sleep on your side, then a pair of earbuds without wires that come down around your neck is an option to consider.

Many side sleepers toss and turn at night, which can create problems with the cord wrapping around their neck with the right movements.

Earbuds must also fit securely in your ear, play at an appropriate volume, and still have the ability to come out if you make an awkward movement in your sleep.

meditation chairs with back support

Health Factors to Consider When Sleeping with Headphones

The headphones for sleeping or meditation are useful tools when you can use them appropriately in each situation. If you are not beneficially using them, then there are some health conditions which can develop over time.

1. Ear Wax Accumulation

If your earbuds sit deep into your ear canal, then the wax in there begins to build because it no longer has drainage or air flow to support its natural movement. That causes the wax to press against the eardrum over time, which could create pressure, fluid buildup, and conditions related to this outcome.

2. Otitis Externa

When your ear canal receives irritation in any manner, then this condition can appear. The skin in the ear canal can begin to break down in time because of the presence of the headphones or earbuds, leading to fluid accumulation. You can experience extreme pain in the outer ear with this development.

3. Pressure Sores

If your headphones or earbuds create excessive pressure on certain spots of the body, then sores can develop at these points if there is irritation present on the skin. That is why it is critical to own a set that fits well and provides comfort while resting. The first symptom is usually redness at a contact point.
There is also the risk that your headphones or earbuds could cause you to not hear an emergency in your home. If the music is too loud, then you might miss the smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarms.

Do Noise-Canceling Headphones Really Work?

Noise-canceling headphones work by offering several layers of defense against unwanted background sounds.

The first level uses passive noise control, which means you have something over your ears that prevents sounds from entering. If you place your hands over your ears, you will achieve a similar result.

Passive noise cancelation can reduce background sound levels by up to 20 decibels when they have a design which is specific to the prevention of soundwaves.

The next layer involves active noise control, which was initially introduced by Amar Bose, an MIT graduate and founder of the Bose Corporation.

This technology cancels unwanted ambient noise by placing a microphone close to where sounds enter the ear.

It picks up the frequencies of the unwanted noise, then generates ones that are 180 degrees out of phase to create an anti-noise output.

The third layer of defense involves soundproofing technologies that are present in some noise-canceling headphones today.

By creating a thick layer of soundproofing foam that fits over the ears, you can supplement the natural blocking of soundwaves in a manner that is similar to what a recording studio uses to limit ambient echoes.

The foam or rubber ear protectors on the outside of the headphones are there for comfort and a tight seal.

You need acoustic foam inside of the earmuff itself to take advantage of this benefit.

Can I Sleep with Noise-Canceling Headphones?

Although noise-canceling headphones are beneficial for relaxation opportunities in chaotic environments, using them while trying to sleep can create safety issues that are worth considering.

The active sound cancelation that this technology offers can drown out the background sounds in your environment.

That is a good thing if you’re on an airplane trying to listen to something while the engine drones along.

It isn’t so great when you’re unable to hear an emergency in your home because the sounds are not as severe.

Some products, such as the Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™, attempt to get around this issue by using pre-loaded soothing sounds that cover up unwanted noises instead of using acoustic noise cancelation or streaming services to help you rest.

You can then set an alarm that will ensure you wake up because it sounds through your preferred headphones, earbuds, or earphones.

The best products in this category work to block out low-frequency noises only. They should be small, comfortable, and lightweight during the wearing experience.

It also helps to have a set which offers an extended battery life since you may be using them for 6-10 hours each night.

When the focus is on the lower frequencies of the audio spectrum, then annoying sounds like snoring or outside noise will not wake you up as frequently as they would without this technology.

The acoustic cancelation feature does not apply to the high-frequency sounds that wake you up when an emergency occurs.

best headphones for sleep

Can We Use Earphones While Sleeping?

Earphones are inserted into the ear to help block out sounds from the environment while providing a stereo experience.

Earbuds rest on the outside of the ear canal. That means many of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with headphones on or using them for meditation apply here as well.

People who sleep on their side often find that earphones are more comfortable to use because there isn’t heavy pressure placed on their head.

When you have a Bluetooth set, you can connect to your tablet, smartphone, or computer to listen to your favorite programs, tracks, or affirmations that let you drift off.

