Chakra Bracelets: Meaning & Benefits [Updated For 2023]

chakra bracelets meaning benefits and healing properties

​​The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver. Yoga is the path, and the chakras are the map. – Anodea Judith

Chakra bracelets are a representation of the seven wheels that continuously turn in your body according to yogic tradition.

This process helps to maintain the flow of energy in your body as it moves from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Each chakra, which means “wheel” in Sanskrit, has an association with specific organs and nerve bundles in the body.

If one of them stops turning, then the flow of energy becomes blocked.

A blocked chakra can then disrupt your spiritual, emotional, or physical state.

Wearing chakra bracelets is one tool of many that can help you to recognize a wheel that isn’t turning as it should so that you can keep the energy pathways open.

7 Colors of the Chakra Bracelet

Each color on the chakra bracelet represents a specific area of the body. There are healing properties that each brings to your health when you place your focus on it as well.

1. Red

The red stones in a chakra bracelet represent your root chakra.

Restoring the energy of this wheel can activate your intelligence and sharpen your logic.

It also helps in the process of staying grounded, and the color can intensify your emotional state and passions.

2. Orange

This color is a representation of your sacral chakra.

Your focus here can build confidence in your choices, adding power, passion, and courage into the decision-making process.

It may enhance your energy and stamina while helping you to take specific actions when required.

3. Yellow

The yellow stones in a chakra bracelet represent your creative energy.

Focusing on this wheel can magnify your willpower so that you can overcome difficult situations or adverse conditions.

Some people may find it useful when coping with depression-like symptoms.

4. Green

This color is the representation of the heart chakra.

When you feel broken, isolated, or abandoned, focusing your efforts here can help to strengthen all other energy systems.

You can work toward a reawakening of your trust, which can lead some people toward prosperity and abundance once again.

5. Blue

The blue stones found in a chakra bracelet represent your emotional intelligence.

You would find this “wheel” in your throat area.

When there is a blockage that occurs, then you might experience a disruption in your mood or emotional state.

Restoring your energy here can improve wealth-related decisions and stabilize your morality and ethics.

6. Indigo

This color represents your third eye.

It is the control mechanism of your brain chemistry.

When you feel unbalanced, whether that issue is because of addiction, heartache, or anger, placing your focus here can provide restoration.

You’ll work to cleanse the mind from negative thinking patterns as you work toward a state of healing.

7. Violet

The violet stones are a representation of the crown chakra, which you can find at the crown of your head.

Its purpose is to highlight the spiritual connections that you have with the people around you and the supreme or supernatural beings in whom you may believe.

Removing a blockage here can improve clarity, stimulate your nervous system, and help you to access universal energy.

Benefits of Chakra Bracelets and Stones

When used correctly, chakra bracelets and individual stones are said to provide healing powers.

This process isn’t something that clinical research can trace through specific medical practices.

It is instead a releasing of the power and energy that resides within your body.

If you place a focus on openness and balance, then these outcomes become possible in your life.

Your healing thoughts can provide results.

Some people report that they experience better spiritual connections when wearing their chakra bracelets.

Their focus on the colors and stones can improve personal development, encourage enlightenment, and create powerful meditation or prayer sessions.

When your life seems like it is in turmoil, chakra bracelets can give you a visual tool that helps you to achieve inner peace.

You may experience fewer issues with stress when your attention can focus on the chakra bracelet.

It may help you to replace negative thoughts with positive perspectives.

It may even encourage you to achieve an emotional balance so that you can experience more vitality as you progress through each day.

7 chakra colors

How to Maximize the Benefits of Chakra Bracelets

When you start looking at chakra bracelets that you can wear, then you will quickly discover that there are two perspectives from which to choose.

You can use colored beads that represent the energy wheels of your body, or you can select a product which uses precious or semi-precious gemstones to help provide balance and healing.

Plastic chakra beads might be cheaper, but they might also not provide you with the results that you want to achieve.

Natural beads are a practical compromise to consider. You can maximize the benefits of wearing a chakra bracelet while engaging with the vibrations that exist within the natural materials.

Look for products that use 100% natural beads, stones, or gems to restore your energy.

Each color has a variety of options from which to choose.

  • Red: Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Fire Agate, and Black Tourmaline.
  • Orange: Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone, and Coral.
  • Yellow: Calcite, Citrine, and Topaz.
  • Green: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, and Green Tourmaline.
  • Blue: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Aquamarine.
  • Indigo: Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, and Black Obsidian.
  • Violet: Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Diamonds

You will find that many chakra bracelets come with lava stones or beads.

This natural item serves as a protector and guide, funneling negativity away so that your focus can be on the wheels that may not be turning as they should be.

Some people believe that black lava can attract love, cleanse your psyche, and strengthen your aura.

Once you select a chakra bracelet with the correct combination of colors and stones, you can wear it each day to maximize the benefits it can provide.

