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Would chatting with a personal hero help you find more inspiration?

If you could understand the secrets behind common body language signals, would that change how you communicate with others?

Would you become more confident if you acted as if you were more confident every day?

With the Raikov Effect, many are finding that there are great powers lurking in the recesses of their own minds.

Far too often, we become consumed with the way things are.

If we are willing to dig deeper, to see the way things could be, then there is an opportunity to unlock the full potential of the mind.

Dr. Vladimir Raikov initially created programming through deep trance identification which helped musical students tap into the full potential of their abilities.

Raikov discovered that the students who visualized themselves being “in the shoes” of their heroes retained more information, had deeper artistic interpretations, and had better technical skills when compared to those who were hypnotized or learned through “standard” methods.

Now that knowledge has been incorporated into the Raikov Effect program by Inspire3.

Let’s find out more about this program.

Raikov Effect everything you need to know

Raikov Effect Free Guide: Chat with a Genius

raikov effect pdf chat with a genius

Wisdom can be gleaned from those who are experts in their chosen field.

Imagine how your life would have changed if you’d been given the chance to have a 1-on-1 conversation with Steve Jobs.

Think about the motivation you could receive if you had a chat with Tony Robbins.

Or the advice you could receive having a chat with your father.

By using the Chat with a Genius technique found in the Raikov Effect, you can sit down and have a chat with anyone.

Ask that person anything on any subject. In return, you can gain valuable insights into the decisions you need to make.

This method is a visualization exercise. You connect with the genius in your mind, then have a conversation with that person.

Of course, you can use this method without having a visualized chat with a real genius. It can be anyone you know.

It can be someone from the past. It can be someone you have never met.

There is only one requirement to have the Chat with a Genius technique work.

The person must have the knowledge, or the skills, to provide a solution to the problem you are facing.

The technique is simple and straight-forward. Hillary Clinton used this technique to have conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt, so you can have a conversation with someone too.

First, you must get yourself into a relaxed state. Find a room that is quiet, comfortable, and free from any possible distraction.

Give yourself about 15 minutes to practice this technique for the first time.

Next, imagine yourself having a conversation with the person you have selected. Choose the individual with whom you’d like to have a chat.

Visualize that person sitting next to you. Picture their face. Picture the clothes they are wearing. Visualize their mannerisms as they talk.

Then think about the questions you would like to ask this person. You might even want to write down these questions before starting this visualization exercise.

Are you having an actual conversation with this person? Of course not.

When you use the Chat with a Genius technique, you activate the mechanisms in your brain which seek out creative solutions.

You are using the latent intelligence that is locked in your own brain to find solutions.

Using this technique is a way to think differently, which eliminates the routine thought patterns that may block access to your creativity.

You can use this technique for any problem you may be facing. It may feel strange at first, as the mind stays aware of the physical sensations and logical thoughts while practicing this visualization technique.

As you unlock the latent intelligence in your brain, you will find that this technique begins to feel familiar over time.

The conversations with others become more natural, making it feel like you’re having an actual chat with the person you’ve selected.

If you find that this visualization exercise is difficult to practice on your own, then the audio version of the Chat with a Genius technique may be helpful.

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Raikov Effect Free Guide: As-If Technique


There are certain traits that many people wish they had in their lives.Some people want to be more confident. Others might wish that they were brave enough to take a risk.

There are many positive emotions that you may wish to have more of in your life. Being ambitious, passionate, determined, or creative can change any situation for the better.If you change enough situations, you can change your life.

Now here is the incredible part. If you act “as-if” you are proficient in your chosen positive emotion, then you will feel that way.

You will then begin to react to situations based on that emotional feedback.

It is something that you can practice right now. Just smile.Go ahead. Put a big smile on your face.Now hold it.

If you hold a smile, even if you don’t feel happy, the act of smiling changes your brain. You begin to feel happier because the act of smiling is associated with happiness.

Your body has an ability to affect your mind. If you make small changes to your physical behavior, then you can change how you feel.

Small changes can create bigger changes in how you think and feel over time.

Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard in 1979, conducted an experiment on the as-if technique.

She brought two groups of men in their 70s to a retreat near Boston, MA.

A baseline of strength, flexibility, intelligence, and eyesight was taken for each individual before the study began.

One group was asked to think about how they were in 1959, then talk or write about their thoughts.

The other group was asked to think as-if they were living in 1959 instead.After just 5 days, Professor Langer evaluated the two groups of men.

Those that acted as-if they were 20 years younger showed physical improvements in flexibility, strength, intellect. Even their vision improved.

Implementing the as-if technique in your life is easy. Just act as-if you are where you want to be.If you want to feel younger, act as-if you were 10 years younger than you are now. If you want to feel healthier, then act as-if you are at the peak of good health right now.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with this technique.

