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Do you realize that you brain is making it more difficult for you to achieve financial success? But how’s that possible, you might ask!

You have a lot of unconscious money blocks, which are essentially limiting beliefs that influence the financial decisions you make.

These limiting beliefs are choking your abundance.  

“I’m not good enough and smart enough” … “If I have too much money my friends and family will treat me differently” … “I’m afraid to fail. They will laugh at me if I fail” … “I either do what I love or make money”. etc.

Do these limiting beliefs sound familiar?

You need to get rid of these false, unhelpful and negative money blocks if you want to raise to the next level.

The good news is that it’s possible, it just requires some work on your part!  

You will need to reprogram your mind for wealth.

When you think rich you get rich. Of course it’s not so easy. Thinking alone is not enough.

Changing the thoughts inside your head is the first step which must be followed by taking action. You have to do something if you want to change your financial situation.

However, once you manage to dissolve your subconscious money blocks it will be easier for you to reach your financial success.

How can Reprogram Me help you achieve this? Keep reading to learn more.

Reprogram.ME is a new journey that says it can “reprogram” your brain.

The goal of this effort is to help you obtain more abundance and greater wealth.

It’s a promise that hundreds of similar products and programs offer. What makes Reprogram.ME different?

This approach doesn’t make empty promises. It looks at wealth through the eyes of self-esteem.

When you have confidence in yourself, then it is possible to find breakthroughs that work to remove the mental obstacles that block success.

This review of Reprogram.ME takes you through what you need to know to see if this program could provide the help you want in life.

It uses a unique combination of visualization, metaphors, self-hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to begin rewiring your thought patterns.

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Benefits of Using Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is not the same as meditation.

It is a more robust solution that continues to engage the body and mind while seeking calm and balance.

Reprogram.ME focuses on specific outcomes based on your thinking patterns.

If you use the self-hypnosis techniques found in these audio tracks regularly, then you might find some additional benefits start to form in your life.

These are the science-backed benefits that you can achieve when using the tools provided by programs like Reprogram.ME.



It can improve your sleeping habits.

sleeping habits

People who use self-hypnosis regularly spend up to 80% more time in slow-wave sleep after listening to audio tracks that encourage this response.

It promotes a more profound rest without the adverse side effects that can happen when using medication.


It may improve digestion.

self hypnosis digestion

Using self-hypnosis tracks can help people with gastrointestinal issues have reduced symptoms.

It is a long-term solution that provides short-term results.

It only took one hour each week over three months to produce results in a 2003 study.


It offers pain-reduction possibilities.

pain reduction reprogram me

Self-hypnosis shifts the perspective of the brain.

Instead of concentrating on discomfort, it looks toward the relaxation and visualization efforts offered in an audio track.

Multiple studies show that it is an effective way to manage pain with severe conditions like cancer or fibromyalgia.


​It provides a calming effect.

self hypnosis calming effect

Self-hypnosis helps people to adjust to new expectations.

If someone suffers from general anxiety issues, then this practice works to calm the nerves so that successful outcomes become possible.

If you want to maximize the potential of Reprogram.ME, then it helps to find a quiet place where you can listen to the audio uninterrupted.

Find a comfortable position that supports you through the listening experience.

Then it may help to complete some deep breathing exercises to begin the internal balancing process.

What Is the Time Commitment for Reprogram.ME?

reprogram me how long

The maximum time commitment you have for a Reprogram.ME track is 20 minutes per day.

That requirement happens during the second week of the program.

The other main modules are 18 minutes in length. The booster tracks are between 10 to 12 minutes.

That means you can incorporate the modules into your daily routine in a variety of ways.

You could listen to the tracks in the morning when you wake up, during a break at work, or as a way to transition back into home life after your commute.

The combination of soothing tones and vocal instructions is uniquely relaxing.

You may not want to use Reprogram.ME around bedtime because it could cause some people to fall asleep.

If you listen to the main module and booster each day, your maximum commitment time is 32 minutes.

How to Use Reprogram.ME

reprogram me learn how to use it

This program is straightforward and simple.

Reprogram.ME provides you with a series of audio tracks.

All you need to do is sit back, follow the instructions, and relax as you play it on your computer or another preferred device.

Reprogram.ME comes with four modules.

The intent is to have you listen to each one over 7 days to create a four-week program.

You will need to listen to the main module at least once.

Then there is a “booster” that you must also play to maximize the benefits of this program.

Reprogram.ME recommends listening to each module twice.

If you listen to the main module on Mondays and Wednesdays, then you could use the booster on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Then you’ll have a 3-day weekend to implement what you’ve learned before starting the next week of programming.

The goal is to listen to the program as much as you can.

You could listen to the primary and booster modules every day if you want!

What Does Reprogram.ME Address in Its Program?


The philosophy of this program is that it is your thoughts that hold you back.

The modules replace your current ideas with something that is empowering and positive.

All you need to do is listen to the program.

Then you can consider what you hear to see if the observation is valid.

Our belief systems are part of who we are.

The things that we think and feel are the result of our environment, the people around us, and even personal preferences.

Have you ever noticed how some people can seem to attract wealth or fame without much effort?

Reprogram.ME suggests that it is part of their belief system.

