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Double Your Reading Speed
Read & absorb information at superhuman speed
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Have you been trying to improve your life but feeling like you don’t have time?

Are you hoping to move forward in your career but feeling stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel?

Wondering how you’ll get everything done just to stay afloat, but you really aspire toward getting ahead?

Or maybe you just would like to have more free time in your life to enjoy hobbies or spend time with your family?

Whatever the situation, if any of these scenarios describes you then this speed-reading course could be the key to changing everything for you!

As per usual with his courses, Jim Kwik brings everything into focus with his Super Reading Quest (through Mindvalley) that revolutionizes the way we go about reading and thinking.

Pointing out that the way we learned to read as children has not done us any favors in adulthood, Kwik’s Super Reading Quest provides the opportunity to re-train the brain for fast reading in a new and transformational way.

And it’s not just learning how to become a faster reader, but you’ll be able to focus better and comprehend more along the way.

It’s not exactly a magic formula, because you’ll have to put in some time and effort in order for it work.

Re-training your brain to think and work differently doesn’t happen overnight.

But if you do the work, and give yourself three weeks to complete the Quest, then the payoff can last you for the rest of your life!

You’ll not only learn how to read faster and understand, but you’ll also be more productive, more focused, more well-read and probably less frazzled.

You’ll have a tool in your belt, that you can use every day to get ahead in life and make faster strides in reaching your goals, no matter what they are.

About the Quest

how to read a book fast

>>> Train Your Brain to Speed Read & Retain More Information <<<

This Super Reading Quest from Mindvalley is a 3-week program that expects participants to spend between 10-20 minutes each day watching and practicing with an online training video.

The techniques are then meant to be applied in life each day through reading practice and access to the online community.

Offering revolutionary techniques that can transform the way you think, this quest lasts for 21 consecutive days and is filled with speed reading techniques and tips that will undo what you’ve always thought about reading.

Think you can’t do it because you’ve never been at the top of your class?

Feel like this type of program won’t work for you because you struggled in school?

Think again!

About Jim Kwik


If you haven’t heard about Jim Kwik yet, then you’re in for a treat.

He’s recently become a pretty big name in the world of learning and brain development.

He is considered to be a ‘memory coach’, learning expert and all-around brain guru.

He has garnered accolades around the world.

With a personality that is quiet, gentle and a bit on the nerdy side, he doesn’t come off as a know-it-all brainy genius.

The fact is, Jim wasn’t always able to access the parts of his brain in the ways that he can now.

Kwik didn’t start out as a child genius. He suffered a brain injury as a child that left him struggling in school for many years.

He almost dropped out during his first year of college because he just didn’t think he could make it through.

But, since learning the secrets of using his own brain as a powerful resource, Kwik has become an expert in the field of training others to do the same.

He now reaches students all over the world in person and through online classes, teaching them to accomplish their goals by enhancing their brains in better, smarter ways.

How Fast Can I Read?

read quickly

The goal of speed-reading is ultimately to read faster and understand more.

In order to understand if your reading is improving, you will need to start with a baseline.

The great news is that you aren’t expected to keep up with anyone else—you only need to have the ability to measure your own progress.

And don’t be surprised if you can double your current reading speed in just a couple of weeks because of this program.

Many people have easily accomplished this goal.

In the first few days of the introduction, you’ll learn a method of measuring the speed of your reading.

This will allow you to understand where you are starting from—so you’ll be able to know how much you are improving with your rapid reading exercises.

This method for measuring your reading speed is taught during the videos and then incorporated throughout the program.

Once you understand where you’re starting from, Jim Kwik will begin teaching you through the videos all of the new skills you need to re-train your brain for improved reading success.

This includes tips, techniques and opportunities to apply what you have learned.

You’ll practice speed reading throughout the videos while Jim Kwik talks you through ways to improve and practice.

And all along the way, his soothing voice as the narrator encourages the participant to think more positively and aim to equip their brains with superpowers.

Facing Obstacles

Each person will have different issues they face in learning how to read at a faster pace, but Jim Kwik uses part of the program to identify typical obstacles that slow down your reading.

For instance, one typical problematic reading habit that many people have is double-reading.

This has to do with the fact that your brain often automatically reads—and then re-reads—the same words.

This repetition of reading words wastes time and doesn’t really actually help your brain with absorption at all.

The solution to this is using a marker, such as your finger or a pen, to follow along with the words on the page.

Many people were taught that it is wrong to read using a finger or pen to follow the words but, actually, it’s better and faster!

So, you can call your teacher from school and tell them they did you a disservice, if you want.

