Affirmations to Attract the Love of a Specific Person [28 Affirmations to Attract Your Soulmate]

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What are affirmations and why should you use them?

Affirmations are phrases we can speak or think repeatedly to manifest something or someone into existence in our lives. You can use affirmations for a variety of things like career changes, promotions, personal growth, and even attracting a specific kind of person to you romantically.

We all want specific qualities in a romantic relationship. So why wait around for the “right” person to just walk into your life? Take a little control back and recite some affirmations to manifest the specific person you want to fall in love with!

What makes a productive affirmation?

Anything can be an affirmation if you phrase it the right way! The most productive affirmations are action statements or sets of characteristics that you’d like to see this person possess. Affirmations also work best when you have a positive mindset and phrase your affirmations in a positive way. But basically, anything that is observable is a great place to start!

Now, the caveat is that the universe isn’t going to do all the work for you! Affirmations are really only successful when they’re backed up with action on your end. If you want to attract a specific kind of person, it might help to frequent places that those kinds of people go or consider what qualities of yours might attract those kinds of people. You’ll know when you’re on the right path – you’ll be able to feel it!

To get you started, consider trying out any of the following affirmations or changing up the wording to fit what you want to attract in your person.

Affirmations for manifesting a healthy relationship with a specific person

[SO stands for significant other]

1. My SO will want to spend time with me on my terms

This person cares about what you want and what your schedule is like and won’t pressure you to do something you don’t enjoy or have energy to do. They’ll listen to what you want and still value your time together even when it’s on your terms.

2. My SO will respect my boundaries

Your no means no to this person and they won’t push on the boundaries you establish. They will also not guilt trip you when you’re establishing your boundaries.

3. My SO can articulate their preferences and wants to hear mine, too

This person will have no trouble respectfully telling you what they want and they solicit your thoughts and opinions, too.

4. I feel energized after spending time with my SO

You know that feeling of exhaustion after you’ve spent time with certain kinds of people? This person won’t make you feel like that! This person will give you more energy after you’re done hanging out with them.

5. I look forward to spending time with my SO

6. My SO asks me about my day and genuinely listens to what I say

This person genuinely shows interest in hearing about your day and doesn’t just want a one-word answer. They want to hear about your day and doesn’t do something else while you’re talking. They also remember details and follow up with you about things later on to show that they care.

7. My SO thinks of me throughout the day and tells me as much

This person sends you “I miss you” messages or lets you know that they’re thinking of you at random in ways that you find meaningful.

8. My SO sends me things or shows me things that make them think of me

9. I always know where I stand with my SO

There’s a lack of passive-aggression in your relationship and you never have to wonder how they’re feeling or if they’re upset with you. You can trust that they’ll tell you when they’re unhappy with you.

10. My SO does not walk out when we’re fighting

11. I can voice my opinions to my SO even if they disagree with it

12. My SO and I can compromise easily

Of course, you and this person won’t see eye to eye on things, but you both care for and respect each other enough to be willing to compromise on certain things.

13. I feel safe disagreeing with my SO and we remain civil about it

14. I know that my SO loves me and they tell me often

15. I am a priority for my SO

This person sets aside time for you and for your relationship and they make spending time together and following your preferences come first when possible.

16. My SO and I can see a future together

This person doesn’t shy away from talking about a future and your views and goals align on key issues. You both like talking about your future and it makes you happy to envision a future with them.

17. My SO is supportive of my time with friends that doesn’t involve them

18. My SO stands up for me

If there’s a scenario where there’s conflict involving you, whether you’re around or not, this person stands up for you and backs you up without hesitation.

19. My SO supports me when I need it without complaining

This person doesn’t complain about being asked to go grab dinner or listening to you vent when you need a little extra support. You can seek support from this person without concern about later retribution or complaints.

20. My SO and I want to and can grow together

This can be a bit of an interesting topic. Growing with your SO is both a “now” thing and a future thing. You both take an active role in bettering yourselves together and you share the same growth trajectory. You both want to be better people for each other.

21. My SO and I want the same things in life, both now and for the future

22. I enjoy some of the same things that my SO does

23. We enjoy and respect our alone time

Alone time is a healthy and normal part of any relationship and this person respects this. They will ask you if you enjoyed your alone time, but they will not infringe on it. They will support your need for time alone and they will also request time alone without making it personal.

24. My SO and I can enjoy companionable silence sometimes and it’s not awkward

Silence when you’re spending time with your SO doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to talk about or that you’re bored. It just means that you’re both in the mood to be alone together and that’s okay. To many, that’s still considered quality time! If it’s not quality time in your book, make sure you say something! But silence with this person never feels awkward for you.

25. My SO lets me know when they like something that I do for them

This person is so in touch with their preferences and emotions that they can articulate when they appreciate something you do or say and they tell you as much.

26. My SO does the things I tell them that I like

Inversely, you feel as though you can tell this person that you like something they do or say and they make an effort to remember that and make doing or saying that thing a habit out of love and respect for you.

27. My SO loves me unconditionally

You know that no matter how often you fight or how many mistakes you make, you know that you are loved by this person and they make sure to reinforce that.

28. We both want to give the relationship equal amounts of attention and effort

This person never makes you feel like you’re the only one putting effort into the relationship or that you’re the only one who cares. You feel like you’re an equal partner in the relationship and that this person cares and invests the same amount as you do.

So, what next?

Now that you have an idea of what kinds of affirmations you can use to manifest a healthy relationship with a specific kind of person, you’re ready to start using them! But what can you expect going forward?

Firstly, you can expect your affirmations to take some time to work. Manifesting a specific kind of person won’t happen overnight, but don’t give up! Be patient and keep reciting your affirmations and the person will appear.

Secondly, don’t mistake desperation for dedication. Check in with yourself every now and again and make sure that your affirmations aren’t coming from a place of being desperate for this kind of person or relationship.

That kind of mentality won’t help you in the long run and may even cause you to attract the wrong kind of person. Remain dedicated and patient with the process and your person will manifest themselves.

Finally, remember that anything you believe is possible is. If you believe that this person will manifest themselves and your relationship with them will be what you’ve been affirming, then it will happen. After all, that’s how manifestation works!

With the right affirmations, a little work, and a lot of dedication, you’ll have the person and relationship of your dreams!

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