Superbrain Course by Jim Kwik Improves Memory in 30 Days

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Learn faster. Retain more. Forget less.
Unleash Your Brain From All Limitations

Learn How to Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days. Activate your brain's limitless potential.

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Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest [Quick Summary]

Jim Kwik is one of the best experts on speed reading, speed learning, brain performance and memory. Over the past 20 years he’s worked with high-achieving individuals to help them increase their cognitive abilities and productivity.

Jim got interested in the workings of the human brain because of his own troubles with learning due to the childhood brain injury. This led him to develop effective techniques that can be used by anyone to unlock their full brain power and improve their lives.

Apart from private coaching sessions, Jim shares his knowledge on stage and through various media outlets. Thanks to this Mindvalley Quest a lot more people now can benefit from Jim’s proven methods for unlocking the full potential of the brain. 

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest is designed to help you tap into your limitless potential by teaching you how to unleash your superhuman memory, focus and learning speed.

This comprehensive program is the same one that Jim uses to help Hollywood celebrities remember their lines, boost the careers of world-class professionals and entrepreneurs, and empower high-level CEOs to lead their organizations to success.

This easy-to-follow methodology is accessible to everyone and can help you achieve transformational results doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced learner.

Jim’s Superbrain tools allowed many of his clients to experience stunning improvements in their mental abilities thus also improving their lives.

Today you have the chance to unlock your full brain power by joining this exclusive Mindvalley Quest with Jim Kwik. 

The Superbrain Quest consists of daily lessons led by Jim Kwik. In just 15-20 minutes per day he teaches his signature techniques for boosting your memory, focus and learning ability.

As you progress through the program you will likely see visible changes in your memory and mental abilities.

By the end of the program, your newly developed “Superbrain” will be a permanent part of you, allowing you to tap into your enhanced mental abilities whenever and wherever you need them.


Have you ever been reading a book or trying to study, when you realize that you’ve read an entire paragraph but you can’t focus or remember even one bit what it was about?

Have you ever thought that your brain should be able to do so much more and perform much better than it does right now?

Have you wished that you could be more “on” so that you could remember things, open up your creativity and be more effective in your work or personal life?

As technology and science continue to advance in our fast-moving world, the brain can sometimes have a hard time keeping up with all of the information that comes at it every day.​

​Processing everything can be difficult when there is so much to remember and the world is constantly changing.

In addition, as people age, their brains have a tendency to get rigid and lose their capacity for flexibility unless they are kept in good working order.

So many people are hoping to get their thinking minds back into tip-top shape with some sort of “steroids” for the brain.

If you’re looking for a full-on method to turn your average-functioning brain into a high-performance model, then Superbrain may just be for you.

Working as a kind of “steroid” treatment for the mind, this system allows you to unlock your brain’s full potential with a plan to “learn faster, retain more and forget less.”


The Superbrain method of learning offers a toolbox filled with techniques that allow you to increase the capacity of your brain for a myriad of activities.

From recalling people’s names to memorizing your entire grocery list; from remembering birthdays to delivering speeches, the Superbrain system allows you to release the previously untapped potential of your mind.

Because Jim Kwik’s system isn’t just about your brain, but is also about your entire body working together, you’ll be able to do more than simply reap the benefits of a stronger memory.

This holistic and synergistic approach to learning allows you to set your brain up to be more pliable as your mental, physical and emotional capacity becomes stronger and more fluid than ever.

Some days you’ll find yourself encouraged to practice Superbrain Yoga so that your agile mind will soon be able to run circles around its old self!



Benefits of the Superbrain Method

  • Increased Learning Capacity and Focus –for learning new concepts or languages
  • Super-charged Memory — for grocery items, people’s names, numbers or even giving a speech
  • Powerful Processing Capability — problem solving becomes easier
  • Release Creativity — your mind will be more open for creative ideas to flow as you think ‘outside the box’
  • Connected Personal Relationships  — remember names and so much more about people
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits — do your body and mind a favor by sleeping and eating healthier
  • Confidence Boost — as you begin to develop the above benefits, you’ll find that you live your life with more confidence and assurance

What is Superbrain?

superbrain review mindvalley

Superbrain is a 30 day journey quest located within Mindvalley, consisting of a short video, practical exercises and learning opportunities.

Each day’s quest builds on the previous day.

Presenter Jim Kwik is an excellent communicator, not only offering clear and concise instructions, but also giving insight into the reasoning behind why the method works so well.

This is super helpful because understanding the ‘why’ behind the method helps with motivation and application. 

Superbrain Learning Aids

This method of learning is not simply a passive form of osmosis that can be soaked up merely by watching videos.

At the end of each video session, the Superbrain method offers a “homework” assignments that will improve the power of the brain.

These useful activities may include keeping a journal, practicing a memory mapping method and even incorporating different superfoods into your diet.

Some of the interesting methods Jim Kwik offers for better brain power include: 


Learning to memorize a list of random words whether forwards or backwards by linking them together in a chain.


The ultimate “TIP” to learning anything is to Turn Into Pictures. This means linking an image with the items you want to remember in order to stick the memories into your brain and make them easily accessible later when you need them.

Number Recall

Whether you need to memorize a social security number, personal identification number or important dates, the Superbrain system helps you to remember numbers sequentially.

Speech Memorization

Whether a script for a play or a toast at a wedding reception, Jim Kwik (specifically lesson 23) gives a specific method for memorizing speeches.

FDR Method

A system used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt for memorizing the faces of every person he ever met.

can you improve your memory in 30 days jim kwik superbrain

Speed Reading

Day 34 (bonus) offers insights into obstacles that prevent effective reading and how to overcome some of these difficulties.