And then you can get out a pen and start using it to guide your eyes and brain in a more efficient, less tiring manner.

Overcoming these types of stigmas or barriers and using the tools needed allows the reader to focus on what works—rather than what they’ve been taught as children.

This system for reading will release you from various obstacles and free you up to read in a faster, more efficient and more effective way.

Stimulating Your Brain

how to increase reading speed

Jim Kwik’s philosophy is that a stimulated brain is a happy brain.

Therefore, the more you give your brain reason to work, the more it wants to work.

And with reading, the idea is that the more you can read efficiently (without tiring yourself out) the more your brain craves information.

Retention in an active brain is improved as speed increases.

So even though you might fear that your brain will get full, this Super Reading Quest shows just the opposite.

You’ll actually retain more when you learn how to read faster, in the proper way.

Book-a-Week Challenges

how to speed read

One of the goals Jim Kwik encourages participants to engage in is the practice of reading a book a week.

This is a powerful goal since we know that avid readers are some of the most powerful people in the world.

Kwik loves to use the phrase, “Readers are Leaders.”

Folks who read at least a book a week for a year are significantly more equipped to be effective in whatever they choose to do in their lives.

Even if you think you don’t have time to read a book each week, the Speed-Reading Quest insists that this is an attainable goal—and it only takes fifteen minutes a day for those who are willing to retrain their brains with the Super Reading methods.

Online Community Engagement

In addition to watching a video and practicing speed reading each day, you’ll benefit from access to the online community (or Tribe) on the Mind Valley website.

Kwik ascertains that learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum and the online community helps to validate this.

Engaging with community not only provides the participant with accountability but also gives the opportunity to discuss what has been learned.

This solidifies the practices in the mind and allows individuals to be encouraged by others who are on the same path and have shared goals.

Not only do participants receive support from their online group, but they also receive a regular check-ins from their online Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator.

This all happens through a private Facebook group which allows anyone, living almost anywhere, access to the course and the community support.

Extra Tips from Jim Kwik

This online speed-reading course not only provides the participant with encouragement and speed-reading practice, but the final week also focuses on ways to retain and apply the information you are reading.

Although fast-reading exercises on their own are great, there’s so much more that can be applied to improve your brain’s ability to function well.

Whether incorporating tips for taking notes, increasing the elasticity of your brain, skimming or developing other skills, Jim Kwik provides additional opportunities to boost your brain power, making it fast, more effective and more efficient.

Does Speed Reading Work?

how to increase reading speed

While I can’t say that I’ve mastered all of the speed-reading techniques provided by the Super Reading Quest yet, I am certainly working on applying them in my every day life.

Just the basic concepts of reading with a marker, narrowing the margins and other tips have made me feel less fatigued and more focused on what I am reading.

So, I would say that’s a great way to begin!

Not only that, but I agree with Kwik in his assessment that the brain needs to be stimulated in order to be more agile and effective, so I’ve been working on applying some of the additional techniques and tips for retention that come along in the third week of the course.

Jim has many students in the speed-reading course who have made significant amount of progress through this course, including boosting reading speed times by double or triple.

The course is simple and straight-forward enough for anyone to understand, no matter their educational background or reading skill upon entering.

What Does the Course Cost?

Through Mind Valley, the Super Reading Quest by Jim Kwik costs $299 for early bird enrollees or over $1000 at normal price.

It’s a bit of an investment, but most students say that it is worth every penny.

And the financial commitment is part of what makes the course so effective because if you’ve paid for you, you’re more likely to take it seriously.

Even better news? If you try it for 10 days and decide that it’s simply not for you, you can get a full refund.

That’s because Mindvalley is so convinced that you love it.

So this quest can come to you virtually free of any risk.

If you don’t like it or if you feel like it just isn’t a good fit for you, you can get your money back from Mindvalley without any hassle.

Plus, when you buy into the Super Reading Quest, you get to keep it for your whole life!

You’ll get lifetime access to the quest in case you want to go back anytime to refresh your memory on with speed reading training and exercises on how to improve your reading speed.

This means if you missed something the first time, you can always go back later and review it, so there’s no pressure.


>>> Read Faster & Learn Better with Jim Kwik <<<

Since the average person reads between 1-4 hours per day, what would you do if you could read twice as fast as you currently do?

What could you do with two extra hours a day?

Would you sleep more, read more books or earn more money?

Dream about it for a minute—and then consider getting started with Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Quest from Mindvalley!

​If you want to learn more about Super Reading by Jim Kwik, click here and here.

Double Your Reading Speed
Read & absorb information at superhuman speed
Click Here to Join the Program Join Masterclass with Speed Reading Expert
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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