What Is Spiritual Meditation: 10 Ways to Reach a Higher Level of Enlightenment

spiritual meditation

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What is spiritual meditation? The benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again by clinical research studies.

From lower levels of stress to better overall concentration and focus, meditation can help every person maximize their full potential every day. The only problem with most meditation advice, however, is that the physical components of meditation are often stressed.

Humans are unique creatures. There is a spiritual side to them in addition to the physical side.

To get the most out of every day, it is important to allow time for spiritual mediation. If you want to be able to reach a higher level of enlightenment, then here are some 10 suggestions to help you incorporate spiritual meditation into your life.

#1. Don’t hold a grudge against people who might be trying to harm you

When others do things that hurt you, it can be difficult to forgive them. Sometimes revenge is sought, while at other times a chip on the shoulder might be carried for some time.

No one is saying that anyone should ever expose themselves to additional hurt and pain through the path of forgiveness. To seek true spiritual meditation, however, you’ve got to be willing to first let the pain go that happens whenever you feel wronged or offended.

If you can’t let it go, then you won’t be able to travel down the road of spiritual enlightenment.


#2. Get healthy by becoming spiritually active whenever possible

Meditation helps to bring greater levels of health to your physical life, while spiritual meditation will help to bring greater levels of health to your spiritual life.

When you are spiritually active, no matter how you define the term “spirituality,” you are building up a resistance to the hurt and pain that others might intentionally or unintentionally cause.

You’re also creating an environment where you begin to think of others just as much as you think of yourself. When spiritual meditation becomes part of the daily routine, you are able to see the big picture much more clearly.

In order to destroy those who harm you, it is necessary to love them. If you love your enemies, then you will no longer want to hurt them. That’s what spiritual meditation brings into a life.


#3. Legitimately practice your faith

Many societies have shifted what the idea of faith is supposed to be. Many faiths seek out validation for their beliefs and actively seek to put others down in order for those practicing any given faith to feel like they have chosen “the truth.”

In the past, faith was about what kind of works you were able to provide others in a selfless way. Good works will help to build a foundation for spiritual meditation incredibly fast!

You don’t have to build an orphanage to have good works either. Any time you lend a helping hand, you’re helping to eliminate the darkness from the land – and your faith – a little bit more.


#4. Be authentic in everything you do

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Spiritual meditation is never going to happen if you’re trying to live a double life. Many people don’t realize that they aren’t being authentic because they’ve grown so accustomed to the practice.

If you are a different person at work than you are at home, then you are not being authentic.

Authenticity also requires a certain amount of integrity. It demands that you always do the right thing, no matter what, and even when no one is around to hold you accountable to your decisions. If you can be authentic 100% of the time, then you are ready to begin incorporating spiritual meditation into your life.


#5. Realize that religion and spirituality are two very different things

Some people may experience spiritual meditation when they go to a religious building to worship. Many of them attend services, however, simply because they get a positive benefit as they proceed through the rituals that their religion demands.

When religious practices stay true to their spiritual foundations, then spiritual mediation does become a possibility… but only if that’s where your mind happens to be. If you are attending a religious service and the primary thought in your mind is about the time the service will be over, then there is no benefit being achieved.

Spirituality is focused inward. Religion is focused outward.


#6. Focus on the moment that is right here

Every moment that you have been given is a true blessing. Instead of ignoring this moment with worries or through your extensive planning to get through a day, take time to focus on the moment that is in front of you.

Look for the good that is in that moment and rejoice when you find it. You don’t have to agree with everything you see or hear throughout the day, but with spiritual meditation and an emphasis on finding moments of perfection, you will be able to take the good things out of everything.


#7. Realize that the past doesn’t define you

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There is nothing that can be done about the past. The decisions that were made in the past are going to stay in the past. Every decision we make, and the average person makes tens of thousands of decisions per day, has a consequence.

There are good and bad consequences that come to us every day because of the past. Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change. Use spiritual meditation to dwell on the future so that consistently good choices can be made and positive consequences can head your way.

If you are trying to use spiritual meditation as a method of coping with the past, then you will end up failing. Past wrongs are triggers. No form of any supernatural being someone might believe in can change that.


#8. Allow your mind to be opened to new possibilities

There is a certain energy that flows through every person, every creature, and every portion of life today. This energy is what unites us, even if opinions might try to divide us.

To succeed at spiritual meditation, you must be willing to allow your mind to become open to new possibilities. You must be willing to accept that you are part of a bigger picture.

Some might call that God’s Will and others might call it fate or destiny. Whatever you choose to call it, just remember that it is important to embrace the call you feel spiritually and then do something about it.


#9. Let go of any guilt or shame you might be feeling

Guilt and shame are two of the biggest detractors from experiencing a helpful session of spiritual meditation. Bad choices sometimes do make us feel guilty – especially if we have made a willing choice to do the wrong thing.

Shame comes about because we cannot let go of the guilt that we’re experiencing because of our choices. You’ve got to find a way to begin letting these destructive emotions go so that your spiritual being can enjoy new life.

The easiest way to relieve guilt or shame is to create a plan of action. Fix whatever wrong you may have committed in the best way you possibly can. Create a course of action that will help you to avoid repeating the mistake you made.

When you do, you’ll find that healing can start to begin and your spiritual meditation sessions can become more meaningful.


#10. Don’t ever give up on the process of spiritual meditation

 how to meditate properly

What is spiritual meditation but another way for you to experience this life to its fullest extent?

This life is too short to dwell on all the negative things that try to tear you down. Hate, guilt, envy, or fear that makes you afraid will take you into a spiritual darkness where you can quickly become lost.

Fear that brings a feeling of awe, combined with joy and contentedness, will bring about an environment that will allow you to meditate on your spiritual life on a consistent basis. Focus on the light, not the darkness, and consciously choose to push the darkness away. 

Your spiritual life can only be dictated by you. If you allow others to influence your spirituality, then you are essentially practicing their faith and copying their spiritual life instead. That is not practicing an authentic spirituality.

Everyone will have their own opinion. Many might see you practicing spiritual meditation and tell you that you are wasting your time.

Love these people as much as you love yourself and allow them to express their opinion. Find something good if you can in their words and rejoice in that good. In doing so, you will be banishing the darkness that is attempting to creep into your life once again.

Spiritual meditation is never a waste of time

Even if you just start meditating with a spiritual emphasis for just 5 minutes during the day somewhere, you will have started the process of creating a healthier spiritual being.

Continue that practice with these 10 suggestions and the future may look to be quite bright indeed.

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