Meditation Chairs with Back Support [Updated For 2023]

meditation chairs with back support
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Creating a comfortable environment is essential to a successful meditation session.

Many people can find a supportive cushion, a patch of floor, and 20 minutes of free time to take advantage of the benefits of this practice.

What if you have physical difficulties that make it challenging to sit on the floor?

Does your doctor want you to have ergonomic back supports to help with an injury?

Meditation chairs help to relieve the discomfort that the traditional practice can cause for some people.

There are a variety of styles from which to choose, from benches to items akin to office chairs, but these seats all have one thing in common: to help you find your focus.

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The Five Primary Meditation Postures for Meditation

Although every form of meditation may offer a recommended position, there are five primary styles from which to choose.

1. The Burmese position, which is a simple cross-legged pose, is the most popular one for Western practitioners of meditation.
2. The Half-Lotus places you into a similar position, but it brings the feet up slightly higher. Instead of resting on your shins and ankles, it puts more of your weight on the upper leg.
3. The Full-Lotus position is a traditional posture that crosses your ankles up across your thighs, providing more stability and strength to your spine.
4. Kneeling postures are common in some forms of meditation, which place your shins on the ground as you sit upright on top of the backs of your calves.
5. It is also quite common to use a meditation chair to start this practice, with or without a back, depending on what your mobility issues happen to be.

There are some general principles that apply to each of these postures as well if you want to maximize the potential of each meditation session.

It helps to gently pull your chin back as you sit, stretching your head toward the ceiling.

Close your mouth as you elongate the spine, having the tongue gently touch your upper palate.

Then consciously choose to relax your shoulders as this will help you to start breathing better.

Then position your pelvis as you sit so that your spine does not try to arch.

The goal is to position your hips at the same level as your knees because this helps your pelvis to roll forward.

Then the back will begin to straighten naturally, even if you typically sit in poor posture throughout the day, and you can accomplish this outcome without pushing, physical stress, or discomfort.

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What Is the Best Chair for Meditation?

The best chair for meditation is the one which offers a supportive design that allows you to move into a comfortable position.

It should take the pressure off of your legs, hips, and pelvis so that your focus doesn’t stray to a moment of discomfort.There are several different styles from which to choose, ranging from an ergonomic design that forces you into a specific position to padded floor chairs that offer an extra layer of cushioning.

Some models provide a chair-like structure that makes it feel like a piece of furniture, while others create more of a bench-like experience.

You will find that there are several different methods of support to review when looking for the best chair for meditation today as well.

Many designs provide more of a traditional design that offers a padded seat and back to maximize your comfort.

There are also thick cotton cushions, pillows, and hammocks that can help you to keep your focus because they work to eliminate environmental distractions.


Benefits of Using Meditation Chairs

Most meditations chairs provide you with a lightweight, compact user experience.

Their design is such that you can quickly and easily change their placement or position in a room to maximize the benefits of your environment.

There are multiple designs from which to choose.

Some help you to find a low, comfortable seat that supports specific pressure points on your body to prevent discomfort.

Others focus on portability, allowing you to take them almost anywhere to enjoy the benefits of meditation every day.

The best chair for meditation will relieve the pressure that builds up in your legs and back when you stay in a seated position for an extended time.

It should also promote healthier postures to support your spine.

Because there are many different types of meditation you could practice, it is essential to choose a design which works with the positions you must maintain.

Benefits of the Best Meditation Cushions

Meditation cushions provide a similar benefit, but they come without an incorporated back to support your spine.

You could choose this option if you can sit comfortably in your preferred posture without assistance.Anyone who meditates in the half-lotus or full-lotus position can benefit from the meditation cushions which are available today.

You can experience a reduction or elimination of pain while in seated meditation with the correct cushion providing support.

If you find that your feet tend to “fall asleep” during your sessions, then you can see a reduction in symptoms with this product as well.

The best meditation cushions also come with the advantage of improved portability.

Many of today’s designs include a strap which allows you to carry it with a backpack or suitcase while traveling.

