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- Profound Meditation Program 3.0

- Zen12

- Brain Evolution System 

- Heartwave Meditation 

- Deep Delta 

- Deeply Theta 

- Harmonic Resonance Meditation

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Music has the power to reduce stress

Listening to music will help you feel more at peace.

It soothes as it slows specific biological functions, such as your heartrate.

It can even decrease stress hormone levels.

Music helps us overcome stress because it acts in two ways.

#1. It distracts us from thoughts or feelings that can trigger anxiety.

#2. It helps us to explore our emotions.

Because of these unique effects, music is a wonderful aid to meditation.

For those with racing thoughts, it can stop the mind from wandering. If you feel conflicted or torn apart inside, music can provide relief.

Music preferences vary for everyone.

Quiet and slow classical music is often recommended to those who are seeking moments of relaxation.

The best meditation music, however, is what leads you toward your daily meditating time.


How to Include Music with Your Daily Routine

best music for meditation

For whatever reason, most people tend to avoid listening to music when they are feeling high levels of stress.

Many believe that taking time to listen to music is a wasted moment.

Others focus on what they believe are practical solutions to work their way out of a stressful situation.

One way to avoid these traps is to include relaxing music in the background in each environment that requires your attention during the day.

You can have a music app play on your phone while you take a shower.

You can tune the radio to your favorite station while you drive or listen to a favorite playlist or album.

If you’re at home and have cable or satellite television, then you may have access to music channels that can play relaxing music as well.

Even if there are no music options around for you to use, it can be beneficial to create your own music in the moment.

Singing can be a fun way to relieve stress. If you play an instrument, try setting aside 10-20 minutes each day to play it.

With a connected mobile device, you can find numerous unique sound options on sites like YouTube that encourage relaxation, meditation, and sleep.

Listening to calming music during your bedtime routine creates calming sensations that makes it easier to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

There are several meditation programs which are available for download that can help you accomplish specific relaxation goals as well.

Just one of these options will bring a more profound level of peace into your life.

Incorporating as many as you can will give you more resilience against the stresses of each day too.

Everyone is different when it comes to music.

That’s why choosing the best meditation music means understanding what you need in the first place.

What Type of Music is the Best Meditation Music Option?

best meditation music ever

Not every type of music is suitable for meditation.

Personal preferences do influence physical responses to music.

One person may prefer electronic dance music, while another may prefer something from the New Age genre.

When you know what your mind requires for a better meditation focus, then you know what type of music to have on in the background.

It is important to recognize here that not every type of meditation music will help you relax.

Even peaceful music options can create conflict in some individuals. Do not assume that every meditation music composition will provide immediate results.

Here’s the problem: many people find that music without any type of structure is mentally irritating.

The irritation can be strong enough that the music becomes unsettling instead of encouraging you to become focused.

Familiar melodies and favorite songs with lyrics do provide an added level of comfort to the listening process.

These options encourage a lack of focus because the mind wants to hum or sing along while it is listening.

That means the best meditation music will balance these two extremes.

The music must feel familiar, while also being new and different enough that every time listening to the composition feels like the first time.

To create this balance, many meditation music programs incorporate familiar sounds, like rushing water or crashing waves, into the composition.

These sounds help the listener picture a place of happiness where they encountered those sounds in the past.

List of the Best Meditation Music Programs

relaxing meditation music

Although there are basic concepts to follow in virtually every type of meditation, there are also individual variations, approaches, and techniques which must be considered.

For some people, meditation is a regular practice that becomes part of a formal daily routine.

People who have a meditation routine feel incomplete if they do not meditate for at least a few minutes during the day.

Others prefer to meditate when they feel like it is needed for their health.

The first step is to choose the best meditation technique that will meet your personal needs. 

It is important that your time meditating will contribute to a sense of inner peace.

Then choose one of the best meditation music programs that should enhance the experience for you.

#1. Profound Meditation Program 3.0

profound meditation program 3.0 iawake

This is the best option for those who are seeking out a complete meditation assistance program.

It offers a total of 19 tracks that can be downloaded or sent to you on 6 CDs.

There are 430 total minutes of meditation music to enjoy.

One of the benefits that this program offers is that it will not interfere with a majority of meditation options that are being practiced.

You can settle into your environment, prepare for meditation like always, and then play this program in the background or while listening to headphones.

You have the freedom to adjust the program to fit your needs on any given day as well.

There are multiple layers of audible tones that make repetitive listening sessions possible.

Each session is scalable, does not require progression to be beneficial, and will help you find your inner peace over time.

Click here to learn more about Profound Meditation Program 3.0

#2. Zen12


Let’s just be real for a moment. You’re not going to receive an hour’s worth of meditation benefits in 12 minutes.

You won’t be able to meditate like a Zen master because you listen to this specific meditation program.

It requires time, patience, and practice for anyone to meditate like a master. There are no authentic shortcuts to the process.

Once the marketing messages are stripped away and the program is experienced, there is no denying the potential benefits of stress elimination and daily peace.

It stands out because it offers three different primary background sounds from which to choose, allowing you to choose what works best for you on that day.

Relaxation music in Zen12 is similar to what you’d find down at your local coffee shop or spa.

