My No BS Manifesting Course by Inspire3 Review [Learn How It Works]

Learn how to manifest with NO BS Manifesting Course

Manifestation is a process by which we transform seemingly unrealizable imaginations to reality.            - Debasish Mridha     

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The Program by Inspire3 takes a different approach to the Law of Attraction. Instead of focusing on finding a relationship or a particular emotion, the goal of this program is to manifest specific changes in your life. This course shows you that by focusing on positive elements throughout each day, you can bring in more happiness and joy.

Have you ever encountered someone that you felt immediately attracted to at first contact?

Did your eyes meet from across the room, as you passed on the street, or while at work?

How did that experience make you feel?

The Law of Attraction is a principle which states that when you think about something specific, then you can bring that energy into your life.

If you think of positive things, then that is what you will receive in return. Pondering the world of negativity does the same.

When you encounter someone that makes you feel like there is an instant connection, then it is evidence that what you are thinking about has become evident in your life.

You are encountering a place where empowerment becomes real.

With the Law of Attraction, there is an opportunity to change your life. You can begin to be proactive instead of reactive.

It is possible to visualize where you want to be in the future, and then take the necessary steps to get you to where you want to be.

When you combine positive thoughts with similar emotions, then you are taking the first steps down a path that can eventually lead you to the dreams you chase.

It can bring people into your life which follow the same mindset.

You can define success as you choose happiness.

If you want to take control over this phenomenon, then the Manifesting Course by Inspire3 was made just for you. 

Instead of basing their program on ideas or beliefs, this program operates from a foundation of scientific fact.

​My No BS Manifesting Course review will take approximately 15 minutes to read.

Please feel free to bookmark this page to read it later if time is short for you right now.

You can also take advantage of my 60-second review below to understand what this course could bring into your life right now.

1. This course from Inspire3 focuses on the belief structures that you have in your life right now. If you are experiencing a lot of adverse circumstances in your life, then this program encourages you to examine your thinking patterns. Whether we focus on negative or positive thoughts, this initial approach becomes the foundation of what we look for in the world around us each day.

2. Some people look for internal factors for their circumstances, while others look at external conditions. Do you think that the universe or a supernatural being is controlling your life? Or do you feel that you are the one who is in control of what happens each day? This course offers suggestions that can take you away from the world of “thoughts and prayers” into practical actions that will allow you to manifest the exact things you want to see in your life over time.

3. Some courses make it seem like a simple shift in your thinking patterns can help you to become rich, find love, or have whatever it is you want out of life. The Course from Inspire3 tells you bluntly that nothing happens unless you are willing to work for it. You are encouraged to find what you are passionate about, and then make that component of your life a top priority.

4. You can review the 5-step program each day in just minutes to set the stage for more significant levels of positivity in your life. Think of it as a regular time for meditation, prayer, or reflection. By engaging with the steps of this course, it becomes easier to identify places in your life where negative energy may be dwelling without your realization that it is there.

5. You will receive several resources with this course that will guide you toward success. This benefit includes a complete informational guide, MP3 audio that covers each step, and a conversational audio component that can be a useful reference.

6. It is only natural to feel skeptical about a program like this because of how so many competitive courses are structured today. The eventual goal with this course isn’t that it will be a constant resource that can provide self-help techniques for when you need them. It teaches you how to identify specific areas in your life where you can manifest greatness because you are shifting your perspective.

If you are interested in what the Course by Inspire3 could offer you today, then make sure to visit their website to explore the techniques and components of the program that go beyond the scope of this review.

And if you would like to have more information about my personal experience with this course, then read on to uncover the truths in my no BS review.

How the Program Begins

Manifesting guide from which you will learn about 5 step manifesting technique

What makes this program by Inspire3 such an exciting change from others that promote the Law of Attraction is that it immediately reveals that manifesting is different.

That’s why 94% of people say their results are either “poor” or “zero” when they use products designed to help them attract positive energy to their life. They call them scams. 

Most courses that are sold today are based more on religious or philosophical belief instead of what we already have in our power as humans.

You will often see a variation of a quote from the Bible when you encounter these programs.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

These courses take bits and pieces from various aspects of life to create what is essentially pseudoscience.

They tap into your belief structures to insist that you’re doing something wrong.

If you were to correct that mistake, then you would create positivity in your life.

Author Charles Haanel took this approach in the early 20th century with his work called The Master Key System.

“The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life that correspond with your habitual, characteristic, or predominant mental attitude,” Haanel wrote.

