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Limitless Labs Short Review

Does the limitless pill exist? First of all the limitless pill like the one in the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper doesn’t exist in real life. 

However there are other things that have the potential of improving your brain function, e.g. nootropics or the digital pills offered by Inspire3. But they’re not exactly the same things and they’re not as powerful as the pills from the movie.

Nootropics are substances that can enhance cognitive function, they may help improve memory, focus and creativity, while digital pills offered by Inspire3 are audio recordings that may help rewire your thinking patterns and optimize your mental abilities to help you overcome various challenges in your real life.

Nootropics are substances that you ingest and they work by affecting the brain’s neurochemistry, while digital pills from Inspire3 are audio recordings that you listen to and they use the techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to rewire your thinking patterns. 

Limitless Labs offers powerful audio recordings called “digital pills” which can help improve different aspects of your life. All you have to do is listen to these recordings. Check out the links that you will find below to download your free audios.

The recordings were created by NLP practicioner and hypnotherapist Julie-Ann Amos. There’s also an additional bonus version of each audio created by master NLP practitioner, Stuart Ashing for you to choose from.

When you decide to listen to the recordings, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and put on the headphones. Here you can find high quality headphones.

As you start to listen, your expert guide will help you to relax and will subtly lead you through a unique NLP protocol with a specific mental exercise designed to rewire your neural pathways and create positive changes in your thinking and behavior.

Inside each audio you will also find specific language patterns that are supposed to further enhance your results.


You can “take” each pill as often as you like. For best results it is recommended to listen to the recordings daily for 5-7 days initially. And then as often as you would like to maintain the positive effects.

Don’t worry about overdoing it – there’s no risk of “overdosing”. Many people use each Limitless Labs pill just once. It’s all they need to make an immediate shift in their thinking patterns. But of course it’s not guaranteed as each person can react to the recordings in a different way.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey towards positive change, check out the links below!

1. What is Limitless Labs? In short it is an audio lab ("science-based audio clinic")  where you can purchase “digital pills” that are able to help you improve many areas of your life.  

2. How can these "digital pills" help you change/improve your life? There are “pills” that can help you lose weight, sleep better, become more creative, learn faster, gain confidence, let go of the past, think more positively and more. 

3. How do these digital pills work? What are their ingredients? The main "ingredient" of each "pill" is NLP which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. “Each audio combines several cutting-edge NLP techniques to rapidly rewire your mind and bring about lasting change.”  

4. How long is each session? Most sessions last around 10-15 minutes (up to 20 minutes in some cases). Each “digital pill” should be listened to daily (at least for the first 7 days) in order to achieve long lasting results.

5. Does it really work? Isn’t it another scam? Is it a placebo? Neurolinguistic programming techniques have their proponents and opponents. Some people will say that these “digital pills” work great for them while others won’t be satisfied. It’s normal. 

Each individual is different and there doesn’t exist one pill or one therapeutic approach that could work for everyone. 

The only way to find out if the “digital pills” from the Limitless Labs work for you is to try them out yourself and see what happens.     

More information about how the “digital pills” work and more answers to your questions you will find HERE.  
Backed by therapists.
Proven by science.

Backed by peer reviewed studies, each digital pill contains the same powerful techniques used by professional psychologists and master NLP practitioners worldwide. 

Yet our proprietary audio process goes deeper than traditional therapy, combining proprietary, cutting-edge audio protocols mixed with guided NLP techniques that penetrate further, faster. 

The result is safe, fast, effective change, whatever your goal. Guaranteed. 


If you want to:

- Upgrade your brain to lose weight faster

- Rewire your neurons to attract more abundance

- Increase your brain power

- Unlock boundless energy

- Reframe your thinking for more happiness and joy

- Learn how to manifest what you want in life ...
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What are the Core Principles of NLP?

NLP is a set of principles and techniques whose goal is to enhance self-awareness, increase confidence, build communication skills, and motivate positive social and personal change.

Here are the core principles of NLP: the map is not the territory, rapport, outcome orientation, sensory acuity, and behavioral flexibility.

Now, let’s describe them in more detail. 

The map is not the territory means that our perception of reality is not the same as reality itself.

Rapport is the ability to connect with others and build a relationship of trust and understanding.

Outcome orientation emphasizes the importance of setting clear and specific goals in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Sensory acuity refers to the ability to be aware of and interpret nonverbal cues, such as body language and tone of voice.

Behavioral flexibility is the ability to adapt one's behavior in response to changing circumstances.

People who apply these principles in their lives will improve their communication skills, increase their confidence, and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.

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