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Most of what we encounter when we hear about chakras are the 7 major chakras, or 7 energy centers, within the human body.

While this system is not wrong, there are additional energy points within and beyond the human body that we don’t often consider.

Upon deeper exploration of the energy systems within and around us, the 8th chakra is one of the energy points we may encounter.

This lesser-known chakra holds the potential for deeper insights once we know about it and begin to awaken its power.


What is the 8th Chakra?

Sometimes referred to as the Soul Star or the Star Chakra, the 8th chakra is located just beyond the 7th chakra as part of the 12 chakra system.

It is the energy center known for its messages of divine love, spiritual connection, and transcendence.

When free flowing and in balance, this chakra heightens our embodiment of spiritual wisdom.


Chakras and Their Meanings

If you’re not yet familiar with what a chakra is, chakras can be understood as energy centers within (or beyond) the human body.

There are 7 major chakras within the body, from the root to the crown, each holding unique qualities and meanings.

The lower chakras are connected to more earthly energies and the higher chakras are connected to more cosmic energies.

All chakras, however, transmit energy both upwards and downwards, and so in this way, they are all connected.

While each chakra has its own meaning, we are going to focus on the qualities and insights of the 8th chakra.

As this is a lesser-known chakra, existing beyond the physical human body, it holds powerful attributes and insights that connect us to our higher self.

Even though it is not located within our physical vessel, it has a great impact on our experience as a living, breathing human being.

It is the first chakra beyond the physical body, acting as an important gateway both into and out of the limitations of the body.


Hidden Powers of the 8th Chakra

We could say that the powers of the 8th chakra are hidden or out of plain site because they are not understandings we can achieve or attain through the thinking mind.

While they impact our human experience, we cannot force the powers of the 8th chakra to arise from willpower; they show themselves gradually, in their own time.

Through meditation and other personal spiritual practices, we bring ourselves into closer contact with the powers of the 8th chakra.

The chakra meditation listed below is one technique we can use to tune into the characteristics and deeper levels of wisdom that exist at this energy center.

The 8th chakra is connected to our highest self and represents our direct connection to soul and spirit.

As such, it’s hidden powers exist largely in its ability to transcend the earthly.

Said to be located anywhere from an inch to a few inches above the crown of the head, this chakra maintains a close connection to the earthly body.

Energy passing downwards from here can relay messages from our higher self.

This chakra is also said to open us up to parallel realities, our Akashic records, and understandings that are beyond this earthly understanding of space and time.

In this way, it truly is a step beyond the crown chakra.


Qualities of the 8th Chakra

Each chakra embodies various qualities that impact our human experience.

Attributes of the 8th chakra include:

Chakra color: Gold or white, though some say that this chakra does not in fact have a color. Instead, it is suggested that the 8th chakra color is ultraviolet or iridescence, frequencies we cannot see.

Chakra location: Anywhere from one inch to a few inches above the crown

Element: The soul

Themes: Timelessness, transcendence, and heightened perception

Messages: Connect with your higher self; Disengage from the mind; Open to divine love; Uncover your purpose; Clear karmic clutter

Affirmations: I transcend the illusion of my ego; I transcend the limited mind; I am free of karmic residue; I am connected to the cosmic realm.

When the 8th chakra is balanced, we feel aligned with our purpose, connected to the world beyond us, and in touch with our intuition.

The mind is quiet and we experience a great sense of ease and harmony wherever we find ourselves.

When the 8th chakra is underactive, we may feel lost or without purpose, disconnected from the collective community, or trapped in the illusions of the ego.

When the 8th chakra is overactive, we may feel disconnected from our body and the earth, unbalanced, or confused about how to bridge our earthly and spiritual sides.


Connection to Higher Chakras

The 8th chakra is the first of the higher chakras in the 12 chakra system.

In many ways it is similar to the 7th (or crown) chakra, but it is more expansive than the limitations of the human experience.

Above this energy center, four more chakras reside. Each of these higher chakras is a continuation, or an expansion, of the transcendent quality of the 8th chakra.

From 9th to 12th, these higher chakras are sometimes respectively called the Spirit Chakra, the Universal Chakra, the Galactic Chakra, and the Divine Gateway Chakra, though various resources may suggest alternative names for these.

Since energy moves both downwards and upwards, the frequency of these higher chakras impacts the flow and balance of the 8th chakra.

In the same way, the state of the 8th chakra impacts our connection to the ones above it.

So, as we awaken and balance the 8th chakra, we set the tone for a deeper awakening to occur in the chakras above and beyond.

Likewise, as we activate each of the 7 chakras below the 8th, we prepare ourselves to awaken what exists beyond the body.

An 8th chakra meditation often invites us to first feel into the energy centers within the physical body.


How to Activate Chakras in the Human Body

Activating any of the 7 energy centers within the human body is a process that might include any number of techniques.

