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Of the seven major energy centers, or chakras, in the human body, the crown chakra, called Sahasrara, is the one that is most spiritual.

The word “Sahasrara” in Sanskrit means “thousand-petaled”. As each of the chakras is represented by a Lotus flower with a determined number of petals and distinct colors, so the crown chakra is represented by a thousand-petaled Lotus flower of crystal light.

The crown chakra is our connection with the Divine. Located at the top of the head, the highest spot on our body and the one that points towards the infinite sky, it is the energetic center that supports our consciousness of the unity of all things.

The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland and when this chakra is undernourished, it can result in a sense of disassociation with our spiritual selves. We may feel that life lacks meaning or be weighed down by our connection to our physical desires and material pursuits.

On the other hand, although much rarer, when the crown chakra is overly nourished, it can result in a sense of disconnection from the material realm and a tendency to reject all that has to do with the body or material possessions in favor of the high vibration of spiritual connection.

In these cases, the body may become frail and sick from lack of care and one may fall into destitution for failure to pay attention to one’s material needs. The trick, as with all chakras, is to strike the balance where you can embody spiritual consciousness while still interacting in the material plane.


How to Balance Sahasrara Chakra

There are many ways to balance Sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra:

Crystals: Crystals can help to balance energies, including the energy of the chakras. Wearing jewelry made of the crystal or having the crystal near you where you sleep can help to balance the energies that support the chakras. For the crown chakra, crystals such as lepidolite, selenite, hypersthene, apophyllite, white agate and lapis lazuli resonate with the high vibration of the crown chakra and support its balance.

Essential oils: Essential oils can help balance the chakras. For the crown chakra, the essential oils of Chinese Rice Flower and White Lotus Flower can help to act as a portal between the material and the divine and support consciousness.

Diet: While different foods can help balance the various chakras, in truth, the crown chakra is best balanced by fasting as it is the chakra that is least connected to the material plane. If you are unable to fast, the next best thing is to eat fresh, organic foods that are alkaline in nature which are purifying for the body and help to decalcify the pineal gland. Also, drinking herbal teas such as Honeybush, Lavender, Passionflower and Chamomile help to balance the crown chakra.

Mudras: Mudras are gestures that have energetic effects on the body and are used in traditional yoga practices. Ananta mudra is the “gesture of infinity”. Place the base of the palms together and spread the fingers and thumbs apart, creating an open space between the hands. This mudra activates the space element and nourishes the pineal gland.

Yoga postures: Inverted postures, especially postures where the crown of the head comes into contact with the earth, are nourishing for the crown chakra. Postures such as Sirsasana (headstand) or Yoga mudra where you kneel on your mat and bring the crown of the head to touch the earth with the hands interlaced behind the back, bring blood, oxygen and nutrients to the head, thereby stimulating the crown chakra.

Meditation: Meditation is naturally balancing for the crown chakra, especially if it is undernourished. Separating time in silence to connect with your spiritual self can allow your crown chakra to blossom. To connect even more deeply to the crown chakra, you may consider going to a meditation retreat which is more effective at stimulating the crown chakra than a practice you do at home.

Mantras: Mantras are words in Sanskrit that are chanted. They have a special tone and vibration that connects with the Divine. There are many, many mantras in Indian tradition, but one very simple one you can practice to balance the crown chakra is SO HAM, which translates into I AM. You can chant this aloud or you can use it as a silent mantra together with a breathing practice: as you inhale, chant the sound SO silently to yourself, and as you exhale, chant the sound HAM silently. Repeat for several cycles, bringing your awareness to the meaning of the mantra SO HAM (I AM) each time you chant it.

Pilgrimage: If you really want to go all out, you can go on a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in Tibet, considered to represent the crown chakra on planet Earth. Hindu tradition sees Mt. Kailash as the gateway to heaven. Buddhists and Hindus believe that circumnavigating Mt. Kailash by foot in a clockwise direction will bring good fortune.

Affirmations are another way to nourish and balance the crown chakra. When we put things into words, the words have power. That’s where the idea of spells comes from. Affirmations allow us to be the wizards of our lives, manifesting thoughts, feelings and ideas and making them reality.

You can use affirmations in a variety of ways. Here are some ways you can use affirmations that are particularly beneficial to opening the crown chakra:

  • Say your affirmation(s) to yourself or aloud during a meditation practice.
  • Write them down and then burn the paper in a symbolic gesture of offering to the Universe.
  • As the number 108 is a sacred number in Indian tradition, saying or writing down your affirmation 108 time is particularly auspicious and infuses your affirmation with Divine power.
  • Light a candle and place a drop of one of the essential oils recommended above into the candle. Also, release a drop of the oil onto the crown of your head. Repeat your affirmations while gazing into the candle’s flame.
  • Place one of the crystals mentioned above onto your crown chakra and say your affirmations.
  • Hold Ananta mudra and say your affirmations.
  • While holding an inverted yoga posture, say your affirmations.


Here are some wonderful affirmations to balance the crown chakra:

 1. Resting in pure Conscious being, all of my chakras are harmonized.
 2. I am open to connection with the Divine.
 3. I am pure crystal light.
 4.  As my crown chakra opens, I allow crystal light to purify my being. 
 5.  I am fully supported on my spiritual journey towards consciousness and unity.
 6.  I connect with my essential wholeness as pure conscious being.
 7.  I am supported by the universe’s Divine flow.
 8.  Divine light heals my body, mind and soul.
 9.  A thousand petals open infinitely as I connect to the Source Energy.
 10.  I am the essential light of divine love.
 11.  As white light purifies my being, all negativity is naturally released.
 12.  I am protected by the grace of divine love.
 13.  My life’s journey is a spiritual one.
 14.  I believe in the limitlessness of the Universe and its possibilities.
 15.  I am whole and complete as I am. 
 16.  There is nothing that can be added or taken away from my essential spiritual Self.
 17.  I am guided by Divine grace towards awakening. 
 18.  I am bathed in the bliss of pure consciousness.
 19.  I am the oneness of the Universe.
 20.  I am connected to my inner wisdom.
 21.  I am fully aware of the sacredness of each moment and each breath.
 22.  I vow to embrace consciousness and light, removing all limitation and suffering from my life.
 23.  I am illuminated with the light of consciousness.
 24.  My crown chakra shines unobstructed. 
 25.  I am all that I seek.
 26.  I honor the divine within me. 
 27.  I am ready to receive the Universe’s abundant blessings.
 28.  I am at one with the Source Energy. 
 29.  There is a sacred space inside of me that is eternal.
 30.  All is right with the world.
 31.  There is nothing to strive for or to achieve, I am already whole and complete.
 32.  I am in touch with the infinite wisdom of Divine consciousness. 
 33.  I am fully restored and healed by the Universal Vibration.
 34.  I am in tune with high vibrations.
 35.  I surrender to the pure ecstasy of being.
 36.  I journey from darkness to light.
 37.  My soul is blessed.
 38.  God loves me.
 39.  The light of the Source Energy enters me through my fully open and balanced crown chakra. 



As you practice your affirmations for the crown chakra, you may want to keep a journal of the feelings or sensations you feel or any messages you receive during your affirmation practice.

Affirmations for crown chakra opening are quite powerful in and of themselves, however, when coupled with other practices such as the use of essential oils, crystals, mudras and other therapies, the effects can be enhanced.

Enjoy these affirmations and practices to open and balance your crown chakra, your source of spiritual connection.

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