Law of Attraction Books: 9 Texts to Change Your Life [2022]

best books on the law of attraction

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. Tony Robbins

As an increasing number of people open their eyes to the potential for transformation beyond their current everyday lives, the Law of Attraction is gaining interest and respect.

Rather than being a strange new-age practice utilized only by those on the alternative fringes of society, it’s now used — and openly promoted — by successful business people and celebrities alike.

From Jim Carrey and Jay-Z, to Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington, people are harnessing the power of the universal energy with significant results.

But what is the law of attraction — and does it really work?

The law of attraction refers to our ability to invite what we want into our lives by radiating energy which matches our desires.

You can do this using visualizations. By visualizing your biggest dreams and imagining them as if they’re already real, you create the same energy that would be created if those dreams really did come true.

By putting out that energy, you tap into the constant flow of energy in the universe.

The law of attraction suggests that the universe is abundant.

Everything you want is available to you if you make energetic space to welcome it in.

Now that you understand a little more about the concept behind this powerful manifestation practice, you may be asking yourself the question: “but how do I use the law of attraction?”

To give you the answers — along with a huge depth of insight and knowledge — I’ve put together a list of some of the best law of attraction books to help you on your way.

​1. Quantum Success. The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness.

​Here, we look at success from the perspective of universal abundance and quantum physics.

This is a handbook on the science of success, and in it you’ll find a formula for tapping into the power of the universe and flowing with the abundant energy and infinite potential available to you.

Sandra Anne Taylor is a writer and a teacher of the principles of success; part of her work is as a corporate consultant, helping people achieve success in business.

She’s known for impressive results and in reading this book, it’s easy to see why.

There are step-by-step strategies to change your life and achieve even the most ambitious of your goals.

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​2. The Process of Realization. A detailed description of the process of every kind of realization, the law of attraction, from quantum fields and mind to the matter.

​This book covers a huge scope of enquiry.

It delves into the processes of self-realization that are available to all of us, and considers how the law of attraction interplays with other functions of our consciousness.

In its description of the law of attraction, this book focuses on the science: according to Antic, the law of attraction is based on the connection that our minds have with the quantum field.

But as well as being thoroughly detailed and scientifically grounded, this book teaches clear lessons about how to set goals and remain steady in our dedication to them.

It takes a spiritual and scientific approach to working towards our dreams, drawing together the formation of ideas with the investment of energy and the imagination of success to create a potent energetic output in support of our deepest desires.

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​3. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Deepak Chopra is known globally as a spiritual teacher and self-help guru.

Many of his students and followers keep this book on hand — and for good reason.

It contains guidance on how to live in harmony with the natural laws, including the law of attraction — and an exploration of how creating that harmonious life will lead to success and happiness.

It’s written in Chopra’s signature style; he is authentic yet relatable, and an expert at communicating intricate ideas in a way that is instantly accessible to anyone.

In this book, he divides his important message into seven easily digestible concepts which you can use in all areas of your life.

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​4. Ask and it is Given. Learning to Manifest Your Desires.

​The title of this book alone is inspiring — it communicates a fundamental idea of the law of attraction, that manifesting your desires is a skill that you can learn and hone.

Your success and satisfaction are not just down to luck.

The Hicks teach us how we can alter the course of our lives through the way we think, and the way we consciously interact with the flow of life and the universe.

Esther and Jerry have been teaching and lecturing for over two decades, and have written a number of influential books between them.

In this title, they break down how to use the law of attraction to your advantage in a straightforward and actionable way.

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​5. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

​Greg Kuhn has written extensively on quantum physics and the law of attraction, and he shares his knowledge through workshops and lectures around the world.

In this book, he looks at how to manifest your largest and most important dreams — those lifelong goals which you know would make you feel fulfilled and complete.

Kuhn argues that achieving your dreams is your natural birthright, and the ability to do so is innate within you.

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​6. Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail.

​Modern science holds the key to changing your life — and this book explains why.

Kuhn takes complex concepts from quantum physics and unpacks them into accessible and logical explanations of why you may be struggling to achieve your dreams, or why you may not have had success in your endeavors so far.

You’ll learn how to draw on scientific principles and cutting edge experiments to awaken the deepest levels of your consciousness, and create a reality that fills you with joy.

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​7. Think and Grow Rich.

​Highly successful doctor and founder of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, whose life ended in 1970, shared his invaluable insight into how to increase your income, wealth and professional success with the power of your mind.

This book was written in 1937, and is considered an almost sacred text among business people who adopt a spiritual approach to success.

Hill’s philosophy is based on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When applied to the principles of giving and receiving energy, this rule has a far reaching impact.

This is a classic handbook for using the law of attraction for success and improving your life, as well as the lives of others.

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​8. E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full Time Gig.

​Are you skeptical about the law of attraction?

Do you like the idea, but struggle to accept that it really does work?

If so, this book is one for your reading list.

It answers the questions of skeptics with the results of experiments in quantum science so that you can really understand why and how self-manifestation is possible.

This is a sequel to Pam Grout’s earlier book, and contains nine new experiments and a wealth of advice on how to engage with the abundance of the universe.

For the curious, and those who wish to open their minds — and their consciousness — a little wider.

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​9. Love, Life, God​: The Journey of Creation.

​A powerful, yet light-hearted and down-to-earth book which draws you into a fresh understanding of what it means to be alive.

Hewett boldly explores the transformative potential of our capacity for love, while he shows us how our consciousness holds within it the innate power to create and manifest.

He’ll make you understand why the law of attraction works — as well as the reasons why it sometimes doesn’t seem to be effective in the ways we expect it to. (Clue: it’s largely down to the blockages we place in our own way without even realizing we’re doing it).

With the gentle but self-assured encouragement you’ll find in these pages, you will discover the confidence to heal from past wounds and release yourself from resistance to change.

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​I hope you find these books illuminating and transformative. Keep referring back to this list whenever you’re in need of motivation to keep going on the path to your dreams.

Essentially, the law of attraction is based on an understanding that the thoughts you focus on the most will come true.

That means that if you’re dwelling on the negative and worrying about worst case scenarios, you’re much more likely to encounter those unwanted situations.

In contrast, if you focus on the positive and imagine that the best case scenario is going to become your reality, you will alter your thought patterns, and in turn your actions and your energy patterns so that you will — in time — manifest what you want most.

Even if you think that the law of attraction is just a myth, a scam or — as some have claimed — satanic, the books mentioned above will provide you with valuable insights and inspire you to take positive action.

Don’t just wait for your dreams to come true by themselves. Visualize. Believe. Have a positive attitude and an open mind, and be prepared for great things to happen in your life.

Most of all, take action to make your dreams a reality and manifest what you want in your life.    

​So, apply the law of attraction to the best of your abilities. Focus on what you want. Focus on your dreams. Radiate the energy of your desires. 

Believe that you can have whatever it is that you’re trying to attract into your life; and above all, move toward your goals every single day.

You can create your ideal life and manifest your dreams into reality if you just put some work into it.

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best law of attraction books

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