61 Affirmations For Creativity to Make You a More Creative Person

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Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought. Albert Einstein

A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Elizabeth Gilbert

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns. Edward De Bono

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou

Are you a creative person? Do you think you could be more creative if you started using affirmations for creativity? Well, you won’t know for sure until you try!

Why Daily Practice of Affirmations For Creativity Can Make You More Creative?

People are full of negative thoughts and emotions. It’s very likely that each day you have a lot more negative thoughts than the positive ones.

We worry about many different things, we’re sad, irritated, nervous, impatient, angry … all these negative states of mind have an adverse effect on your creativity.

And this is when different positive affirmations come to your aid. They help you to start thinking more positive thoughts, they help you to change your self-image, they can lift your spirits and of course they can also stimulate your creativity.

It was proven in scientific studies more than once that positive thinking brings many benefits. By intentionally practicing positive thoughts you spend less time thinking negative thoughts.  

Thanks to the affirmations for creativity you start to believe in your abilities more and more, you set free your creativity hidden deep within you and this, over time, may boost your creative confidence.       

How Should You Practice Affirmations?

First of all you need to check whether the affirmations presented below resonate with you. It’s because repeating affirmations mindlessly won’t work, you need to feel that what you’re saying makes sense to you and evokes positive feelings within you.

If you feel nothing while repeating affirmations then probably they won’t be very helpful to you. Positive affirmations should be suited to the issues and concerns that you’re facing in your everyday life. If they’re not they won’t be very effective.

And remember that it’s normal to feel resistance at first when you start saying affirmations because you will be saying things that currently are not true to you.

And besides if you’re a negative thinker by nature, you won’t become a positive thinker overnight. But there’s a method in this madness.

The thoughts we think the most take roots in our minds. After some time your brain will be so used to these assertions that it will eventually accept them.   

Here are 3 simple ways to use affirmations. Remember that you have a choice. You can either be using affirmations from the list below or create your own affirmations.

It’s best to use 2-3 affirmations that have a particular meaning and importance to you and repeat them daily either aloud or just mentally. But probably saying them aloud works better.

1. Write affirmations on sticky notes and post them in different places in your home.

2. Write them down in a journal. Keep the journal next to your bed so that you can read them when you wake up and when you go to bed. 

3. If you have a smartphone you can keep your affirmations in an app. This way you will be able to access them whenever you wish. 

Creativity Affirmations

1. Every day I choose to create something beautiful that makes my soul happy. 

2. Creativity is drawn to me like a magnet. 

3. I always follow my inspiration because it is the source of my creativity.

4. The creative life that I craved for in the past is now a reality. 

5. Being creative helps me to be a better problem solver in all areas of my life. 

6. I don’t have to force myself to being creative. Creativity comes to me spontaneously. 

7. I’m putting a stop to everything that might be a barrier for expressing my creativity in full.  

8. I am an endless source of inspiration and creativity. 

9. I am filled with fresh, creative ideas.

10. Wherever I go my creative inspiration follows me.  
11. Working on my creative projects brings me joy. 

12. I see beauty everywhere around me which ignites my imagination and excites my creativity.  

13. Artist’s life is beautiful and full of possibilities. 

14. I’m brimming with ideas thanks to which I’m more creative. 

15. Create ideas come to me effortlessly. 

16. As far as creativity goes I am a real genius!

17. My innate creativity proves me every day that my potential for creating is unlimited.     

18. I’m in the zone during the creative process. 

19. I’m a creator and I create my life every day. 

20. I’m always finding new ways to express my creativity. 

21. My friends and family members are inspired by my creativity. 

22. My creativity allows me to create beautiful works of art. 

23. My imagination soars to new heights whenever I am in the creative process. 

24. I make use of my creativity every day.  

25. I have been endowed with talent, creative imagination and courage to pursue my dreams. 

26. The universe manifests its creativity through me. 

27. I solve all problems in a creative way. 

28. Being creative is very exciting. 

29. Once I unleash my creativity and imagination they can’t be stopped. 

30. I was born with a creative talent and I’m taking advantage of it now.  
31. The Universe provides me with an endless amount of inspiration and creativity. 

32. I find fulfillment in everything that I do. 

33. I am full of great ideas and boundless creativity. 

34. Every day I’m looking forward to starting to create.

35. I got rid of all my limiting beliefs about my own creativity. 

36. My ideas and possibilities just like my creativity are infinite.

37. I am always listening to my creative impulses because I trust them. 

38. I always find opportunities for being creative. 

39. My creativity surprises me all the time. 

40. I am proud of my creativity and I deeply appreciate it. 

41. My creativity is contagious.  

42. My creativity flows through me freely. 

43. I appreciate the never ending flow of creativity in my life. 

44. I find inspiration everywhere around me. 
45. I let my imagination and creativity go wild every day. 

46. There’s no limit for my creative energy. 

47. I let go of all resistance to expressing my creativity in full.

48. I am a reservoir of limitless creativity. 

49. Creative energy permeates every cell of my body. 

50. I am the creator of my life. 

51. Coming up with new ideas is easy to me.

52. I am an innovative and powerful creator. 

53. I’m learning and trying to be more creative every day. 

54. My creative potential is deep and my imagination is vast. 

55. I let creativity flow through every part of my body. 

56. My creativity never fails me. 

57. I can create anything that shows up in my imagination. 

58. Every day I experience the spark of creativity. 

59. I am capable of creating incredible things. 

60. I’m always full of great ideas. 

61. I accept my greatness and creative soul. 

Practice affirmations to connect with your creative talent and unleash your creativity which is now blocked by your doubts, lack of faith in yourself, fears and negative thinking.

May the affirmations for creativity help you build your creative confidence.

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