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The answer to that question in some ways depends on what your personal perspective is.

Some might call it one of the best ways to protect their spiritual centers from the negative vibrations of the world around them.

Others might say it is a way for them to calm their minds so they can effectively pray.

Still more practitioners say that Chakra meditation is what helps them reduce the stress in their body so they can face the toughest of days.

All of these perspectives can be correct.

Chakra meditation is simply an enhanced method of organizing the patterns of life that are around everyone at any given moment.

Instead of these patterns being untidy and completely disorganized, those who practice this form of meditation can organize them into a concentric, understandable language.

In many ways, Chakra meditation is the quest to find the perfection that exists in every given moment.

What Does “Chakra” Mean?

chakra meditation

If you’re thinking about practicing this form of meditation, then it is vitally important that you understand what your Chakras are.

This journey begins by separating your being into its three essential aspects.

  • The Physical
  • The Astral
  • The Causal

This trinity acts as its own being, but still comes together to exist as one person.

The Chakra system itself lives within your astral portion of your being.

This is why this form of meditation can be so difficult to complete for a beginner!

Because you must tap into a part of your being that isn’t physical in nature, those who are just starting a spiritual journey will be in for some pleasant surprises – but potentially a lot of work as well.

The Chakras are in many ways like a set of organs that work with your astral being as your heart, lungs, and other organs support your physical body.

They are the sources of the healing energies that you feel every day from a non-physical sense.

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to forgive someone? That comes from the deeper understanding that arises from your astral being!

There are seven Chakras and they line up in conjunction with your physical body.

  • Muladhara [Root]: This is the Chakra that provides the foundation of your stability. It’s near the base of your spine and is what grounds you. If there are imbalances in this Root Chakra, then many physical problems can creep up, such as joint problems and chronic fatigue.
  • Swadhisthana: This Chakra is related to your sexuality. If you are feeling out of balance from a creative standpoint, it could also be related to this Chakra.
  • Manipura: This is the foundation of your power. It is where your willpower is generated and it controls your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Anahata: This is the Chakra that keeps you centered and calm as an entire being in any given situation. It is where compassion and hope lie.
  • Vishudda: Your ability to communicate effectively arises out of this Chakra. Self-expression is also a foundational component of it as well. When it is unbalanced, then it is very common for someone to suffer from the addictions of negative habits.
  • Anja: The root of knowledge. Your wisdom, insights, and intuition come from this Chakra. It is the foundation of your imagination.
  • Sahasrara: The highest of the 7 Chakras, this is the entrance for your prana. Through this Chakra, you can see and experience the inter-connectivity of the universe with you and you with it.

What is Chakra meditation?

It is a way for you to specifically target one of your Chakras that may be out of balance and causing negative side effects in your life.

If you feel that you are completely centered throughout, then it is also a means of being able to communicate with the life energies that are flowing in and around you, allowing you to experience true perfection.

What Is Your Prana?

Prana” is an ancient Sanskrit word that can best be described as “life force.”

It is important to feel your prana as it enters your body through the Sahasrara when you practice Chakra meditation because it is the core of who you really are.

All three components of your personal trinity are powered by your prana.

Where does this life force come from to power your body every day?

According to ancient traditions, this energy came from the sun and it would connect all of the elements of the universe with you.

Providing heat, healing, and life, your prana is essentially the sum of all of the energy that has been granted to you by the universe.

Prana isn’t just defined as your life force, however, because it powers all life itself.

It is responsible for the circle of life that we experience every day in some way.

We often think of the cycle of life as birth and death of physical creatures, but time itself has a birth and a death in every moment.

What Chakra meditation helps you to do is experience the perfection within each cycle so that you can become aware of the imperfections that may exist within your 7 body centers.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Chakra Meditation?

The most important aspect of Chakra meditation is discipline.

It is one of those practices that you must incorporate into your daily routine, even if there are days when you don’t feel like taking time out to practice it.

Like brushing your teeth or putting on your glasses so you can see, Chakra meditation is the spiritual maintenance that you need every day.

Just because you practice Chakra meditation daily doesn’t mean that every session you encounter will be meaningful and beautiful.

Being in touch with your prana means being in touch with the darker sides of your being as well.

The good and the bad must balance each other out and although it might seem like having more good than bad is what is needed, it is not.

You must still your mind, bring yourself back into balance sensing and then controlling the negative vibrations that exist around you, and then you’ll be able to experience these perfect moments.

When your body begins to quiet down, you may still have some racing thoughts, muscle twitches, or other side effects that might seem distracting.

It is important to realize that this is your physical body’s method of relaxation.

Different people tap into Chakra meditation in different ways.

Using products like brainwave entrainment, guided meditation, nature sounds, or white noise are all pretty common.

What matters most is that you find a method that works for you.

I know one individual who can only achieve a beneficial Chakra meditation when he is playing one of his favorite television shows in the background.

There is no “right” way.

You’ll know that you’re beginning to experience a true Chakra meditation once you begin to feel a tingling in your hands and feet.

It will spread to your shoulders, to your head, and to the rest of your body.

It’s like having a chill run down your spine and when you achieve this for the first time, the pleasure centers of your physical mind will be stimulated.

It is a joy like you have never felt before!

What Is the Ultimate Goal of Chakra Meditation?

balancing chakras

The ultimate goal of Chakra meditation is for each practitioner to experience their life force and maximize its use.

In many ways, this form of meditation is a way to bring vibrant energy to you!

Over time, you’ll be able to feel this energy enter your body even when you’re NOT having a meditation session!

With higher levels of prana entering your body and your ability to maximize this energy, the anxieties you have begin to slowly fade.

Your fears begin to be seen for what they really are so they can no longer control you.

This happens because you’re removing the negative vibrations from your local environment.

Begin by trying to meditate for about 15 minutes at a time.

If you feel blocked or don’t feel the tingling in your body, don’t give up!

Just like any new language that you would learn, becoming fluent in Chakra meditation is going to take some time.

You may have some hurdles that you must overcome in order to achieve success.

You may need to change your perspective of life in some way.

There may be someone you need to forgive that you’ve been physically unwilling to do for some time.

That chip on your shoulder? It’s time for it to go away.

When you take the time to balance your 7 Chakras and proactively work to keep them centered through regular, daily meditation, you’ll notice more energy and joy in your life.

That’s a guarantee!

What is Chakra meditation? It is your chance to experience the life you were always intended to enjoy.

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