Evolution: Level 7 of the Brain Evolution System


Are you ready to evolve your meditation practices to the next level? Do you want to discover what is beyond your deconstructed ego?

That’s the concept behind Level 7 of the Brain Evolution System, a brainwave entrainment program that is so complex that it is issued by invitation only and is beneficial to listeners who have completed the previous 6 entrainment programs.

If you want one of the most powerful experiences of your life, then prepare yourself for Evolution… because your mind will truly evolve.

 Brain Evolution System: Huge Discount

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Imagine Being In a Place of Suspended Animation 

The core concept of meditation is that you work toward becoming an independent observer of who you are and the events that are surrounding you. With Evolution, your mind becomes tuned toward the final stages of meditation that would normally take some practitioners decades to achieve: the final disassembly of the last vestiges of the ego.

You get a chance to explore the universe, through what feels like a form of mental suspended animation, to discover the hidden truths of life that define each person.

Imagine being able to go deeper and deeper into your subconscious with each listening session. Thanks to over 24 months of development, Evolution is specifically designed to help you achieve this feat.

It is by invitation only for those who have already ordered the initial BrainEv System, but achieving Level 7 is well worth the cost. You won’t discover a whole new person. Instead, you’ll end up discovering who you currently are and who you could be!

You Amplify the Successes You’ve Had In the First 6 Levels! 

Evolution is one of the most powerful brainwave entrainment tools in existence today for one simple reason: it amplifies all of the successes you’ve achieved over the first 6 months of using the Brain Evolution System.

It can be used during any part of the day so that you can center yourself and create the foundation for great success!

  • Use it at the start of your day to prepare for the difficult journey ahead.
  • Use it during a lunch break to balance yourself in preparation of a long afternoon.
  • Use it at the end of your day to reflect, restore, and refresh your mind as you prepare to rest.

When you’ve got a lot of questions that need to be answered, your mind creates a stack of racing thoughts that attempt to answer these questions. By completing the inner journey every day that Evolution allows you to complete, you’ll be able to effectively answer these conscious and subconscious questions that can create stress and disharmony.

This audio track even works with questions that have a specific intent!

Are You Ready To See Your Peak Potential? 

When used in combination with the first six levels of the Brain Evolution System, Evolution will change your life! Prepare for Level 7 today by progressing through the first six levels of the BrainEv system, discover the person you were meant to be, and focus on your inner self like never before.

Embrace your mental evolution today!


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Brain Evolution System: Huge Discount


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