Sound familiar?

The course by Inspire3 takes a different approach. ​

It uses a 5-step manifesting technique that you will find in practice throughout the wellness world as the foundation for attracting more positive energy into your life.

You can begin this process immediately after you purchase the program. It is the first content that this course presents to encourage your learning process [the No BS Manifesting Guide].

It shows you how to be ultra-specific with your focus to teach you how to filter out the distractions and problems that can rob you of productivity in this area.

Then you can begin to work on your motivation in the next step to stay committed to the process.

My favorite step is the third one, which teaches you how to remove emotional and mental blockages that could prevent you from having a successful experience.

Then you are given a different approach to consider for the concept of gratitude before being asked to take the next steps to start manifesting the results you want to see.

How the Course by Inspire3 Works

Learn how to manifest anything

Having completed several courses that discuss how the Law of Attraction works and how you can make it more evident in your life, the shift in perspective at the beginning of the course is encouraging.

Instead of talking about how you can think about something to make it become a reality, you are given a blueprint that wants to help you work toward making your dreams come true.

That is the most significant issue in the approach that, in my opinion, so many people take with their approach to the law of attraction.

There is an expectation that if they think of something hard enough, long enough, and they want it enough, then it will magically appear in their life one day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting for that $1 million check to appear in my mailbox one day. Maybe I’m not thinking hard enough about it…

The Manifesting Course by Inspire3 asks you an important question.

What would happen if you devoted the energy inside of you into the changes you must make in your life to achieve the goals you want?

Or to put it another way: what could you do to earn $1 million instead of expecting the universe to grant you a favor?

This shift in perspective creates an immediate change in your feelings of fulfillment.

Instead of hoping, dreaming, or praying for a miracle, you are creating a plan that can lead you to the promised land.

When people are passionate about the ideas they pursue, then the work they do to grab their dreams feels effortless.

Think about the last time you pursued something that you wanted.

Were you confident in your approach? Did you feel like the hard work was easier to do than other tasks in your life?

That is the process which this course helps you to find when seeking out the benefits that can occur from the law of attraction.

It encourages you to find a place where your mind can have peace because your focus is on the actions you must take to achieve your dreams.

What I Have Learned from the 5-Step Manifesting Technique

5 step manifesting technique

I must admit that my first overview of the course by Inspire3 came from a space of skepticism.

Many of these programs take an approach which is very similar.

They suggest that your faults are what hold you back. If you can correct those issues, then you can manifest success.

If you are unable to do so, then it is your opposite energy that drives the poor results you see so frequently.

That’s why I appreciate the approach of this course.

It takes a judgment-free instructional approach that shows you the various steps you can take to begin changing your viewpoint.

It teaches you how to maximize your focus. That makes it a lot easier to find the goals in life which are the most critical to your needs.

It shows you how there is a connection between the enthusiasm you have for a goal and what you hope to accomplish.

Even if you don’t have a high-energy drive, this course can show you how to reach your full potential.

It taught me how to find the mental blockages that sometimes prevent me from moving forward.

I learned how to focus on gratitude and the perfect moments that occur all around me instead of placing stress and anxiety on a pedestal that consumes me.

And then I can say that I felt inspired by going through the five-step manifesting technique because it seemed like my perspectives were changing.

I could pick out specific choices or events in the past which might have been different had I recognized the blockages that drove my decisions.

Instead of regret, there is hope for the future because you finally have an explanation as to why things in life worked out in the way that they did. It was exhilarating.

How to Avoid the Trap of Self-Delusion

Many of the previous courses I have seen that cover the law of attraction are using one common concept: if you think it, then you can do it.

It’s kind of like the voice in the movie Field of Dreams that whispers to Kevin Costner from the cornfield. “If you build it, he will come.”

The ideas that so many courses, concepts, or self-help books promote do not involve self-improvement

They instead want you to create an environment fueled by self-delusion.

One of the best examples of this comes from The Secret, which was written by Rhonda Byrnes.

Although there are some excellent concepts to think about in this book, there is one claim that really stood out to me when I went through it for the first time so long ago.

“I never studied science or physics at school, and yet when I read complex books on quantum physics, I understood them perfectly because I wanted to understand them,” Byrnes wrote. “The study of quantum physics helped me to have a deeper understanding of The Secret on an energetic level.”

I have a friend who has gone through many programs like these to gauge their effectiveness. 

Whenever something comes along that purports using quantum science to promote an agenda in a course, he always laughs.