It is simple, gentle, and allows you to find a place where relaxation is possible.

If you’re struggling with distractions, then the white noise option can help you find your focus once again.

The sounds of nature included with this program are a good way to enter into a meditation state, especially after a difficult day.

Chirping birds, the sounds of a creek, and other familiar sounds can bring you back to a place where you remember happiness.

A guided meditation option is also available with Zen12.

Guidance is offered based on the level of program you choose to use.

Click here to learn more about Zen12

#3. Brain Evolution System


This unique program focuses on 6 specific levels that work with the natural rhythms of the brain. 

It features natural soundscapes that contain over 100 separate audio tracks with audio that is digitally mastered.It is a design which eliminates the lengthy, and sometimes boring, structures that other brainwave entrainment products sometimes provide.

The music frequencies are also designed to “tune” the brain toward specific results.

Many users can experience improvements in specific categories, such as creativity or focus, with their first use.

Instead of a narrow range of benefits that force users into using separate programs, the Brain Evolution System allows users to invest into one system that does it all.

It is a level-based system. Each level takes 4 weeks to complete. There are 6 levels in total.

By the end of the program, you’ll find it easier than before to control thoughts, find your focus, or begin the relaxation process.

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It is important to remember that the best meditation music programs will have a different effect on every user. Some people have made these programs an integral component of their daily meditation. Others have reviewed the products and stated that they have received few, if any, benefits from the available audio downloads.

The positive effects on stress that music provides are proven. The positive effects of meditation are proven. These 4 programs help you to combine that positivity into a personalized, meaningful experience that can be utilized daily. 


Supplemental Meditation Music Programs to Try

Supplemental meditation music are the downloads, tracks, or programs that are used outside of your regular meditation time.

If you’re having a tough day at work, then you could listen to one of these options to bring your mental state back toward peacefulness.

Anything that is slow, calm, and classical will provide opportunities for relaxation.

Try to choose compositions with which you are unfamiliar for the best results.

Listening to this type of music through stereo headphones will also enhance the experience further.

If you’re looking for meditation music program, however, that provides a deep, calming effect, then these options from iAwake Technologies may be worth sampling.

Each person reacts a little differently to the program, though the results are somewhat similar for all listeners.

#1. HeartWave Meditation


This program features several layers of nature sounds with a mixed variety of frequenices that keep the brain engaged.

It distracts from the stress one may be experiencing by encouraging memory recall.

Large, crashing waves are mixed with chirping crickets and the hint of what feels like white noise to bring about a tangible feeling of relaxation.

Occasional chimes and bass tones can be heard in the background as well.

Click here to learn more about Heartwave Meditation

#2. Deep Delta


This program is more of a soundscape.

It features long, harmonic tones that have the mind anticipating what the next change in the melody will be.

You’ll feel a bit of a binaural beat while listening to this program, especially over stereo headphones.

This is a good option for those who need to shift their perspective as they get ready to meditate.

This program is also a good option for those who struggle with racing thoughts at bedtime.

Listening to the sounds keeps the mind quieter, which can help to establish healthier sleeping patterns.

Click here to learn more about Deep Delta

#3. Deeply Theta


This program is an excellent choice for people who prefer visualization exercises as they work toward a state of relaxation.

The music and tones embrace the creative side of the mind.

Stressful emotions begin to take on less of an importance over time for the listener.

It encourages stillness and focused thoughts through an ebb and flow in the sounds provided.

As you listen to the continuous tones, there is a sensation of wind passing by, like it does in the tree canopy of a forest.

The relaxation response with this program, for many, is immediate.

Click here to learn more about Deeply Theta

#4. Harmonic Resonance Meditation


This program is designed for meditation.

Many may have used it to create a contemplative meditation session.

The foundation of the sounds comes from harmonies that happen on the Fifth Major and is almost reminiscent of a church organ in its depth and quality.

It is included as a supplemental track because this toned harmonic program tends to encourage listeners to focus on their primary “action thoughts.”

If your goal is prayer, for example, then you may feel a closer connection to God.

It finishes what your mind initiates instead of allowing the mind to achieve its focus independently.

Click here to learn more about Harmonic Resonance Meditation

For a unique and profound experience, try listening to Deeply Theta and Harmonic Resonance Meditation simultaneously. Each program page offers a short demonstration of the program that can be played in your browser via SoundCloud. The two, when combined, have the ability to take a legitimate emotional weight off your shoulders.

best headphones for meditation

Final words

The best meditation music will help the mind to focus.

It will help you to forget about the stress you’ve encountered during the day.

It will help you find your way back toward a path of peace.

For some, programs like those above are an essential component of their daily routine.

They can be used to find focus during meditation, sleep better at night, or embrace the depths of one’s personal creativity.

These music programs can also be added to your daily listening playlist.

Whether you listen to music at the office or while on the treadmill at the gym, this is the type of music that will provide a sense of calmness when you’re having a bad day.

It is highly recommended that you diversify your listening habits, especially when using meditation music.

The mind begins to anticipate what will happen next in the track, which takes away from the peacefulness and relaxation you’re hoping to achieve.

Having a rotation of 3-5 good meditation music choices that are proven to help you can maximize the benefits that are possible.

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