Loving Kindness Meditation Script [Guide to Compassion]

Today we will practice loving kindness meditation together. This is a form of meditation where we cultivate warm, caring feelings – first for ourselves, then for loved ones, then for all people and living beings.

I invite you to join me in opening our hearts and connecting more deeply with ourselves and others. When we wish each other well, without judgement or discrimination, we tap into our shared humanity.

As we begin, set an intention for your practice. What would you like to give or receive during this meditation? Perhaps you'd like to feel more peace, joy or connection. Or you may have a specific person in mind you'd like to direct loving kindness toward.

Take a comfortable seat, close your eyes if you wish, and we’ll begin by focusing on the breath.

Now that we’ve set our intention, let’s direct the first loving kindness toward ourselves.

Start by relaxing your body. Feel each part letting go as you take a few slow, deep breaths: your shoulders, your jaw, your stomach.

Bring your attention to your heart center. Place a hand here if you wish. Visualize your inner being filled with warmth and light.

As you connect to that inner light, repeat these caring phrases silently to yourself:

May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be free from suffering.

Really feel the intentions behind the words. What would it mean for you to be happy, peaceful and free from suffering? Allow some images to arise representing these wishes fulfilled.

Repeat the phrases again, meaning each word sincerely:

May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be free from suffering.

As we nurture self-love, we fill our inner light to share. When you’re ready, gently return your attention to your breath.

loving kindness meditation
We nurtured self-love, now let's expand that warmth.

Visualize someone you care about sitting before you. See their face, feel their presence. Send them these phrases, meaning each word:

May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you be free from suffering.

Now visualize a community member, like a neighbor or cashier or a bus driver. Wish them the same, from your heart:

May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you be free from suffering.

Think of someone you find difficult. Wish them well too:

May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May you be free from suffering.

Now picture all people – those you know and don’t know. Repeat together:

May all people be happy. May all people be peaceful. May all people be free from suffering.

Really feel this wish for all of humanity behind the words. What would it mean for all people to be happier, more peaceful and free from suffering? Let some images come representing this universal wish fulfilled.

When you’re ready, return to your relaxed breathing.

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Now bring to mind someone in your own life who has caused you pain. This may be an ex-friend, colleague, or family member with whom things have turned sour.

See their face clearly in your mind’s eye. Remember a specific time they said or did something hurtful. Feel whatever arises – hurt, anger, betrayal.

Now look deeper. Just like you, this person wishes for happiness and connection. At some point, they too were an innocent child longing to love and be loved.

Life’s circumstances and pain distorted those wishes. Their harmful words or actions likely stemmed from unhealed wounds or deep suffering of their own.

Breathe deeply. Set aside any resentment you feel. Offer understanding for the hurt behind their actions. Sincerely wish that their pain will heal, repeating:

May your wounds be mended. May you know profound peace. May you feel loved.

Envision a warm glow surrounding them. See their face soften. Feel love flowing from your heart toward theirs. Know that we all make mistakes on the path to learning how to love skillfully.

When ready, gently return to the sensation of your own breathing. Recall how vulnerability connects us at heart.

Talk to Yourself like you would to someone you love

We connected to the humanity in someone who caused us pain. Now let’s expand our circle of compassion wider still.

Picture creatures of land, sea and sky. See forests, rivers, oceans. Visualize the intricate web that sustains life on earth. Make the images vivid. Recite together:

May all beings know health and joy. May all lands and waters heal.

Consider endangered species and decimated habitats. Feel a sense of care for our shared planet home. Repeat again:

May all beings know health and joy. May all lands and waters heal.

Imagine future generations walking on green earth beneath blue skies. Envision the possible world we could build together. Say once more:

May all beings know health and joy. May all lands and waters heal.

When you feel ready, gently return your attention to your breath, embracing one and all.

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As we conclude, once again direct loving kindness inward.

Cup your hands gently together near your heart center. Feel the soft rise and fall of breath in your chest. You have tapped into an infinite well of compassion within yourself today.

Speak these final phrases aloud with eyes closed:

I acknowledge the goodness within me. I humbly commit to share this loving light.

Envision your body aglow with warmth which grows to envelop your community and beyond. Bathe the planet in luminous compassion. Recite together:

We collectively kindle this flame of care. May it offer comfort, inspire change and heal wounds over time.

When you feel ready, open your eyes slowly. Make eye contact and exchange a quiet smile with someone near you in silent camaraderie.

Place your dominant hand lightly over your heart and your non-dominant hand on top in pledge. Envision planet Earth within your grasp; commit to steward her more kindly going forward however you are able.

Cherish this shared moment before carrying loving awareness gently into your next action.

You don't live forever. Remember to live.

When To Use This Meditation:

  • Times when we feel separate from others or disconnected from humanity
  • Moments when anger, hurt or fear close our hearts to love
  • Days when hope about society’s future seems dimmed
  • Seasons of transition when we need inner renewal

The Power of Loving Kindness:

  • It opens us to our shared struggles and dreams
  • It allows us to rediscover inner light when facing dark times
  • It brings us back to love when loss, change or conflict arise
  • It sows the seeds of compassion that blossom into social change
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