Aside from the issues of volume, the only problem that most users face with earphones is that they fall out during the night.

If you are using a corded option, then you might find them wrapped around a body part when you wake up.

There can also be earwax issues for some people who keep them in all night long.

You may wish to get in the habit of cleaning out your ears about once per week if you use earphones regularly and experience wax buildup.

There can be bacterial buildup in the canal if the wax impacts the eardrum or fluid drainage is unable to occur, which might create some discomfort or a mild ear infection if left untreated.

For the most part, you can use earphones while sleeping without any issues at all, especially if you are a heavy sleeper who doesn’t move around much at night.

best headphones for meditation


Cost of the Best Headphones for Sleeping and Meditation

The price of headphones that work well for sleeping and meditation depends on what your primary need is to achieve a state of peace and rest.

If your goal is to sleep with the headphones on so that you can create an internal environment of peace, then the best noise-canceling headphones can cost upwards of $300.

Earbuds that provide a similar outcome are in the $150 to $200 price range.

Stereo headphones are an excellent resource for meditating with music, guidance, or white noise.

There are several outstanding models available today for $100 or less from a variety of top brands.

When the quality of the audio is less relevant to you than cost or comfort, there are a handful of headphones and earbuds priced less than $50 that will help you to accomplish your listening goals.

Product Reviews of the Best Headphones for Sleeping and Meditation

As with any set of products, there are some headphones for sleeping and meditation that work better than others.

Although every person has a unique experience with these products, the following reviews and observations are based on generalized terms to help you see if each item could be a profitable investment for your circumstances.

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Sleeping

1. TOPOINT Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

This unique product offers you a sleep mask and Hi-Fi headset that pairs with your favorite mobile device to play the music or sounds that can help you to sleep.

The built-in battery offers about 9 hours of playback time during the night, allowing you to block the sounds you don’t want to hear with ease.

Extra cushioning in the eye mask adds another level of comfort to this product so that you can focus on resting instead of being uncomfortable.

It features a Velcro connection with a total circumference of 26.5 inches, so it works as a one-size-fits-most product.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35

The original noise-cancelation technology gets better with this set of headphones because you can enjoy peace and comfort in any environment.

It offers personalized settings, a dual-microphone system to reject unwanted sounds, and has access to Alexa for when you need a virtual assistant.

It also uses the exclusive Bose AR technology which offers audio-based augmented reality solutions through apps that are available through the Apple store.

This product works best for those who sleep on their back, but it can also provide you with all-day support if you wish to reduce sound exposure in busy environments.

3. Plantronics Wireless Noise Canceling Backbeat

This set of noise-canceling headphones provides high-resolution sounds through a powerful speaker system to deliver rich bass tones, beautiful highs, and a natural set of mid-tone frequencies that is perfect for resting.

You can choose to switch on the active cancellation feature with this set for sleeping or turn it off to use as a regular set of headphones.

You can stream audio from up to 330 feet away, enjoy a frequency response between 20 to 20,000 Hz, and stream for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

You can even connect two devices simultaneously and switch between them if you wish.

​4. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless noise-cancelling headphones provide a lesson in absolute comfort. Its design with soft ear pads and a supportive headband make it feel as if they are an extension of your body during a long listening session. Alexa, smart controls, and pause functionalities are all included in the design.

Technology advancements in the headphones help it to adapt to environmental changes through three modes so that you can focus on the music. A transparent hearing feature can stop the noise cancelling to ensure that you can be fully present in situations as desired.With a superior set of bass frequencies, balanced depth, and precision in the mid-range, these headphones offer excellent sound so that you never need to miss a beat.

Best Noise-Canceling Earbuds for Sleeping

1. Bose QuietComfort 20

This set of noise-canceling earbuds will stay put while you sleep thanks to its unique overall design.

It works exceptionally well with an iPhone or iPad to deliver your favorite tracks or programs that can help you get to sleep.

There is an Aware Mode with this model that allows you to hear what is going on in your environment at the touch of a button, while the Active EQ feature delivers digital-quality audio that touches on all of the right frequencies.

The soft tips keep you comfortable in any resting position, and you can clip the wires to your clothing to ensure they don’t wrap around your body.


2. MeBuyz TWS 3D Stereo Sound Earbuds

This set of wireless earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.0 technologies to ensure that your preferred audio receives the best connection through a stable connection all night long.

