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Everyone has something they would like to achieve.

Whether it’s making more money, finding the love of their life, traveling the world, starting their own business or building a family, wanting things is human nature.

And achieving things is also human nature. Look at the accomplishments of elite athletes, entertainers, CEOs and ask yourself what makes them different from you.

You can have the success, love and abundance you want by harnessing the power of manifestation.

Anyone with a specific objective they want to achieve can use manifestation to reach their goals.

Manifestation is a powerful practice which, when coupled with well-directed actions, can bring amazing results.

There are many names for manifestation. The film The Secret: The Law of Attraction has popularized the practice and more and more people are living the life they manifest.

Manifestation is a combination of clear visualization of your goals and dreams with specific steps that will take you closer to those dreams.

But here’s the caveat: manifestation doesn’t work with visualization alone.

For example, the odds are if you sit on your couch all day and visualize owning a Ferrari but never get off the couch and contribute something to that dream, you won’t be able to manifest it.

That’s because manifestation isn’t magic, but instead a practice of deeply aligning thought and action.

So, how does manifestation work?

This post will discuss the powers you need to harness to practice manifesting greater abundance in your life.

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The Power of Writing

Write down your goal or dream in a notebook or on a piece of paper.

Make the moment official and ceremonious. Use a nice pen if you have one. Sit down at your desk. Use your best handwriting. Make a sincere and serious effort as you handwrite your goal.

There are many studies on how the process of handwriting affects the brain. When you write something by hand rather than typing, you are directing movement with thought in a very intentional way.

Additionally, when you write something down rather than type it, it makes a deeper imprint in your memory.

Also, handwriting calls to mind the practice of signing agreements and documents in a way that is binding.

There is a sense of accountability when you write something by hand that is lacking from a digital document that you can easily erase or delete.



The Power of Visualization

From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to bed, bring this thought or goal to your mind often.

Make sincere efforts to visualize yourself manifesting this goal.

When you wake up, take a few minutes to sit with your eyes closed and imagine yourself manifesting your dream.

Include as many details as possible so that you can actually feel the sensation you would feel if it were real. Throughout your day, take “visualization breaks” where you sit and visualize your goal.

At night, before going to bed, repeat the visualization ritual. Over time, include more details and more feelings so that your goal becomes very palpable.

As you repeat this practice with more and more depth and frequency, you may notice “coincidences” such as meeting someone who has just manifested the exact same goal you have or seeing a movie that is about the goal you have or seeing clues and signs about it in your day to day life.


The Power of a Role Model

Your role model doesn’t have to be someone you know in person. It could be someone who already has the things you are manifesting.

If it’s someone famous, research them. Read articles and books written by or about them. Watch videos on or by them. Find out what steps they took to get to where they are. What were their biggest challenges and how did they overcome them?

Start modeling their behavior. For example, if your role model gets up at 5 a.m. and goes for a run, start waking up early to exercise.

If they write every morning for an hour before heading into work, start writing every morning for an hour before heading to work. You get the picture, right?

By modeling the habits of the person who has achieved the goal you have, you can get closer to achieving that goal yourself.

Walk in their shoes until you’re standing where they stand. 


The Power of a Mentor

Nobody can do it alone. Even your role model likely had a mentor or a coach to help guide them.

Nobody achieves their dreams without at least one person offering help, advice or guidance along the way.

So, if you haven’t already, ask someone to mentor you or hire a coach.

Someone in this role has the responsibility to help you outline steps you need to take, answer questions you may have and create a sense of accountability since either, in the case of the mentor, someone is dedicating their time to you, or, in the case of the coach, you are paying them to help guide you.


The Power of Action

Your mentor or coach will help outline a strategy and give you tasks to complete that will help you get closer to your goal. This is important.

As mentioned above, manifestation is not magic. Taking action is very important.

If you’re dreaming of a new career, go to that training. If you’re dreaming of the love of your life, go on that date.

If you want to run a marathon, get out there and put in the miles every day.

Cumulative steps taken consistently and over a period of time will yield results.


The Power of Joy

If your experience of manifesting feels like suffering, there’s a key element missing: joy.

Elite athletes and successful businessmen don’t get out of bed at 4 a.m. groaning about how tired they are.

They don’t complain about how many meetings they had to go to or how many hours they spent in practice.

They do those things with joy because those tasks yield the fruits of their success.

They are doing the thing they dreamed of and it may come with early mornings and long hours but when you are in sync with your dream, you don’t feel like it’s work, you feel like its winning.

Find the joy in all the work you’re putting in to attain your goal. Savor it. It will give you more energy to do more of what you love.


The Power of Asking

Don’t be afraid to ask. When you start working towards your goals with sincerity, you may actually find that people are more likely to want to help you.

Get out there and start asking for the help you need.

Ask someone to sponsor you. Ask someone to invest in your idea. Ask someone to take your class or come to your show or write you a letter of recommendation.

Ask to shadow your role model. Whatever you need, you won’t hear your first yes until you ask.



You can have the things you want, and manifestation can help you achieve them.

Remember that manifestation is the alignment of thought and action.

Write down your goal and visualize it every day.

Don’t try to go it alone, reach out to a mentor or a coach and have the courage to ask for what you want.

And enjoy every step along the way to your dream.

Happy manifesting!

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