Raikov Effect [Everything You Need to Know is Found Here]


The Raikov Effect is deep-trance identification programming (DTI) formed from the foundational work of Dr. Vladimir Raikov in the 1960s. Raikov’s goal was to instantly improve the talent and skill of students studying music at the Moscow Conservatory. His studies proved that people could develop expertise faster when they envision themselves as the individual they … Read more

Affirmations for Self Confidence [25 Positive Affirmations to Make You Believe in Yourself]

self confidence affirmations

Having self-confidence means that you acknowledge your innate value. In practical terms, self-confidence can translate into the ability to take proactive steps to improve your quality of life, success and happiness. Conversely, low self-confidence can lead to feelings of being unfulfilled, insecure and unhappy. We all know which category we want to be in. But … Read more