Think & Become Rich by John Assaraf [Learn How to Build Wealth At Any Age]

The core message of Think and Become Rich is that financial success stems from within. By cultivating a sense of innate self-worth, observing and emulating the daily habits of those who are already prosperous, understanding fundamental economic principles, seeking mentorship, and consciously reshaping limiting money beliefs, anyone can progress towards a so-called "Millionaire Mindset."
Raising Your Self-WorthBelieve you deserve wealth and release limiting beliefs holding you back
Adopting the Persona of the WealthyModel your behavior and habits after those who are already rich
Understanding the Laws of Earning MoneyProvide value to others through unique skills, products, or services
Working with ExpertsLearn from those who have already achieved financial success
Retraining Your BrainUse visualization, affirmations, and other techniques to develop a “Millionaire Mindset”

John Assaraf free ebook Think and Become Rich

What’s the biggest thing standing between you and greater wealth & success?

It’s likely yourself!

The author, John Assaraf, identified 3 key “secrets” to achieving any goal faster and with less stress after working with over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

These secrets are revealed in his book, Think and Become Rich, which you can download for free.

The book will show you how to turn challenges, failures, and limiting beliefs into your greatest assets.

Read John Assaraf's book Think and Become Rich
In the pdf you’ll discover: 

- A powerful 3-step formula for achieving your financial goals faster and easier… 

- What you must do first (if you want to really supercharge your results)… 

- How to retrain the brain for a limitless life… 

- Simple techniques to make the Law of Attraction work for you and instantly experience feelings of confidence and peace of mind ...

- Inspiring story of the $100M check John wrote HIMSELF (and how it led to his most powerful breakthroughs)... 

- The biggest lies you’ve been told about money…

And much more.  

If you’re ready to make more money (with less work and less stress) using proven brain science and the Law of Attraction… then this book is for you. 

Quick Summary of the ebook

The author of Think & Become Rich claims that if you want to become a millionaire you need to follow certain steps in the correct order and at the correct time.

He says that working hard is not the answer because a lot of people work hard and they're not millionaires. You need to work both hard and smart. 

In order to become a millionaire you need to be committed. It's not enough to just be interested in it. Someone who's just interested in earning more money won't be ready to do whatever it takes to start earning more compared to the person who's committed and will do everything to achieve their financial goals.

The author believes in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance but he's sure that you won't start making more money just by thinking about it.

Tapping, meditating, visualizing - all these practices are worth trying out, but if you don't take action you can forget about becoming a millionaire or achieving your financial goals. 

Apart from just having the right mindset, the right thoughts and feelings you also need to have skills and be ready to fight for your dreams. 

In order to win the game of money you need to fulfill certain conditions:

you need to be sure that you deserve what you're trying to achieve i.e. success, money, financial freedom. If you can't get rid of your limiting beliefs that you're not good enough or smart enough to start earning more money, then it will be very difficult for you to realize your dreams.   

you need to start thinking and behaving like a millionaire. If you have your favorite millionaire then try to emulate them: what would they think, what would they say? Visualization, affirmations, self hypnosis and subliminals can help you achieve this effect easier. And if you're really serious about it then don't forget to check out the Raikov Effect.   

you need to create something unique, e.g. a product or service. Or you can just create additional value to something that already exists. If people find it useful they will gladly pay you for it.  

Learn How to Unlock Your Brain

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How long does it take to retrain your brain to have a “Millionaire Mindset”?

The author recommends doing daily visualization and affirmation exercises (what he calls "Innercise") for 90-180 days before you will experience lasting effects in developing a millionaire mindset. It takes consistent, repetitive training for new neural pathways to form in the brain.

What specific visualization or affirmation techniques does the author recommend?

He suggests writing down the amount of money you want to earn, the lifestyle you desire, and the core beliefs you need to attain that wealth. He also recommends visualizing already having the success and wealth you want, as well as writing yourself monetary checks for future goals.

How to Manifest Something by Writing It Down

Manifesting Blueprint

What type of experts would be most useful to partner with on the journey to wealth?

John Assaraf recommends collaborating with financial advisors, wealth managers, real estate investors, business coaches, marketing specialists, sales trainers, and others who have already attained the financial success you seek. Their knowledge and mentorship can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Is there an order of operations or sequence the author recommends for the strategies outlined?

The author first emphasizes changing your mindset and building self-worth. Next he covers adopting the habits and behaviors of the wealthy. After belief and persona shifts, he then dives into the laws of earning money, specialization, and providing value. Partnering with experts comes next, followed by ongoing brain retraining.
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