Slip it onto your wrist to remind yourself about how connected you are to the universal energy that exists all around you.

Cost of Chakra Bracelets

Chakra bracelets are an inexpensive tool that you can use to improve your points of focus if you experience a blockage.

Some items are priced below $5, although these are typically plastic beads or low-quality natural materials that may not provide satisfactory results.

You can also purchase chakra bracelets that use precious gemstones to represent each color. Diamonds, jade, and rubies can create an item priced well above $1,000.

Most chakra healing bracelets or healing kits found in the $20 to $50 range are of suitable quality and clarity to provide you with the results you want by using semi-precious stones, natural minerals, and metals like copper or silver.

best chakra books on amazon

Best Books to Help with Your Chakra Bracelets

Understanding your chakras is an essential part of the restoration process.

Your chakra balancing bracelet is only jewelry unless you know how to activate the power they contain.

These informational resources can help you find the information you may need.

Chakra Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Techniques

This book guides you on a healing recognition approach so that you can identify your ailments and the affected chakras.

Then you can select from a variety of techniques to get the restoration you need.

You’ll learn about a variety of different methods that can help you cope in these difficult situations.

There are also numerous photographs and illustrations to help you learn how to apply the self-healing techniques through your chakra bracelets.


A Beginner’s Guide to the Chakras

This book takes you through the first steps of the journey that will take you toward greater self-discovery.

You’ll learn more about the individual qualities of each stone and color in your new chakra bracelet.

There are also several exercises that you can follow that can help with the initial learning process.

Guided meditations are included as well so that you can experience what a higher level of self-awareness feels like as you move along.

Bonuses include information about aromatherapy and crystal healing.

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras

This resource will teach you how to tune in to each chakra, with the goal being to live a life that features abundance, balance, and good health.

You’ll learn how to support each energy wheel through the use of various items, including sacred plants and essential oils, so that you can maximize the impact of your chakra bracelet.

It is also one of the few books that will teach you how to create an authentic, dedicated chakra altar.

19-minute Guided Chakra Meditation

Best Chakra Bracelets to Wear

Chakra bracelets come in a variety of different materials and styles, so you will want to review each one carefully to ensure that it meets your needs. That way, you can find a path toward restoration once again.

IuniQueen Leather Chakra Bracelet

This beautiful handmade chakra bracelet is made with genuine leather and comes with a variety of stone colors that wrap around your wrist.

It features a unique Bohemian style with a customizable closure so that you can tie it to a comfortable position.

You can wear it every day or as needed to take advantage of the healing power that comes with an improved focus on each energy wheel.

April Soderstrom Good Vibes Bracelet

This chakra bracelet option features 8mm semi-precious gemstones and metal beads to create a one-of-a-kind product.

It is a handmade item which uses stretch materials to keep the fit comfortable and natural.

You’ll find options available from small to large so that most people can wear it without issue.

This item also stacks well with other chakra bracelets so that you can manage your focus in whatever way suits you best.​

​​Believe London Chakra Bracelet

This chakra bracelet features the classic design with the seven colored beads at one end of the product.

Instead of using black lava stones to create the rest of the design, this option features howlite, which has its own set of properties to consider.

Howlite is a stone of awareness, providing you with a focal point that can help you to have a better understanding of who you are and the universe around you.

It works to connect each energy wheel to your wisdom centers to create profound results.

Best Chakra Bracelet Stone and Crystal Sets

Purchasing a chakra bracelet can help you to develop a greater awareness of your energy cycles.

Making one to wear can take this experience to a higher level for some people.

These sets will help to make that possible, but you will need jewelry equipment at home to use each of the following items.

Chakra Healing Crystals Set

You’ll receive seven tumbled stones with this set as well, along with pre-cleansed healing crystals that can help you to restore the balance to your chakras.

It is a pocket-sized set that includes an amethyst cluster, rose quartz, and a polished quartz point to help you pick up your energy.

An included brochure will take you through the steps needed for further cleansing after activation.

7 Chakra Energy Natural Healing Crystals Kit

This set provides you with seven engraved stones that include citrine, red jasper, and green aventurine to help you create points of focus for restoration during your times of reflection and meditation.

You’ll also receive a chakra bracelet, a necklace, and a rainbow pendulum to encourage greater harmony and peace.

If you encounter a blockage almost anywhere in life, one of these sets will help you to get your wheels spinning once again.

Should You Be Wearing a Chakra Bracelet?

Some people think that a chakra bracelet represents a religious belief, but it is more about your energy and spirituality than faith in a specific outcome.

Although it can be useful for meditation and prayer, chakra bracelets provide a place for reflection in your life.

It is a way for you to tap into the universal energy that connects all of us.

It can be an invitation to invite more luck or wealth into your life. A focus on chakras can also hopefully give you ways to improve your health through self-healing techniques.

If you use these items to begin that process today, then you can recognize blockages, restore your energy balance, and take charge over your life once again. 


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