You can use the buds independently of each other or in stereo mode to create an exact outcome that fits your needs.

Since there is no wire between them, you don’t need to worry about your sleep position with them in your ears.

The bass sounds are fantastic, and acoustic echo cancelation reduces the interference you can experience from background noises.

Best Headphones for Meditation

1. Sennheiser RS-175-RF Wireless Headphone System

These compact headphones provide an ergonomic, over-the-ear experience which will help you to find your comfort zone.

The maximum sound pressure you can generate is 114 decibels at 1 kHz, so you are always in a position to hear authentic sounds when used responsibly.

The bass is bright and vibrant, while the highs stay crisp with this set, allowing your meditation music or preferred guide to take center stage during each session.

Once you set up the station, you can go almost anywhere in your home without losing the signal at all.

2. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

These over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones provide you with a personalized experience for meditation that can create the specific audio environment you need.

It is an Alexa-enabled device, which means you can control the settings through voice activation to find a place of comfort.

The headphones will then adjust the ambient sound to your activity levels to offer the best reverse frequencies to provide consistency in the environment.

The high-resolution audio will help you focus on each tone or word so that you can walk away feeling rejuvenated after meditating.

Best Headphones for Bed and Resting

1. AO Active Noise Canceling Headphones

This set of headphones is perfect for resting because it effectively reduces ambient noise.

You can hear your sleeping programs effectively in its wireless or wired mode.

There is a full midrange which supports all of the right frequencies, while the headband and cups provide just enough pressure to help this model stay put as you settle in to get some rest.

You don’t develop sweat around the ears like some products in this category can cause.

The only potential area of concern is the all-in-one button which requires different long-presses for commands, so it can take about 10 seconds to turn them off when you get up in the morning. It’s easily one of the best headphones for sleeping available right now.

2. Beats EP Wireless Headphones

If you develop a lot of sweat around the ears with an over-the-ear headphone design, then consider this on-ear option that provides 40 hours of battery life on a single charge.

It comes in a variety of colors, allows you to feel the vibrations of your preferred audio with its fine-tuned acoustics, and a 5-minute charge can give you up to 3 hours of playback for a quick relaxation session.

The cushioned cups are adjustable so that you can customize your fit in bed to reduce any issues with pressure or discomfort.

With the Apple WI chip included, you can switch between Apple devices quickly without latency.

3. Picon P26 Bluetooth Headphones

This set of headphones will provide you with Hi-Fi stereo sound thanks to its dual 40mm drivers.

The ear cushions are supportive without causing too much pressure, providing excellent levels of durability and comfort that will last all night long for you.

It offers a stainless steel slider with padding as well to support movements you might have at night.

You can choose to keep a wired connection for daily use or meditating if you wish as well to have an affordable all-in-one solution for every need.

The audio cable even comes with a microphone and control switch to take calls or control your music tracks.

Best Sleep Earphones to Use

1. Tozo T10 TWS Earbuds

This set of sleep earphones supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP so that you can enjoy the best listening experience each night.

The drive area is almost twice the size of those in comparable products, which means you’ll receive a deep bass and authentic sound when using them.

The comfort levels are where they should be with a product like this, even if you have them in all night long.

They are also rated as being IPX8 waterproof, so you can hop into the shower right away if needed.

The only downfall is its battery life, which is about 4 hours per night.


2. 1More Triple Drive In-Ear Earphones

With two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver, you will receive an authentic listening experience that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

The ergonomic design features an angled ear fitting to ensure that you receive a natural match.

Nine different tip sizes come in the box to guarantee a perfect fit.

A MEMS microphone comes with the design as well to eliminate background static and reduce sounds like snoring so that you can focus on the result you need.

A traveling case, storage case, and shirt clip all come in the box with purchase as well.

Best Earbuds for Sleeping

1. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

This set of earbuds is the best deal that you can find anywhere right now.

You’ll receive dynamic sounds that support your favorite relaxation tracks while the ultra-soft headphones conform to your ears instantly.

There is a comprehensive frequency response with this model compared to others in the category, going up to 24,000 Hz with an impedance of 16 ohms.

You can choose from more than a dozen different colors while choosing one of the three earpads for a non-slip fit.