Those people learned to cast aside the chains of a belief that held them back.

This four-week program encourages you to bring your belief systems out of the subconscious mind.

When you make conscious choices about your beliefs about money, prosperity, or anything else, then you can change the programmed beliefs that hold you back.

Reprogram.ME focuses on your financial goals and inner balance.

The lessons you’ll learn through these audio tracks can apply to any area in life where you want limitless abundance.

Reviews of the Reprogram.ME Main and Booster Modules


When you choose Reprogram.ME as a way to encourage changes to your thinking patterns, you’ll receive a series of supplemental materials that help to guide you through the audio tracks.

The information is useful if you are unfamiliar with NLP or self-hypnosis.

If you’ve tried other programs in the past, then the structure will be similar to you.

Each module has specific goals and benefits that it hopes to achieve.

Here is what you can expect if you decide to start this journey.

Module 1 Review of Reprogram.ME

limiting beliefs self hypnosis reprogram me

These two audio tracks work on your belief structures.

The narrator makes the immediate observation that there are useful beliefs and ones that are not as beneficial.

As you listen to the audio, you’ll gain new insights into how anyone can strengthen and enhance supportive ideas while eliminating the thoughts one no longer requires.

When you can achieve success in this area, then it can change your attitude toward money or any other topic in your life.

You can start to feel more confident in your decision-making processes because you can trust your belief structures once again.

When you dig into the audio provided by the booster module, then you’ll start learning how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

The emphasis of the visualization, imagery, and guided parables is to improve your thoughts about money.

Module 2 Review of Reprogram.ME

financial superhero reprogram me

When you begin the second week of this program, then Reprogram.ME encourages you to identify your financial superhero.

You’ll go over the traits that this person has in their life to see what you already have in common with this individual.

Then the module takes you through modern self-hypnosis tactics that encourage you to absorb the missing traits into your life.

This process occurs at the subconscious level so that your waking belief structures don’t interfere with the changes you want to achieve.

The intended outcome is to increase your sensitivity to the thoughts and processes that build wealth.

If you can spot a moneymaking opportunity before anyone else, then that’s how you can change your circumstances.

Visualization exercises with the booster module help you to envision what a future with prosperity entails.

When you can see and identify specific goals, then it is easier to shift your belief structures toward those results.

The audio tracks are a little longer during this week because of the transition you’re attempting to accomplish.

This process is an essential part of the idea that you can chart a course toward an abundant outcome of your choosing.

Module 3 Review of Reprogram.ME

money management self hypnosis

The third week of Reprogram.ME takes a more practical approach to money management.

The primary module encourages you to develop a realistic timeline that helps you to achieve your goals.

Then the narrator encourages you to shift and change your calendar of events to see if you can accomplish more than your initial expectations.

This process can be profound for someone who isn’t 100% assured in each choice they make during the day.

If you already feel like you can explore wealth or another topic with high levels of confidence, then the booster module is going to be the primary source of inspiration for you during this week.

The booster takes you through your timeline once again to continue encouraging positive changes.

It enhances the visualization exercises from the main module so that you can feel like you’re making progress toward something beneficial and exciting.

Module 4 Review of Reprogram.ME

hesitation reprogram me course

This module shifts the point of emphasis of the program.

Instead of focusing on your beliefs or goals, it wants you to explore the conflicting ideas that happen every day.

When a person has thoughts that fall on both sides of a decision-making spectrum, then the result is almost always hesitation.

That moment of inaction can turn into an extended timeline of not doing anything if one is not careful.

If you hesitate when making a financial decision, then you can lose opportunities to start building wealth.

This final week of the program encourages you to find ways to seek internal balance.

Instead of being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously, the narrator guides you toward a place of alignment.

When you can achieve this balance, then the chances of finding abundance rise.

The booster module uses an engaging metaphor to help you remember how to create or access your empowering belief system.

It takes you through the process of building subconscious habits that become part of your regular routine without active thinking.

That means the final goal of Reprogram.ME is to help trigger new ideas using your creative approaches to create the growth you want to see.

What to Expect from Reprogram.ME

reprogram me benefits

NLP, guided meditation, visualization, and similar programs often receive negative reviews because people don’t see immediate results.

The idea that a four-week program will immediately correct the belief structures you’ve had in place since childhood is an unrealistic expectation.

It takes time to shift your thinking toward new habits.

This program will not make anyone wealthy overnight.

It works to change your perspectives about money or abundance so that adverse feelings don’t get in the way.

When people feel guilty about having a lot of money, then the most common reaction is to stop pursuing more wealth.

Reprogram.ME works with you to shift that perspective.

Instead of pursuing the idea that having more wealth is a bad thing, the program encourages you to keep doing more.

It wants you to allow your belief structures to become the change you wish to see in the world today.

The combination of self-hypnosis, NLP, and soothing audio engages the brain in ways that similar programs cannot achieve.

You will want to listen to what the narrator has to say.

Then it is up to you to implement the suggested changes.

You may not notice a shift in your thinking patterns right away.

Some people might not see anything change at all in the first days of using Reprogram.ME. Stick with this opportunity.

It is an investment that can help you to get past the obstacles that are holding you back.

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