On your quest together with a group, you have the option to engage with others in the online Mindvalley community in order to share your encouraging stories and hear more about what is working for others. Sharing your learning in a community alongside others helps to seal the method into your brain and lifestyle.

Teaching Others

One of the forms of reinforcement that this method uses is the concept of teaching others what you have learned. This form of community not only helps you to remember what you’ve learned but it also can help to deepen relationships as you go on this journey of learning together.

Jim Kwik’s Personal Experience

improve brain power

If you’re not sure about how the Superbrain method might work for an individual, consider the Jim Kwik’s experience.

The mastermind behind the Superbrain method, Jim Kwik had a childhood brain injury that created a significant amount of learning difficulties for him.

He struggled in school, just like many others have, mainly because of the negative emotional experience associated with learning in school.

An interest that was sparked through comic books, Jim Kwik began learning to heal and grow his brain power.

Making a career out of teaching others to learn, Kwik has now worked with university students, leaders of top companies and even billionaires such as Elon Musk.

​You may have heard of or seen Jim Kwik in the media where he is able to perform tasks that would be fun at parties, like memorizing a long list of numbers or words and reciting them forwards and backwards.

But there’s much more to Jim Kwik’s methods than just recalling lists.

As you unlock the potential of your brain, you’ll discover that your entire work and personal life can improve through creativity and brain recall.

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Tips for Using Superbrain:



Take Notes

You may want to dedicate an entire notebook to this memory method to really get the most out of it.

In addition to taking prolific, hand-written notes to help you remember, you may also use your notebook to draw applicable maps and icons when completing the exercises.

Once you’ve finished, you can use your journal to refer back to notes as and when you need it.

Commit to Each Day

For the best results, you’ll need to carve out about 30 minutes each day for 30 days in order to watch the videos and complete the activities.

If you have a busy schedule, then you probably won’t be able to magically come up with 30 minutes a day out of thin air.

You may have to give up something (but not sleep!) in order to really get yourself going.

But don’t worry–eventually the time you spend on the Superbrain method will pay off in the end when your brain is much more functional!


More than just committing to the program, you’ll need to be willing to practice the Superbrain methods not only for the first 30 days but continuing on throughout life.

Adding these practices into your lifestyle will help you to make the methods a natural part of your own life.

Follow the Plan

Although it might be useful when applied in bits and pieces, the Superbrain method is meant to be most effective when you commit to all of the facets.

This includes mental, physical and emotional parts of the journey.

Following the best practices such as eating brain foods and following proper sleep hygiene may seem secondary but they will make an enormous difference in your ability to use your brain efficiently and effectively.

Bonus Videos

If you’re interested in knowing more about Jim Kwik’s learning journey, days 8, 30 and 34 offer additional Question and Answer bonus videos that provide more insight.

Chock full of memory tips and fascinating pieces of the story that can put everything together.

These 50-minute videos can be watched in order, or they can be tucked into another time slot that you might have elsewhere. 

Practical Applications for Superbrain

parts and functions of brain

​An amazing thing about the Superbrain system is that it offers a toolbox filled with a myriad of helpful tips and tools that can be used in a variety of situations.

But how do you know which ones to use at which times in your life?

Well, here are some examples that I’ve found to be useful: 


You’re working on a project for your job and you can’t seem to focus because your ideas are scattered about.

The Superbrain method helps you organize information in your mind so that it is easily accessible later, while freeing up space in your brain to think in new ways and develop new systems at home or in the workplace.


If you have a job or community position where you meet a lot of people, they’ll be duly impressed when you can remember and recall all of their names after the very first time you’ve met them–especially helpful if you’re politically involved!

Saving Time

Instead of wasting large chunks of time on reading, you can learn to speed read with the Superbrain method, while retaining the most important information to use in the future.


The Superbrain method encourages you to forget negative experiences previously associated with learning.

This turns your brain into a fresh slate where you can come up with creative ideas and confidently exercise them on your own or in a group.


Working for people of all ages, the Superbrain method can be especially effective for children and young students who are seeking to learn large amounts of information to pass exams.

This can lead to greater opportunities such as entering elite colleges or career training programs.


In today’s international-ized world, learning new languages can not only be a fun and exciting hobby, but also provides more access to business opportunities.

Superbrain can help open up your mind to retain vocabulary and understand principles for almost any foreign language.

Reduced Stress

As you learn to take control over your mind and body, you can find that your overall life is more balanced.

Working within a healthy brain system, remembering facts, and functioning in a more organized manner all allow people to deal with fewer stressful situations in life.

And everyone knows that less stress puts you on the road toward better health.


My Personal Thoughts

In the end, I think this Superbrain system is designed to work amazingly well for all sorts of people who want to super-charge their brains to meet various goals.

It does require some self-discipline to carve out time each day for the videos and practices.

And whether or not you feel it is helpful to get involved with the online community aspect of the system seems to be a personal choice. Just one side note: while Jim Kwik seems to be a really great guy with a soothing voice, he does tend to pour out various cliche sayings over and over again.

While the purpose is clearly to engage in repetition that helps to solidify memory, sometimes it feels a bit tired and repetitive.

But if you can get past that without being too annoyed, then you’ll probably love the entire system and find it to be extremely effective for making your brain–and your entire life–more efficient, pliable and organized for any task.


Learn faster. Retain more. Forget less.
Unleash Your Brain From All Limitations

Learn How to Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days. Activate your brain's limitless potential.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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