Abundance Mindset Exercises [12 Ways to Overcome Scarcity]

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough – not enough money, not enough time, not enough opportunities? You’re stuck in a scarcity mindset.

The good news is you can shift your thinking to an abundance mindset and open the floodgates to receive more of what you desire.

An abundance mindset is all about believing there’s more than enough to go around. Instead of limitation, you see possibility. Rather than focusing on what’s missing, you appreciate all that you have.

This mental shift might sound simple, but years of conditioning have entrenched scarcity thinking for most of us. The good news is with consistent practice, we can rewire our brains!

That’s where abundance mindset exercises come in.

Designed to target ingrained thought patterns, these powerful exercises will have you thinking abundantly in no time. Plus, anyone can practice them – no fancy equipment required.

Intrigued yet? In this article, I’ll guide you through 14 exercises for cultivating an abundance mindset. From starting a gratitude journal to going for awe walks, get ready to challenge and expand your idea of what’s possible!

Let’s dive in and learn how to move from scarcity to overflowing abundance, one small mindset shift at a time.

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Of course you don’t have to do all these exercises below, just pick a few which resonate with you. By focusing your energy on just a few abundance exercises suited to you, you’ll build self-awareness and new neural pathways faster.

Be patient but persistent. Compound the benefits over time. Before you know it, you’ll experience the shift and abundance will become your natural state of mind.

Exercise 1 – Gratitude Journaling

Starting a daily gratitude journal is one of the most powerful ways to shift your mindset towards abundance. Simply set aside 5 minutes each morning to write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for. They can be as simple as your cozy bed, a tasty meal, or the bus arriving on time.

The consistent practice of giving thanks for your blessings, both big and small, does something incredible to your brain. It directs your focus towards all that you have rather than what you lack. Over time, making gratitude a habit will literally rewire your neural pathways.

Tip – If you’re having trouble getting started, use reminders and prompts like notes on your bathroom mirror or keeping a beautiful journal on your nightstand.

Exercise 2 – Affirmations

Affirmations harness the power of words to manifest more abundance through positive affirmations. These uplifting statements repeated out loud anchor new beliefs into your subconscious mind. For transforming scarcity thoughts try: “I have more than enough. My needs are met, and I’m open to receiving.”

Over time this practice will erode negative conditioning around lack and create new neural networks aligned with abundance thinking. For best results, couple your affirmations with visualization. This engages your entire brain to impress the new beliefs deeper into your psyche.

Tip – Create short easy-to-remember phrases. Integrate affirmations into daily routines like your morning commute for consistency.

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Exercise 3 – Meditation

The science proves meditation done consistently literally grows your brain’s grey matter in areas linked to manifesting abundance like optimism, willpower, and compassion. Plus, by quieting your busy mind, even 5 minutes of meditation gives you space to notice and reroute habitual scarcity thinking as it arises.

Focus on your breath, soothing music or repeat a centering phrase like “I have enough”. Making meditation a daily habit fortifies new neural connections towards abundance from the inside out.


Exercise 4 – List Your Gifts

Abundance starts from within, and this simple exercise taps into your unique inner riches that money can’t buy like creativity, humor, courage, and compassion. Set a timer for 5 minutes and make a list of your talents, skills, positive qualities and other “gifts.”

Seeing all you have to offer written out makes scarcity seem silly. It also reminds you that your real net worth comes from sharing your gifts, not your bank account balance. Abundance ripples out to every area of life when you feel rich in self-worth first.

Tip – For inspiration read through old cards, emails and memories of how you impacted others. Display your list proudly somewhere visible.

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Exercise 5 – Awe Walks

Research proves spending time in nature literally expands your mindset. Trade scrolling on your tiny phone screen for gazing up at tall trees, endless skies or expansive views. These awe-inspiring images send signals to your brain that broaden your perspective.

You can overwrite years of scarcity wiring in just one 60 minute awe walk. Let the natural splendor soak into your senses. Let thoughts float by like passing clouds. Notice how you feel refreshed, uplifted and more expansive afterwards.

Tip – Go to new nature spots to marvel at Earth’s abundance like waterfalls, sunrises, flower fields or stargazing.

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Exercise 6 – Watch Your Words

Our self-talk mirrors and creates our reality, so scarcity vocabulary breeds more lack. Make a commitment to monitor your mouth for abundance killers like “If only I had…”, “There’s not enough” or “I’ll never afford to…”

When icy words slip out, halt them mid-sentence. Take a cleansing breath to pave the way for rephrasing positively: “There are endless possibilities” or “I welcome unexpected blessings.” Speaking abundance creates abundance.

Tip – Enlist friends to give the “abundance alarm” when they catch you uttering scarcity speak. The laughter helps reframe quicker!