I asked him why he struggled to take that idea seriously.

“When I read science-fiction novels or watch something that takes a look at our future on television, you can always tell when they need to explain something from a scientific perspective to make the plot work,” he said. “They always label a concept as being ‘quantum’ because that makes it sound smarter.”

And that is the approach that so many of these programs take. By making you think that the course is smart, then they make you believe that you’re smart because you purchased it.

When you believe that you are intelligent, then you have more self-confidence.

If you have more self-confidence, then you are going to work harder to implement the new ideas you have just learned.

That is how the trap of self-delusion works.

You are intelligent already, as am I and everyone else in this world in their own way.

We don’t need the validation of this fact.

What we need is someone to teach us from their experience how to choose happiness more often.

We need someone to outline steps that we can take to shift a perspective from one of negativity to one that is positive.

That is what the course works to do. It isn’t based on the idea of blind belief.

This course asks you to work harder for what you want than you may have ever worked before.

In return, you will create your own opportunities to bring specific dreams into your life.

Why Manifesting is Different Than the Law of Attraction

best books on the law of attraction

When I think of the differences between authentic manifestation and the law of attraction, a heartbreaking story from Michigan in 2018 comes to mind.

A 10-month-old little girl died because she didn’t receive any medical care. Her parents refused to take her to the doctor because of their religious beliefs.

“Going into the doctor’s office these days is just about as dangerous as not going,” the girl’s father told the media.

He suggested that charges of felony murder and first-degree child abuse were a negative reaction to his “very strong faith.”

When you look at the laws of the United States, there is a surprising amount of legal exemptions permitted for the law of attraction.

Parents can forgo medical treatments for their children in 34 states if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

A task force looked into child deaths in Idaho in 2013 only to discover that at least five children died because their parents failed to seek medical treatment for them.

Now, this is not a judgment on the religious beliefs of the parents. It is a presentation of information to ask a critical question.

When you have the option to invest your energy into practical steps that could save your life, is it better to make that choice over putting those resources into the possibility of a supernatural response?

Do miracles happen? Yes.

UKTV put together a list of ten medical miracles that defy expectation. The reason for these outcomes is something that each person must consider.

Did a supernatural being intervene to save these lives? Was this the work of the universe?

Or is it the power that science gives the human body to be resilient during moments of incredible peril?

Manifesting is different than the law of attraction because it doesn’t involve a benevolent universe or cosmic energy.

It focuses on the internal processes which already occur in the brain.

Each step that you follow in this course is backed by scientific evidence.

It will only work if you are committed to the process.

There are times when faith is important. There are also moments where we must all make decisions that can push us forward in life.

The course by Inspire3 asks challenging questions to help you find specific answers that can help you achieve what you want.

What You Receive with the Course by Inspire3

You will receive numerous resources if you decide to invest in the course.

You receive a full guide [the No BS Manifesting Guide] that can help you to discover new truths about the perspectives you hold in life.

I found the informational text to be quite revealing when I took an honest look at my preconceived notions.

It allowed me to release some of the obstacles that really kept me from having an open mind on certain matters.

There is also a five-step audio MP3 that allows you to follow the processes taught by this course in real-time. This option is excellent if you prefer listening over reading.

does manifesting course by inspire3 work

I enjoyed following the text while listening to the audio.

There is also a conversation audio with one of the founders of Inspire3 about this program, bonus information about helping your mind and perspective begin to shift to this process, and a recap of the program to use as a reference when you’re first getting started.


Final Impressions of the Course created by Inspire3

manifesting course is it a scam

As I said previously, courses like this make me instantly skeptical.

There is a lot of pseudoscience floating around out there that can make you believe something is real when the opposite may be true.

There are moments when those feelings of doubt flare when reading the initial concepts talked about with the course.

The format feels familiar because the concepts regarding the law of attraction seem to be in play.

When you immediately see that there are actionable steps you can take to begin making changes in your life, then the doubts start to fade away.

You are left with a choice: to try the 5-step program or walk away from it.

I would encourage you to invest some time in reviewing the information provided by this course.

I’m still working my way through the five steps to see what might happen in my life.

What I can say is that my perspectives are changing.

I am trying to see the positive aspects of life around me instead of complaining about adverse circumstances.

This shift has lessened my stress, helped with my anxiety, and it offers me a fresh perspective.

I hope that it will also do the same for you, no matter what it is that you believe about this life or what lies beyond it.

​​If you want to learn more about the Manifesting Course described in this article, click here.

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