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Words have incredible power.

Scientific studies have revealed that both positive and negative words impact us on a psychological level and also have an effect on our outward lives.

Even silent words spoken internally can impact how we feel about ourselves and what we come to accomplish in the world.

Because words have such power, we can work with them to achieve our highest aspirations. If you are looking to harness qualities like wisdom, intuition, and higher creativity, you might consider the use of third eye chakra affirmations to reach your goals.

But how do affirmations for the third eye chakra work? How can we embrace them in a deep and impactful way?

First, we can get to know the third eye better, uncovering the untapped potential it holds for us.


What Is the Third Eye?

Commonly referred to as the ‘third eye chakra’ (or ajna in its original Sanskrit form), the sixth major chakra is an energy point located in the center of the forehead.

This energy center governs certain important aspects of our being, such as wisdom and intuition.

When the flow of its energy is free and in balance, the qualities of this chakra are healthy and pronounced.

When out of balance, we are likely to experience related signs and symptoms.

When in balance, the third eye chakra provides us with:

  • Wisdom
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Perspective
  • Higher Truths

When this chakra is out of balance (whether underactive or overactive), we might experience:

  • Difficulty imagining
  • Difficulty with memories
  • Inability to see what is true
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Delusions or nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Spiritual arrogance
  • Spiritual disconnection

By using third eye chakra affirmations in an intentional way, we can help to restore balance in this chakra.

In addition to positive affirmations, there are other ways of harnessing the power of your third eye.


How to Harness the Power of Your Third Eye

What any given person requires for greater balance and personal power is unique to them.

For example, when it comes to harnessing the power of one’s third eye, some people will begin with an underactive chakra and others will be overactive in this dimension.

True power rests in balance. In order to get there, we must take a personalized approach.

The following is a list of practices that one might consider in order to harness the qualities of the third eye.

Consider which ones resonate with you, using your intuition to guide you.

Simply calling upon your intuition this way is a great first step to cultivating greater energy flow through ajna.

Third Eye Meditation

One common way of beginning to work with the third eye is by meditating upon it. 
A simple third eye meditation involves closing one’s eyes and focusing on the space between the brows. This will help to enhance your connection to this energy center. To deepen this practice, you might incorporate affirmations for the third eye chakra or music that has been created to work with this energy.

Affirmation Practice

You can use third eye chakra affirmations in other ways as well. First, you might consider recording your favorite third eye affirmations and listening to them as you fall asleep at night. As your conscious mind relaxes, your subconscious mind will begin to absorb the words spoken. You can also use positive affirmations in a morning intention setting practice or by incorporating them into a journaling practice. The key to any affirmation practice is to invite the conscious mind to soften so that these positive words can reach into deeper layers of your being.

Art Therapy

Another technique for harnessing the power of the third eye is art therapy. By delving into art alongside exploration of your inner landscape, you will start to become more in touch with your inner wisdom and deeper knowing. Mindful or therapeutic art can help you to explore your emotions, enhance self-awareness, and put you in touch with a higher source of inspiration.

Other Therapeutic Modalities

In addition, you might consider other forms of therapy to work with issues surrounding your third eye. Dreamwork, psychotherapy, and past life regression are some of the modalities you might consider. Each individual will be drawn to a different approach. Explore this work with a trained professional that you trust.


Affirmations for Third Eye Chakra

If you are going to use third eye chakra affirmations in some way, whether during meditation or as you drift to sleep, it is important to choose the right affirmation for you.

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ affirmation. The ‘best’ one is conditional, dependent upon who we are and what we need in any particular moment.

Consider the following affirmations for third eye chakra awakening.

Implement those that resonate most into your daily practice.

Remember that you can always change the ones that you work with – and, you can modify the wording in order to meet your needs.

  • I am attuned to my intuition.
  • I am wise beyond my years.
  • I am able to imagine a beautiful future.
  • I always seek a broader truth.
  • I am connected to a higher power.
  • I am inspired creatively.
  • I am a truth seeker.
  • I manifest what I visualize.
  • I see things with clarity.
  •  I am in touch with my inner wisdom.
  •  My imagination empowers me.
  •  I have a healthy sense of spirituality.
  •  I create from a place of deep knowing.
  •  I am open-minded.
  •  People seek my wisdom.
  •  I seek ever-widening perspectives.
  •  My third eye chakra is balanced and empowered.
  •  I listen to my intuition.
  •  I live in alignment with my highest truth.
  •  I trust my inner wisdom.

Again, you can use these affirmations in a variety of ways.

For instance, you might choose one each day and repeat it to yourself as a morning prayer for three minutes.

During the day, come back to these words as often as you need to.

You might even write out your affirmations and place that sheet of paper where you will see it (i.e. on your bathroom mirror or on the bulletin board in your office).


Affirmation Meditation for the Third Eye

If you would like to use third eye affirmations in formal meditation, consider the following practice.

Read through the instructions and then find a quiet place to guide yourself through it.

If you would like to, you can set an alarm (approximately ten minutes) or you can let the practice flow as it does naturally.

First, choose a single third eye affirmation that you’d like to work with during the meditation. It is best to choose only one in order to enhance fluidity of the practice. However, you can always repeat the meditation again using a second affirmation.
After finding a comfortable place to sit, settle into your seat, lengthen your spine, and close your eyes. Ground into your practice by taking five to ten mindful breaths. Soften the muscles around your eyebrows as you breathe and leave your affirmation aside for now.
Once you feel grounded, shift the focus of your attention to the space in front of your closed eyes. You might look into the spot between your eyes or into your forehead. Choose a place to gaze that feels comfortable on your eyes. Your eyes should not feel strained.
Stay focused on this area for a few minutes or for at least a dozen breaths. You do not need to count them out; let it flow naturally. As you gaze at this single point inside of yourself, notice if any colours or shapes appear. Do not judge what you notice as good or bad; simply observe.
After spending a few minutes silently observing the inner landscape around your forehead, begin to repeat your affirmation. You can repeat this silently in your own mind. Feel into the energy of the words and see what it feels like to embody them.
Repeat this single affirmation for a few minutes. When you are ready to let go, allow the words to dissolve. Tune into your breath and/or your body. Notice whatever is present for you.
Before opening your eyes, settle back into your seat. Feel back into the weight of your body on the floor beneath you. Take as long as you need to ‘come back’ to this physical reality.
When you are ready, return to the world around you. It can be helpful to journal about your experience if any insights arose. In any case, take care of yourself as you explore ways of bringing this higher truth into your everyday life.

Personal transformation does not happen overnight.

If you are on a journey to strengthen your third eye (or to balance it), call upon enhanced trust in the process.

You may have moments when the affirmations for third eye chakra balancing ring true and other moments when they feel out of alignment.

Soften your rational, conditioned mind as you practice this work. In its place, cultivate openness for the wiser, more intuitive human you are becoming.

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