Positive Affirmations For Women [61 Affirmations Women Can Practice Every Day]

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Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. Nora Ephron

As Marilyn Monroe once famously said, “Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.”

Despite generations of inequality and limitations, women today enjoy opportunities and freedom like no other generation before us.

Women have made incredible contributions to all fields of study and business and continue growing in political power, financial power and social power.

As more and more women break through the glass ceiling, their sense of empowerment grows.

Cultivating success in all areas of life- home, family, relationships, career, health and self-image- women are experiencing a moment in history when the possibility to reach goals that would have been impossible just a generation ago, is becoming the norm.

The sky is the limit and affirmations can help women experience the success and abundance they deserve in all areas of life.



Whether you’re a female entrepreneur, an actress, a writer, a teacher or an astrophysicist, finding success in your career means greater self-esteem, higher chances of being financially stable and even reflects positively on your relationships.

Feeling fulfilled in your work means you feel you are offering something valuable to the world and that your work is recognized by others.

If you’re looking to build your career or bring your career to the next level, try these affirmations to jump-start your success:

  1. I am a confident and powerful woman.
  2. People respect and admire me and listen when I speak.
  3. I am a role model for many young women.
  4. There are no barriers between me and my goals.
  5. I will attain the recognition I deserve.
  6. I am supported in achieving my financial goals.
  7. My creativity is flowing, supporting me in experiencing success in my artistic pursuits.
  8. There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  9. My work is respected, and my contributions are deeply appreciated.
  10. I can have the career I want.



Relationships can be wonderful sources of growth and nurturance.

They can also be challenging and sometimes even abusive.

Many women accept negative and draining relationships rather than wait for a positive and growth-oriented relationship.

Affirmations can help you heal from trauma of negative relationships and prepare yourself to welcome positive relationships into your life.

Try these affirmations to invite healthy relationships into your life:

  1. I am worthy of love.
  2. I invite a relationship that is healthy and positive into my life.
  3. I can have the relationship I dream of.
  4. I am supported in cultivating healthy boundaries in an intimate relationship.
  5. My heart is open for love.
  6. I accept love into my life.
  7. I accept my past and embrace my future relationships.
  8. I let go of all pain and trauma and welcome loving and nurturing relationships into my life.
  9. I offer the love I wish to receive.



Whether you are a mother or a wife, a daughter or a sister, an aunt or a niece or all of the above, family is an important part of our lives.

Cultivating strong bonds with our family members helps provide us with and offer support through life’s ever-changing seasons.

As we grow into new roles within our families and branch out to form our own families, the ability to nurture a supportive and healthy family environment will ensure greater peace and tranquility in life.

Try these affirmations to support loving family relationships:

  1. I love and am loved by my family.
  2. All of my family members are worthy of my love and attention.
  3. My children are deeply loved and a source of beauty and joy in my life.
  4. My children’s evolution is a natural part of life and I seek to love and nurture them through all their phases of growth.
  5. The deep roots of my family tree provide me the support and guidance I need to move forward in life with confidence.
  6. The bonds of family are strong enough to overcome all differences.
  7. My siblings are my support and I am theirs.
  8. I honor my parents and they are proud of me and all I have accomplished.
  9. I am worthy of my parents’ love.
  10. I am a loving (mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece…).
  11. I forgive (name of family member) for their actions in the past and am ready to accept them into my life again.
  12. Even though I do not want (name of family member) to be an active part of my life, I forgive them and wish them peace and happiness.


Inner strength

Life can bring so many challenges and it’s not always easy to put on a brave face and carry on.

However, as we have seen clearly during the COVID pandemic, a disproportionate amount of household responsibilities fall on women.

From caring for the family’s nutrition and cooking meals to attending to all the household needs to chores and cleaning to home-schooling the children during the lockdown periods, women all over the world have had to dig especially deep to find sources of resilience this year.

Here are some affirmations to find inner strength in times of need:

  1. This moment is temporary, and I will be able to get through it.
  2. I have the strength I need to endure this situation.
  3. Despite challenges, inside me is a place of calm and serenity that allows me to deal with all situations effectively.
  4. I have the support I need to handle this problem.
  5. There are no problems without solutions.
  6. I will emerge from this situation stronger and more confident.
  7. I have faith in my ability to overcome all difficulties in life.
  8. Even during hardship, I believe that a higher power supports and protects me.


Body positivity

Many women experience insecurity and unsatisfaction with their physical bodies.

Fashion magazines, films and other forms of media often portray idealized and unattainable images of female beauty, contributing to feelings of low self-esteem and an inability to love and accept our bodies as they are.

Fad diets and plastic surgery are at record highs and many women feel pressure to alter their natural shapes and features in order to fit a beauty standard.

Likewise, experiences such as an illness, accident, unwanted weight loss or gain as well as the natural process of aging and the changes the female body undergoes in childbirth can alter our image of ourselves, leaving us wistful for reflection we once saw in the mirror and unable to come to peace with our reflection today.

The ability to feel good in our own skin, no matter whether our appearance fits a beauty standard or our own expectations of our physical looks, is an essential part of enjoying day-to-day encounters and activities as well as feeling confident in our intimate relationships.

Developing body positivity can change our relationship to the skin we live in, helping us to embrace our natural beauty and live with more self-esteem.

Here are some affirmations to help deepen our sense of body positivity:

  1. I love and accept my body exactly as it is.
  2. I am beautiful.
  3. My body is a gift and I am grateful for all the joy that it brings me.
  4. My body is healthy and strong.
  5. My body allows me to savor and experience all that life offers on the physical plane.
  6. My body is sacred, and I honor its divinity.
  7. My female body offers health and abundance in every cell.
  8. I take care of my body so that my body takes care of me.
  9. I feel confident in the way I look.
  10. My body is an incredible instrument of intimacy, connection and the creation of life.
  11. I support my body on its journey to health and healing.


Daily affirmations for women

The following is a list of powerful affirmations that women can repeat every single day to invite positivity and abundance into your life:

  1. I honor my divine femininity.
  2. I am a goddess.
  3. I am a superhero.
  4. I am creative, intuitive, strong and real.
  5. I love being a woman.
  6. There are no limits in life, only limited mindsets.
  7. I am deeply blessed to be walking this path.
  8. I choose to be joyful every day.
  9. I radiate positivity everywhere I go.
  10. I offer loving kindness to all beings.
  11. I attract love, abundance and health every day.



Today, women have the ability to experience success, abundance and the freedom to choose whether or not to be a mother, freedoms denied to women just a generation or two ago.

As women of all generations carve out their place in the world, today, being a woman is worthy of celebration.

Repeat these affirmations to embrace your successful career, nurturing relationship with family and partners, inner strength and body-positive mindset. 


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