It does have a 3.6-foot cord that limits your connection options, but that’s a small compromise to manage considering the price.

Headphone Options from DubsLabs

dubslabs headphones

DubsLabs provides a complete series of earphones and headphones that provide you with the specific comfort you need to rest at night.

Some models offer up to 13 hours of life on a single charge.

Their sleep products work to enhance your resting experience by allowing you to use peaceful, relaxing sounds.

All of their products work with CPAP masks if you use nightly therapy to support better rest.

It may be compatible with other items you use for related illnesses other than sleep apnea as well.

“If you’re a human, you need sleep, and we’re here to help,” DubsLabs says on their story page.

Here are their top models from which to choose today if you are looking for a better pair of sleep headphones for your binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, or other meditative sounds while you relax in bed.

1. DubsLabs Bedphones


These headphones are so effective at blocking out sounds that they can mask the sounds of a partner’s snoring. 

You can use them to listen to movies in bed when you can’t sleep, use brainwave entrainment to encourage rest, or find a place of peaceful meditation.

They are even effective at relieving tinnitus because of the quality of the audio, even though they are one of the world’s smallest on-ear headphones.

The secret to the success of the DubsLabs Bedphones is their flat, wrap-around design that doesn’t push into the ear. 

They are incredibly thin, yet these headphones still provide 23mm full-range drivers and foam padding to provide comfort. 

​There is also an in-line remote with a microphone, volume controls, and track movement options. 

A cable slider ensures a secure fit. You can choose from either black or blue.

2. DubsLabs Versafit


This set of sports headphones is perfect for the person who is always on the go, yet still needs the convenience of comfort when settling in for the night.

You receive a superior level of sound quality with this set thanks to the manufacturer’s CSR chip included with the design.

They are also quite thin, created in such a way that they can fit underneath a helmet.

You won’t block out as many of the sounds as other models, but it still provides the 23mm full-range drivers for excellent stereo support.

The one upgrade to consider with the DubsLabs Versafit is the silicone rubber ear pads, which provide you with a sweatproof way to listen while working out, sleeping, or any casual need.

The on-ear design will let you hear an alarm at night, while the in-line controls give you the ultimate level of versatility.

Choose from either gray or green to express your personality.

3. DubsLabs Wireless Bedphones


If you don’t like the idea of being connected to a 3.5mm jack while you sleep, then the wireless version of the Bedphones from DubsLabs is the best option to choose.

It might only come with one color option (black), but it also is the only product with Bluetooth connectivity in the manufacturer’s current line of products.

They are extremely comfortable – lightweight to the point that you don’t even remember that you are wearing the product.

Sounds tend to be in the mid-range and treble, which works well for some brainwave entrainment programs.

As with the wired option, the patented on-ear design is less than 1/4-inch thick, eliminating the discomfort you can experience with other products.

They are infinitely adjustable to achieve the perfect fit, come with a travel pouch, and are backed by a one-year warranty.

What’s in the box:When you order any of the DubsLabs products, then you will receive your preferred earphones, a carrying pouch, and a USB charging cable to keep them ready for use. 

There is an eye mask and extra replacement foams if you purchase the Bedphones items to encourage deeper sleep as well. 

You will also receive free shipping for your item, which comes in 2-5 business days if you are in the United States.

It’s an extra $10 to ship internationally. Then you have 30 days to try your Versafit or Bedphones headphones.

If you don’t like them, then just return them for a full refund with no questions asked.

best headphones for sleeping 13.01.2023

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Sleep and Meditation Habits?

When you need to create a world of focus so that you can find rest or clarity, then the headphones for sleeping or meditation can provide you with the results you want. 

Even if you fall asleep while wearing most of the devices, the possibilities of a deep, restful experience rise because you can listen to your preferred audio tracks.

Thanks to modern Bluetooth technologies, you will hear minimal static and crackle while wearing these headphones, earbuds, or earphones.

Some are so affordable that you might spend more on lunch today than you would on the actual device.

Soothing music played through these supportive products can help you to fall asleep fast.

This technology can support your meditation efforts by helping you to incorporate brainwave entrainment, positive affirmations, and other tools into your meditation sessions.

If you are ready to take control of these habits, then choose one of the best headphones for sleep or meditation today!

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