Even inflatable products are available if you need to fly and don’t have room for a more traditional product.

If you practice yoga in addition to your time in meditation, then these cushions can serve as a prop or support for your joints in some of the more challenging positions you might try.

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Do I Need to Be in a Seated Position to Meditate?

Chair-sitting meditation tends to be the preference for most people because it is an easy way to support your body, find a focus point, and begin the search for clarity. Because some people have physical limitations which make it a challenge to get into or out of this position, there are alternative ways to meditate if even the best meditation chairs, benches, or cushions are unable to provide the support you require.

Here are some of the alternative meditation positions to consider if you find that sitting is too uncomfortable.

Option #1: Standing Meditation

Stand tall with your feet about a shoulder-width apart. Then shift your stance so that your toes point slightly away from each other as this will help to distribute your weight. You will want to bend your knees a little to promote circulation to your lower extremities. Then take deep breaths, imagining that all of your stress can escape through the crown of your head. If you are unsure of what to do with your hands, then try keeping them around your stomach or behind your back.

Option #2: Kneeling Meditation

If your body allows you to kneel comfortably, then give this position a try over sitting. Some meditation benches will support this option for you as well. Keep your shins flat on the floor, ankles below your rear, and then keep your back comfortably straight. If you feel any pain in this position, then you should try a different pose. Root your weight through your hips to avoid pressure on your lower back.

Option #3: Lying Down Meditation

Some people find it easier to release stress and tension by lying down instead of sitting up. The benefit of choosing this position is that you will have your entire body supported as you begin your meditation session. Lie on your back, keeping your arms extended next to your body. Keep your feet apart, but still within the frame of your body. If your lower back is unhappy with this option, then consider placing a meditation pillow underneath your knees to add some elevation to this pose.
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Why Is Posture Such an Essential Component of Meditation?

If you do not have good posture during a meditation session, then your point of focus will eventually shift from the quest to find clarity to the uncomfortable feelings in your muscles and joints.

Because you can take a flexible approach to your positioning, it is helpful to begin in a way that feels natural to you.

Some people prefer to sit. Others like to kneel. Standing, lying down, or even walking in some situations can help you to find a spot where clarity becomes possible.

When you are comfortable, then it is easier to shift your body into the positions it wants to be in while meditating so that you can maximize each session.

Remaining in a specific posture throughout the entire time can help to remind yourself why you began this practice in the first place.

Meditation helps you to stay present at this point in time. It can supercharge your relaxation, help you to manage stress, or whatever else you might need to have in your life right now.

That is why the best meditation chairs and similar supportive products are such a useful addition to your environment.

By providing you with an extra level of comfort, you can take your practice to the next level.

Prices of the Best Meditation Chairs and Cushions

The price of your meditation chair or cushion will depend on the specific features you want to see with the product.

Portable items in this category tend to be cheaper than furniture items for the home, while ergonomics and the quality of materials used can also play roles in the final expense.

Most portable meditation chairs and seat cushions are in the $50 to $100 range today, although designs that incorporate bamboo or teak can push the cost higher.

Small benches that come with or without padding are typically in the $100 to $150 price range.

If you need a meditation chair that can accommodate a specific sitting position for your practice, then the price jumps to a range of $175 to $500.

When shopping for a furniture item, you will want to review the product listing in its entirety to ensure that you will receive the cushion with it. Some manufacturers sell them separately.

Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

​​​​​​​XoticBrands Seagrass Meditation Chair​​​​​​​

The design of this chair provides a curve that gives your feet some extra space.

It features a woven frame which is available in two different colors, with a cream or olive cushion cover to add aesthetic comfort to any room.

Each cover is made from 100% cotton to support a breathable meditation experience.

You’ll sit about eight inches off of the ground with this design, have options for all cross-legged poses, and lots of support for your knees.

It may not be helpful for those with mobility issues, but this meditation chair does provide a comfortable user experience.

​Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

This chair will quickly become the centerpiece of your room thanks to its Earthy design and meditation-focused features.

The cushion is made from thick, natural cotton filled with kapok to offer a superior user experience every day.

