67 Family Affirmations [Build Strong Bonds With Your Family Members]

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We all want our family members to be happy and healthy. We want to have good relationships with them and we want them to feel valued members of the family unit.

However family life is not easy, there are many challenges that we have to face when dealing with other family members. We want to meet the expectations of our children, wives and husbands, we want to be the best parents and the best children. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

And this is when you can try to use the power of affirmations i.e. positive statements that can change the way you think and behave.       

Saying affirmations can help you define more clearly what you want for your family and for your life. You use them to affirm what is really important to you and the people you care about.  

Have a look at the affirmations below and decide which ones relate best to your current family situation and needs and can help you improve this situation.

It doesn’t make sense to repeat all these affirmations as many of them may be irrelevant to you, so just pick 5 or 7 that most resonate with you and repeat them every day until you notice results.

Then you can choose another set of 5 affirmations and say them until you start noticing the desired results, i.e. your thinking and behavior will start to shift.  

However the best thing you can do is create your own family affirmations – this is always the best option. If you want you can create separate affirmations for family protection, for family health, for family relationships, for family problems and/or for difficult family members. You know your situation best, so only you can create the best affirmations for yourself.  

And when you decide to practice affirmations do not repeat them mindlessly. Feel positive emotions when you’re saying them, believe that what you’re saying will come true or is already a reality.

These positive affirmations may help you change your old ways of thinking and create strong and positive relationships in order to have a happy family life. There are probably no relationships more important than the family relationships and affirmations may help you strengthen them.

Of course don’t just focus on saying the affirmations. Take action too. If you want to fix broken family relationships do something to make it happen. Or if your child, husband, parent etc. is giving you a hard time, talk to them. Repeating affirmations is not everything.

Affirmations are not a magic bullet, but if you practice them regularly, over time they may contribute to building strong, supportive bonds that may last your whole life.  

1. We’re kind to each other. 

2. My family gives me joy and strength. 

3. I am working hard because I want my children to have everything they need. 

4. My children respect me and understand me. 

5. I love my children for who they are. 

6. My family is a source of never ending inspiration for me.

7. My family always comes first. 

8. Having a family is very rewarding. 

9. My children give me strength. 

10. I always do what’s best for my children. 

11. My family members always look out for each other. 

12. We love being together and talking to each other. 

13. I am a super mom. 

14. I am a super dad. 
15. My family members are happy because they deserve it. 

16. My parents always do their best to help me.

17. My family is very important for me. 

18. I am proud of my family. 

19. I am a patient and understanding parent. 

20. I understand the needs of my family. 

21. I live in a home filled with peace and love. 

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22. My family understands my decisions. 

23. I treat my mother and father with due respect and love. 

24. I respect all decisions made by the members of my family. 

25. I always support the members of my family whenever they need it. 

26. I am thankful for every member of my family. 

27. I encourage my children to set goals for themselves. 

28. My family supports me in everything I do. 
29. I’ve made it so far thanks to my family’s support and understanding.  

30. Although sometimes we disagree we never have fights with each other. 

31. My family loves and cares about me. 

32. I am full of positive energy and I share it with all my family members. 

33. I learn from my children and my children learn from me.  

34. We support and accept each other. 

35. When the times are tough we depend on each other. 
36. I like spending time with my family. 

37. I take care of my family. 

38. I have a great family.

39. My parents are very important to me. 

40. We laugh together when we’re happy. 

41. I love myself and I love my family. 

42. Even when I’m busy I always try to find time for my family. 
43. We are all going to be OK. 

44. Although I don’t always agree with my family’s decisions, I respect them nonetheless. 

45. I am patient with every member of my family. 

46. I’m trying to be a better parent every day.

47. My family is a source of my happy memories. 

48. Together we can overcome difficult times. 

49. I really appreciate it that I have such a family. 

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50. I am a loving parent.

51. I’m a better person thanks to my family. 

52. I set a good example for my children.  

53. I always encourage my children to chase after their dreams. 

54. I always find time for every member of my family. 

55. I spend quality time with my family every day. 

56. My family accepts me as I am and I am thankful for this. 
57. I communicate really well with my family. 

58. We help each other to reach our goals. 

59. I can always rely on my family. 

60. I appreciate each day that I have a chance to spend with my family. 

61. I accept every member of my family for who they are.

62. I never let my family down. 

63. In my family we lift each other up. 
64. My family enjoys spending time together. 

65. I’m a role model for my family.

66. I am always there when someone from my family needs me. 

67. Although we’re not a perfect family we’re trying to do our best. 
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