If you are struggling to use this technique on your own, an audio guide is part of the Raikov Effect to help you begin taking advantage of this unique phenomenon.


Raikov Effect Free Guide: The Power of Placebo


A placebo is a treatment or substance which has no therapeutic effect.

It is used in research studies to determine if something new, like a medication, has a positive effect on the human body.

Placebos are harmless.

What is interesting about a placebo is that when people think they are receiving something that is beneficial, their body reacts as if they’ve received the item they think it is.

If you gave someone two white candies, then told that person they were Aspirin, the power of the mind is strong enough to replicate the effects of the medication, even though it is not present in the body.

There are many true stories about the power of placebo that have been told throughout history.

There was a soldier who received an operation without pain because he was told he’d been injected with morphine.

The man who had cancer went into remission because he was told a new, potent drug would create that effect.

You can use the effect of a placebo for almost anything.

If you want to become more productive, then get up earlier in the morning. You’ll feel like you can get more done because you got a head start on your to-do list for the day.

You can eat less food by using a smaller plate while still feeling full when you’ve finished the meal.

If you put flavored water into an energy drink can, it can make you feel like you’ve just received a surge of B Vitamins and caffeine.

Although no one is sure why the placebo effect works, there is no denying the power of what placebos can provide to each person.

It is completely harmless, yet it is still able to harness the power of the brain to make incredible changes in your life.

Now here’s the best part. Anyone can utilize the power of placebo for their own benefit.

That means anything is possible when it is used as part of the overall Raikov Effect program.


Raikov Effect Free Guide: Body Language Secrets


Did you know that less than 10% of the communication you receive in any conversation involves speaking?

55% of communication involves body language. 38% of communication involves your tone of voice.The rest is reserved for the actual words you say.

When detecting these communication cues from others, it is impossible to focus on one single element.

You must have the proper context of the body language you’re receiving to understand what it means.To decode the secrets of body language, you must learn to recognize how you see people.

You must understand how people see you.Then you can begin to understand more of what is being communicated to you.

If someone is interested in you, then their pupils will begin to dilate. Even if they seem disinterested, this body language cue will cut through the uncertainty you may be experiencing.

Some people talk with their hands all the time. If their palms face upward while talking, then you can be confident in their friendliness. If not, then you’re being pushed away.

People will copy others when there are high levels of trust present.

Don’t be offended if someone seems to be mirroring you. It likely means you’re on the same wavelength, that’s all.

If you’re talking with someone who is slouched while sitting, there’s a good chance you’re being ignored.

If that person is sitting up straight or making frequent eye contact, then they’re engaged and interested in the conversation.

The secrets of body language can also be used to determine if someone is telling the truth.

People tend to look in the direction of their hand dominance when trying to recall an actual event.

That means right-handed people will look to the right when trying to recall something.

If that person looks to the left, then they are working up a believable lie to tell you.

Body language is something you can use for self-communication too.If you’re trying to lose weight, for example, try placing a mirror in your kitchen. That way, you’ll be forced to look yourself in the eye when you reach for an unnecessary snack.

You can also swap out thin glasses for large ones to reduce how much you drink.

Even something as simple as humming before you need to speak with someone, make a public presentation, or leave a voicemail can reduce coughing and other vocal disruptions.


How Is a Raikov Effect Audio Download Helpful?

People are unique. We each have different strengths and weaknesses.

That means different learning processes are more effective than others for all of us.

Some people will read this content, implement the steps, and gain the benefits mentioned in these four specific areas.

Others may need an audio download to maximize the learning experience.

Still others may require visual learning concepts to maximize information retention.

People who listen to text retain it with greater comprehension the next time they review the material.

Listening helps people find clarity in concepts they may not understand.

Written language is less nuanced than vocal language, which means there is less risk of a core concept being misunderstood with an audio download.

Using an audio download will also reduce the risks of a distraction occurring while listening to the program.

The effect is so powerful, in fact, that over 40% of people who hear an audio commercial while they are shopping will make an unplanned purchase.

Now imagine what you could do when you harness that power to create a specific result in your life.

You can create confidence. You can choose happiness.

You can have a chat with your favorite genius to gain new insights when difficult situations present themselves.

With the Raikov Effect, you have numerous downloads from which to choose that will create meaningful changes in your life.

These methods are vetted, and easy to implement.

If you think that this is something for you, then just download your favorite files today.

Chat With a Genius,

As If Technique,

Power of Placebo,

Body Language Secrets,

Raikov Effect Video
Raikov Effect [Discount]

Click Here to Learn More How to Use the Raikov Effect
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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