It also features a taller back to provide more ergonomic support, with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

You will find yourself able to sit longer and with greater comfort thanks to the generous amount of seating space that comes with this design.

The cushion cover with this chair is even machine-washable.

Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair

If you need portability with your meditation chair, then the extra-large design of this model provides a positive experience without compromising on the back support you need.

It is exceptionally supportive for those who prefer the lotus postures, but it can also help beginners find more comfort with their prolonged sitting.

This chair is supportive enough to help those with limited flexibility or back problems while ensuring that everyone can increase their capacity to sit on the floor.

​Best Meditation Seats to Use

Alexia Meditation Seat

This meditation seat will put you into an ergonomically correct position every time.

It is perfect for anyone who prefers a cross-legged meditating position, including those who use the Full-Lotus.

It supports your knees, feet, lower back, and ischium to give you a maximum level of comfort while still offering the benefits of a Sukhashana pose.

It features a metal skeleton to ensure you have the right level of support, a variety of color options for the leather exterior, and it gives you the flexibility you need when your hips don’t like to sit flat.


​Zen’s Bamboo Floor Seat Chair

This chair is low enough to the ground that it can serve as seating for most coffee tables.

If you want to meditate on your deck, porch, or patio, then the durability of the frame with this model makes that possible.

Every edge is smooth and rounded to ensure the safest possible experience.

Even though it is somewhat small in stature, it still provides support for someone weighing up to 220 pounds.

The cushion is soft and durable, made from high-resilience foam, to support whatever meditation position you prefer.

You can even choose to sit on it without the pillow and stay comfortable.

Giantex 14-Position Floor Chair

This floor chair comes with flannel fabric and high-density foam to create comfortable floor seating that is perfect for your next meditation session.

It maintains its shape thanks to a solid iron frame, while the back can be adjusted in a variety of positions up to 90 degrees.

The maximum weight capacity for this item is 200 pounds, but it also only weighs 13 pounds and comes fully assembled.

There are five colors from which to choose, and the comfort levels are so high that you might have a battle with your cat about who gets to claim ownership over this chair.

Best Meditation Benches

​​Still Sitting Nomad Meditation Bench​​

This curved bench comes in a medium or large size to help you sit for extended periods without difficulty.

It works well with the Seiza (kneeling) position, giving you an extra level of support with easy height adjustments that make it a highly functional item.

The styling is visually attractive, but it is the portable nature of this bench that makes it such an excellent investment.

Fold it up, take it with you with your carry-on, or toss it in your car for some time in nature.

This model is going to get the job done for you.

Green Eos Ergonomic Meditation Bench

If you prefer more of the no-frills approach to your meditation environment, then give this bamboo bench a closer look.

This sustainable product features tightly hinged legs that fold up for easy storage or portability.

It features a high-quality finish that is useful indoors or outside, while the angled seat works to reduce pressure on your hip, back, or knees to encourage proper pelvic and spinal alignment.

If you are struggling to reach a peaceful state with your current environment, then consider adding this bench to maximize your time in each meditation session.

​EarthBench Meditation Bench

Offering a 14-inch tall frame, this personal meditation bench provides practicality at an affordable price.

You can even use it as an altar table if you wish. It features solid red oak construction, which means you’re not stuck with synthetic materials, fiberboard, or plywood when you make this investment.

It is a 100% handmade product, features a small drawer to keep your meditation supplies or accessories, and is very stable with its design.

If you have found that the other chairs or benches are a little too small to support your body, then we would highly recommend giving this option a closer look.

Best Portable Meditation Chairs

NnewVante Back Support Meditation Chair

The best feature to consider with this unique meditation chair is the adjustable back it provides.

You can use it as a floor chair in your living room or bedroom, sit in a bay window with it, or pack it along on a road trip to meditate almost anywhere.

There are five adjustable backrest angles to use, ranging from 90-180 degrees, reducing the risk of cervical pain and backaches during each session.

It is washable, weighs just 5.5 pounds, and a 12-month warranty backs the product.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and sturdy this model is in a variety of environments.