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Exercise 7 – Mindset Reset Ritual

When scarcity thinking kicks in, halt the downward spiral with an empowering mindset reset ritual. This takes just 60-90 seconds, but it’s long enough to short circuit negative neural pathways.

Try this sequence: rub hands together vigorously to energize, take a few deep nourishing breaths, shake the body out, then plant feet grounded while looking upwards/outwards to symbolically broaden your outlook. Affirm “I now choose abundance thinking” feeling empowered expansion.

Tip – Do this exercise first thing in the morning or midday for an uplifting reset. Customize motions or affirmations over time.

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Exercise 8 – Give Back

While it may seem counterintuitive, generously giving your time, appreciation or talents to others powerfully shifts you into abundance. No money required! Offer sincere compliments, let someone go first in line, volunteer skills or simply smile more.

When you give from a place of true abundance, you strengthen these neural pathways in your own brain. Plus studies show that givers gain higher success across all areas of life. Who knew generosity was actually the ultimate self-care!

Tip – Set a giving goal like 5 genuine compliments per day. Check in on your progress and impact.

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Exercise 9 – Clear Clutter

Clutter is frustratingly abundant when you don’t want it to be! But clearing clutter not only makes physical space, it fosters mental space for new abundance to enter. So set a timer and start sorting, donating and tidying areas feeling congested.

As you choose what stays and goes, apply similar discernment internally. What draining stories, excuses or habits are cluttering your life? Sweeping these out makes energetic room for fresh inspiration and opportunities.

Tip – Start small with say your closet or a hallway table so you don’t get overwhelmed. Use boxes and bags to neatly contain clutter before removing.


Exercise 10 – Visualize Goals

Envisioning the specific details of your fulfilled dreams and goals makes them feel tangibly real to your subconscious mind. Set a timer for 5 minutes and get relaxed and comfortable. Then vividly imagine scenes of your most abundant life dreams achieved – the sights, sounds, sensations and emotions you’d experience.

For example, picture your dream home in intricate detail – the colors, furniture, smells of dinner cooking. Feel the delighted laughter around the table, joyful embraces with your partner, smiling kids playing. Or visualize your startup’s office, your book on the bestseller shelf, the exciting world travels. Have fun and indulge all the senses to deepen the neural imprint.

When finished, write a short summary to further solidify. Repeat daily for compounding benefits as your mind believes it’s already real on a subconscious level!

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Exercise 11 – Audit Beliefs

Years of societal conditioning plants limiting beliefs about what we deserve and what’s possible. But you can uproot self-sabotaging assumptions with this simple belief audit.

Grab a journal and complete this statement starter 10+ times: “Around money/success/relationships, I believe that…” Repeat for different life areas. Once limiting beliefs are visible, systematically challenge their validity by asking “Says who? Where’s the evidence this is 100% true?” This builds self-awareness to start transforming scarcity programming.

Complement this exercise by writing positive empowering statements you want to believe instead. Repeating these new beliefs for a few minutes daily will dissolve old patterns over time.

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Exercise 12 – Self-Compassion Meditation

It’s easy to be hard on yourself when scarcity thinking kicks in. Counter this with a 5-minute self-compassion meditation.

Get comfortable and close your eyes. Visualize your inner critic and send them love and understanding. Place a hand over your heart and repeat soothing phrases like “I accept myself as I am” and “I am enough.” Send compassion to any place of pain or judgment within. Breathe slowly. Feel tensions softening with each out-breath.

This practice helps dissolve negative self-perceptions so your natural inner abundance can shine through. It’s about speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself, rather than getting caught in self-criticism which breeds more scarcity.

Tip: Couple your meditation with a physical gesture like a hand on your heart. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the feeling of warmth and care to enhance the emotional experience. Set reminders to make this a consistent daily self-care ritual.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s money, time, joy or opportunities – a scarcity mindset has a way of sabotaging abundance in our lives. The good news is each of us has the power to cultivate an abundance mindset instead. It starts with awareness and consistent small practices.

As we covered, effective abundance exercises like gratitude, meditation, self-compassion, giving back and more help you rewrite deep subconscious patterns. They open your eyes to blessings already surrounding you. They connect you to positive emotions that signal, “There’s more than enough.”

While all 12 exercises can create change, find 2-3 that strongly call to you. Commit to practicing those regularly. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small shifts. Compound them over time. Before long, abundance will become your natural mindset.

As your thinking evolves, so will your ability to give and receive life’s gifts. You’ll attract the right opportunities, people and resources you need to manifest your dreams. Scarcity will feel like an old friend you no longer wish to entertain.

The choice is yours. Will you continue dwelling in lack? Or are you ready to embrace and unfold the abundance this world and you yourself have to offer?

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