Lucid Echoes: Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System

What is unique about the Brain Evolution System is that it helps the brain continually advance in its ability to re-tune itself to a more natural state. In Lucid Echoes, you begin to advance from the straight-up relaxation and tuning that the brain needs to begin the smaller15482485_smeditative process towards a more advanced state.

The different layers of audio and frequencies that are in Level 2 make your mind work a little bit harder, but that’s a good thing because it is working on fine-tuning the process that Level 1 started.


There Are Always Distractions Around Us

In any article that you read about how to stay more focused, the first levels of advice are always some form of “eliminate the distractions around you.” From the social networking alerts to e-mails to phone calls and texts, there is a lot that can quickly become a distraction and make someone lose focus.

At work, one distraction might cause you 5 minutes of lost productivity. In the practice of meditation so that stress can actually be cured, one distraction might cause you to begin the entire process anew.

That’s why this level of brain entrainment is so difficult for so many people. Lucid Echoes by the Brain Evolution System really works on training the brain to acknowledge that a distraction is present, adapt to the distraction, and ultimately be able to discard the distraction as something that is unimportant.

For many, the idea of dedicating time to becoming a neutral observer means needing to dismantle that overarching ego that says distractions are important.

Sometimes the ego just doesn’t want to let go. How can you begin the dismantling process using brainwave entrainment?

Lucid Echoes Isn’t About a Pleasant Experience…

To handle an extremely stressful situation appropriately, you need to be able to focus. Some might say they can already do this, but that’s simply the adrenaline talking.

What if your mind could instantly focus on a problem and develop an effective solution?

That’s what Lucid Echoes is really helping your mind to do: find a new level of focus and clarity that may have never been seen before!

Think about the last time you put together a jigsaw puzzle. When you opened up the box, there were a few pieces already put together, right?

A majority of the pieces, however, were scattered all over the place. You had to work, over time, to put together that puzzle so that it made sense as a picture.

That’s what the Brain Evolution System helps your mind to do over time. It fills in the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so that you can attain your full potential.

Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System Makes You Pick Out the Sounds in the Background

smaller14184774_sThat one thought, that one great idea, is lurking in the darker recesses of the mind. In order to pick it out, the mind must be able to focus on that area, hear the thought, and bring it to the surface.

That’s what Lucid Echoes replicates: through the sounds of the chilling wind, you’ll hear specific sounds if you listen closely, such as church bells, birds chirping, and someone walking down a gravel road.

At first, a physical strain can sometimes be felt when concentrating on these sounds.

Over time, however, the distractions will cease, the sounds will become clear, and your overall focus will be sharp and clear, like never before. Just think – that’s only the second level of the Brain Evolution System!

“I’m a truly massive fan of the Brain Evolution System. This is the one program that can really change your life, simply by listening to a relaxing CD, for 30 minutes a day. I’ve worked in the self-development industry for over 14 years now – and this ranks the best brainwave meditation program I’ve ever used. I started out as a fan, and ended up running the company. Don’t hesitate. Try this out!”  – Karl Moore, #1 best-selling author of “The Secret Art of Self-Development” – – watch Karl’s VIDEO introduction to BrainEv  Via


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Learn How to Manifest Money & Abundance with Carl Harvey.

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