​Sundale Outdoor Adjustable Meditation Chair

One of the issues you can sometimes encounter with the best portable meditation chairs is that they are only meant to stay inside.

If you want to meditate in your backyard, at the beach, or in a quiet spot at a local park, then you run the risk of ruining the material.

This chair features a soft-brushed polyester cover that withstands the elements.

It is effortless to clean, accommodates the five different positions of sitting, and offers a minimal storage profile that makes the unit easy to take anywhere.

It is not designed for extended meditation sessions of 45+ minutes, but the product does provide the right level of support for about 20 minutes.

Best Choice Products Folding Floor Lounge

Although this product is marketed as a gaming chair, the durable steel frame and plush cushioning give you a variety of sitting options from which to choose.

The microfiber upholstery is exceptionally durable, allowing you to enjoy an extended meditation session whenever the mood strikes.

The chair folds up in half for storage, making it easy to fit into most trunks, trucks, and SUVs.

It isn’t as wide as the other products in this category, so take a look at the dimensions carefully before purchase to ensure that it can manage your body profile.

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Best Meditation Supplies to Use

​Gaiam Mediation Block

Stability is essential to your meditation experience.

You must maintain your balance, avoid discomfort, and stay in your position to maximize the time spent in each session.

The firm, latex-free foam provided in this block is the perfect solution to every need.

You can make whatever modifications are necessary to create the correct alignment.

It is large enough to sit on the product comfortably, while you can also use it to support your yoga practice as well.

Choose your favorite color out of more than a dozen, and then focus on the processes needed to find clarity.

​Chakras Incense Set

This root-to-crown incense set provides you with 140 sticks that can help you to set the ideal mood in your meditation space.

Each one will last for about 60 minutes (and sometimes much longer) to help you find moments of clarity.

Every item is 100% natural, free of any chemicals, accelerants, or charcoal, to ensure that the aroma is healthy and helpful every time.

Even the individual packets are recyclable with this product, and you will receive a wooden incense catcher to start using the kit right away.

Combine this item with the best meditation chair or cushion to create exceptional comfort for your next session.

Best Meditation Accessories for Your Practice

​Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl

This 4-inch singing bowl features a bronze mantra design and a hand-sewn dampening pillow to ensure that you can receive a high-quality sound with every use.

It is still small enough to be a portable item for those moments when you need to find peace while away from home, yet the bowl is also large enough to produce a resonant sound that can help you to embrace a moment of serenity as you seek clarity.

The tones are layered and pure, created in Nepal, and the perfect accessory for someone who seeks moments of mindfulness every day.

​Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

It might be a small product, but this zen garden does provide a 9×9-inch rosewood frame that can help you to take advantage of this practice on a miniature scale.

This set comes with a bamboo rake, a long-handled model, and a broom that can help you to create meditative patterns as you seek to quiet the mind.

There are polished stones to add visual interest to the display as well.

You’ll receive a 64-page booklet in the box which provides suggestions for shaping the garden as well.

Even if you only see it as a toy, this product is going to exceed your expectations.

Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband

When you first begin a meditation practice, it can be challenging to know how to calm your mind.

Thoughts like to race through, trying to create to-do lists or moments of anxiety where you might have forgotten something.

This product will teach you how to recognize a state of peace, and then it will show you how to get there repetitively.

Place the product on your head, plug your earbuds into the headband, and then use the associated app to immerse yourself with natural sounds.

It will then give you real-time EEG feedback that can help you to set meditation goals or enhance the benefits of each session.

Could Your Meditation Practice Use a Little Help?

One of the primary reasons why people give up on meditation is that they cannot find a moment of comfort while sitting.

This distraction becomes the focus of their mind instead of the pursuit of clarity.

The best chair for meditation can help you to find the relief you need while supporting your quest of mindfulness.

Cushions and benches can help in their unique ways as well.

Choose the product which will best support your sitting style today, and then give yourself an opportunity to take your meditation practice to the next level.

The added levels of comfort are sure to reduce the number of times you will need to refocus.

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