Through guided chakra meditation, visualization practices, and exploring the use of chakra healing crystals, chakra colors, and chakra sounds, we can use our intuition to tap into the practices that resonate with us most strongly.

Each chakra has underlying themes and messages to relay, so depending upon what chakra we are working with, our activation techniques will vary.

For instance, if we are working to open the root chakra, grounding practices, forest walks, and other settling spiritual techniques may provide most effective.

On the other hand, if you are working with the heart chakra, loving kindness meditations and various heart opening practices will be better suited.

Working with chakras beyond the body, such as the 8th chakra, require us to broaden our minds and perception of who we are as we explore the possibility that we have an aura beyond what is seen and directly felt.

Such activation will likely incorporate a gentle sensing of each of the first 7 chakras before expanding to encompass the 8th.

By tuning into this broader sense of who we are, we prepare ourselves to enter a deeper level of spiritual perception – one that goes beyond our physicality.


Opening the 8th Chakra

Before opening the 8th chakra, it is recommended to balance and engage each of the chakras beneath it.

While we do not have to be completely balanced in the first 7 chakras (subtle chakra imbalance in some area of the body is common), being as aligned as possible will help us to remain grounded while activating the 8th chakra.

Activating this chakra helps us to harness the power of it, granting us a deeper understanding of its insights and wisdom.

It can also help us to perceive different levels of reality that change the way we view things.

In some cases, opening the 8th chakra provides powerful insights into our Akashic records, which, if you’re unfamiliar with that term, are records of the history of a soul.

While this can be an illuminating experience for many, it might also be a lot of information to handle.

Ensure that you are well-grounded and as prepared as possible for these deeper insights in case they are granted to you.

In other cases, the opening will be much more subtle. Neither the subtle nor the profound are better or worse than the other.

Each experience has its own gifts and messages to convey.

When you feel prepared to delve into this chakra, ensure that you are seated or lying down in a safe space where you feel completely at ease.

Ground yourself into the space you are in using mindfulness of breath and body, and when you are ready, you may begin the 8th chakra meditation.


8th Chakra Meditation

There are various guided meditations you can explore to open the 8th chakra.

This particular meditation can be read and then practiced on your own, self-guiding yourself each step of the way.

As mentioned, all forms of meditation are useful in awakening the insights of the 8th chakra.

Anything we practice to expand our perception of ourselves and the world is a preparation for deeper layers of understanding and spiritual awareness.

Once you are settled into a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths and then begin.

  1. Draw your awareness to the base of your spine – to the root chakra. Envision the colour red filling this space as you breathe all the way into this energy center. Spend a few quiet moments with this red chakra until you feel completely grounded in your environment.
  3. Shift your attention now to the pelvic region, right between the hips. This area is home to the sacral chakra, or the orange chakra. Envision an orange glow filling this area of your body, spending a few moments breathing into this space. When you feel a sense of radiant energy building, move mindfully upwards.
  5. Next, hold your attention on the area around your belly button. This is home to the solar plexus chakra. The color here is yellow, so imagine a yellow light filling this entire part of your body. Breathe deeply into the abdomen, and when you feel ready, continue on. 
  7. Draw your attention now to the heart space, right in the center of the chest. The heart chakra color is green, so imagine a green light filling this space within you. Allow the chest and shoulders to soften, spending a few moments here until you feel balanced. 
  9. Shift your awareness slowly now to the throat chakra, holding your attention on this center of higher communication. Breathe a loving blue light into this space as you ground yourself here. When you feel balanced and ready to move on, proceed upwards. 
  11. Hold your attention on the space between your brows now, the area that is home to the third eye chakra. The colour here is indigo, so imagine a beautiful indigo glow filling this space in your mind. When you feel clear and calm, proceed to the crown. 
  13. Holding your awareness at the crown of the head now, imagine a violet glow filling the entire space of your head. Allow all thoughts to dissolve as you come into complete harmony with the present moment. Stay here for a short while as you prepare yourself to move beyond the physical body. 
  15. When you are ready to move to the 8th chakra, envision the violet glow shifting to gold. Witness it becoming smaller and smaller until it is the size of a pearl. Then, gently imagine this golden pearl moving beyond the physical body and hovering just a few inches above the crown. See if you can keep your focus here for a few minutes. 
  17. If visualizing the golden pearl is challenging for you, you can tune into the space just above your head through the power of your awareness alone. 
  19.  See if you can stay centered here for 3 or 4 minutes, meditating on this space with openness, non-judgment, and zero expectation of what your experience will be like. Remember, openings are often subtle, expanding slowly overtime. 
  21.  After the few minutes are over, gently guide your attention back to the crown and then deeper into the physical body. Spend some time reconnecting with the earthly plane before moving into any other activity.

You may or may not notice anything unusual while practicing this meditation, but overtime, you might observe a gradual expansion of your spiritual depth and wisdom.

Allow your experience to be perfectly acceptable exactly as it is, trusting that things will unfold in accordance with divine timing.

All will be taken care of.


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